One-Two Combo on a Demon

Joe faces forces of evil every day, but one night he encounters a demon!

One-Two Combo on a Demon

Joe was walking down the alley and was ready to face any type of evil that would come his way. He had a bad week, so the icing on the cake was still to come. He knew that it was coming and this alley was the place where it was going to happen.

All week long, Joe dreamt of a shadow creeping along wherever he went. If he was in Fiji, a shadowy figure would pop up somewhere in that dream and take it all away. He lost a lot of sleep that week, but Joe was used to the crock of shit that life offers. For Joe, it was the norm, and he knew how to deal with it. Of course, the forces of evil come in different manners, and Joe had different methods to deal with them.

As he walked down the alley, Joe knew that he was going to face bullshit of some sort. Maybe an exuberantly aggressive bum who would want money. Maybe a thug with a knife asking for freaking everything. Worse, it could be a thug with a gun. As for Joe, the gun would naturally be used and someone would get hurt. It’s all a crock of shit to Joe.

Joe kept walking down this alley, which was a short cut to meet an Uber on the other side. He wanted the shortcut instead of going around the whole block in order to avoid the freaks of the night. Joe also pinged the driver to go on the other side of the block to make it faster to get home. See, in front of the bar, the Uber driver would have to fight a crowd of people on the street and other rideshare drivers.

As he paced down this dark alley, he felt something behind him. It was spooky. It was a gust of cold wind, and it made Joe turn and concentrate on the dark. The dark corners had too many shadows bouncing around, as he thought nothing of it. He turned back around and though how he wanted to play this game right before he entered the alley. It was his adrenaline rush, and he dug it because it kept him strong. Yes, very weird!

Joe was almost to the end when, suddenly, he heard a person behind him. It was steps and slight-dark laughter that followed him. He turned quickly as he was creeped out. Nothing there. Just shadows bouncing off the walls in that dark alley.

As he turned to face the end of his perilous path, he saw a horrific face staring right at him. He stepped back as he concentrated at what the heck he was looking at. In a quick second, he realized that his wish for trouble had materialized with a damn demon.

It stood there mumbling a wicked giggle. Its shoulders bouncing up and down as it was amused by Joe’s fright. Drool came down from its jagged teeth and down its chin. White eyes with white irises stared at Joe. Two short horns from the outer edges of its forehead reached out into the air. The white eyes were wide open as they slightly glowed in that dark alley. Heat could be seen emitting from the top of its head, bald white head. Yes, this thing also had a goatee that was full of dreadlocks.

Joe did not hesitate. He threw a left jab and a right cross. Both blows were direct hits and were delivered with brutal force. Joe was scared out of his mind and decided to fight it out. He had taught himself to always go down swinging. This time around, he was facing a demon in a dark alley and just went for it. Joe got down and made the demon fall back with a gnarly grunt.

As the demon fell, Joe ran past him and shot for the end of the alley where more light dwelled. Right before reaching the end, Joe looked back and saw the demon turning on its stomach and raising itself to get up. The eyes started glowing, glowing like cat eyes, as Joe left the demon in the darkness.

The Uber ride was there waiting as Joe opened the door. He was about to verify the name of the driver when a deep howl came from the alley. It was very demonic and it scared the bejesus out of Joe and the driver. The Uber driver hit the gas as Joe was getting into the car. The car door shut with the momentum of the car’s take off. Joe looked back and saw nothing.

“What the heck was that!” asked the driver frantically.

“Just a big dog,” responded Joe with a deep breath.

“You OK?”

Joe kept the demon encounter to himself. He made up some story about a giant dog for the driver. It was the entertainment until Joe was dropped off. However, Joe kept thinking about how he gave a demon a combo shot and got away. That’s life for Joe. Whenever faced with evil forces, just shoot away. It’s best to go down swinging every time one faces trouble in life. Apparently, it worked for Joe against a demon, figuratively speaking.

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Bazooka Teaches
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