Paranormal Homicide


Paranormal Homicide

12th of August, 1984:

Sarah White laid on top of the psychiatrist's Chaise Lounge as the psychiatrist, Peter King, sat beside her on his black leather office chair. Sarah White looked around the inside of the room from where she was laying from—the ceiling was painted in white, a turned off light bulb hung from the ceiling with a dark green lamp shade around it. The walls were covered in red maroon wallpaper, and just in front of her, there was a closed window revealing the busy streets of Liverpool outside. It was raining heavily that day. Rain drops were causing loud splashes against the glass. The room she was inside of was a rather small square-shaped room with a pine wooden door behind Peter King. The carpet in the room was patterned in beige and brown polka dots and the psychiatrist's desk stood nearby behind him with a computer on top of it next to a bunch of files.

"Sarah, tell me more about the bad man with the blackened eyes..." Peter King smiled patronisingly at Sarah White. Sarah was just six years old at the time, wearing a plain, bright green sweater and pink tracksuit bottoms with white sneakers. Her hair was curly and dark—it contrasted nicely against her pale, white face. Peter King, however, was a middle-aged man with blond hair that was greying at the sides. He wore a dark green, stripe-y suit that always made Sarah giggle, for some reason. His smile was wide and wrinkles would appear around the corners of his mouth every time he did so.

"He come's at night... mostly," Sarah White answered, "Every time I try to go to sleep at night he'll show. Mummy says that I'm just imagining these things, that I've been watching too many scary movies, but...I don't watch naughty things like that..." Sarah whimpered.

Peter sighed silently in his head, but managed to hide it through his forced smile. Another kid with a wild imagination, this is going to be a pain...Peter King thought.

"Well, sometimes we all fear the dark, sweetie. I've watched plenty of scary movies and we all imagine strange monsters before bedtime, but what you've got to remember is that none of these monsters are really there, Sarah. All you have to do is shout 'stay away!' and they will go home and leave you alone."

Peter King's smilewidened. Peter's attempt at comforting her fell flat as Sarah's worried face turned into a look of frustration.

"I tried that, Pete, but the black-eyed man, he hurt me!" Sarah cried as she pulled up the right sleeve of her green sweater, revealing several large scars on her small, delicate forearm. Peter was shocked, his wide, comforting smile slumped down into a frown of concern. He thought Sarah was a victim of abuse.

"Sarah, tell me now... who did this to you!?" Peter's patronising tone disappeared and now he was speaking to her more like a detective than a children's psychiatrist.

"I told you, Pete, it was the man with the black eyes..." Sarah's cries grew louder. Peter was about to approach her to give the little girl some comfort, but before he could do so, something strange caught his attention. Peter heard a scratching sound coming from the window to his right. He looked over to the window and saw nothing, but scratch marks were beginning to form on the outside of the window.

"He's watching us, from outside!" Sarah pointed at the window, but Peter could not see anyone standing outside, but a loud thud hit the window, cracking it slightly. Peter jumped back in his seat in shock.

"Make him stop, Make him stop!" Sarah began to shake her head violently, her long, dark hair shook around as she did so.

Peter was dumbfounded. In all his years of being a psychiatrist, he had never witnessed something so bizarre. So he just sat there, too afraid to scream, too afraid to move. Eventually, the window smashed open violently and the once ambient sounds of street life and heavy rain now exploded into the room with a loud gust of wind. Sarah then sat up straight on the chaise lounge and screamed "Stay away!"

And soon enough, the chaos subdued and the wind settled, and now Peter and Sarah were left alone in the small, empty room, "I guess your advice was right, Pete..." Sarah smiled at him through her tears. Peter King, still shaking and covered in sweat from what had just happened, turned around in his chair to face her. He looked at her, then chuckled nervously.

Shortly after, Peter King led Sarah White outside of the room and into the building's hallway. Her father, Cody White, was sitting on a chair next to other clients outside the psychiatrist's office. The wallpaper outside of Peter King's office was olive in colour and there was a long row of other doors leading into different office rooms along the endless looking hallway. The floor was made of marble and, although it was black, its glossy texture shined slightly against the ceiling's light fixtures. Cody stood up abruptly with a look of shock on his face.

"What happened, Peter?" Cody asked Peter King.

Sarah White bowed her head down and walked over to her father. She wrapped her small arms around his legs as she stood. Cody looked down and stroked his daughter's hair as Peter King began to speak.

"Your daughter...I can't help her." Peter King sighed.

"What do you mean you can't help her?" Cody growled. The other clients sitting behind him gave Cody a weird look, but he didn't care to notice.

"What your daughter has is something...I have never seen before. She is mentally sound, my friend, but something else is haunting her." Peter King explained.

"What—what's haunting her?" Cody asked, half puzzled, half annoyed.

"See for yourself..." Peter king said as he opened the door to his office behind him.

Once Cody, Sarah and Peter were inside, Cody's jaw dropped as he saw the smashed window inside of the office room. Peter frowned once he saw Cody's reaction.

"As I was explaining to your daughter here that her monster does not exist, something strange happened...she told me the black-eyed man was there," Peter pointed at the broken window, "She said he was trying to get in from the outside. Now, I have never been a believer of the supernatural, Mr. White, but after what I have witnessed today, I now know that something...sinister is watching your daughter." Peter King said with concern in his voice.

"Get lost!" Cody yelled. His daughter cried as he shouted. He instantly regretted it, but he couldn't help it. This was the third time a psychiatrist had said something "supernatural" was haunting his daughter and now he finally lost his patience and snapped.

"Look what you've made me do. Your idiotic claims have disturbed my daughter. I thought psychiatrists were supposed to help the mentally ill, not harm them!" Cody yelled.

"I'm sorry, Mr. White...but your daughter seriously needs to see a priest or...something..." Peter king tried to persuade him, but Cody refused to see the truth.

"No, I won't let you poison my daughter's mind anymore...come on, sweetie, we're leaving!" Cody snarled as he snatched his daughter's hand and pulled her along with him as he stormed off towards the exit with her struggling to keep up behind. Just before Sarah was dragged out of the building by her father, she looked behind her and noticed Peter King still standing there, his shoulder's slumped forward in defeat. He smiled weakly, with sadness in his eyes as she and her father approached the exit.

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