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Oath to the devil

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By Phàng Văn DuyPublished 3 months ago 15 min read
Oath to the devil
Photo by Alessio Zaccaria on Unsplash

When asked what happened, she said it was just now. Because she was sleeping, she saw it. Outside the glass door, there was a child's face pressed against the glass door, but the blood from his mouth and nose was flowing out and it was stuck on the glass. That's what she saw. She was so scared. She screamed but when people checked again, it didn't seem like she was just talking. So the people on the bus said go to sleep, miss, let's go three more passes to Da Lat. Are you saying these things? It's so scary now at night. The car is going so fast. So are you sleeping or are you being deceived? Just go to sleep. What are people saying? The driver also said that. She went three more passes and talked about ghosts, so no one believed it, but that girl was still wearing a scarf and she saw the child clearly, not just lying in bed dreaming about something. Even though no one believes it, I believe that she believes this girl because when she screams, I turn to my left, which is her bed, and I immediately see a child sitting in it. The wall means the distance between her and the door outside. She sat there and grabbed her bicep. What is it? He held her hand. Her clothes were all torn and smooth, but she was bleeding. It's about the same age as what she described because the people in the car didn't see it so people didn't believe it. It's only me that saw it and I believe that she saw it. She also looked at me so that 's why I said that to her. Go outside, let people sleep, come sit out here. She really listened to me. She let go of her hand and climbed out to the middle row. That means is the aisle between his row of chairs and the row of chairs on the left hand side of that lady. She sits right in the middle of the two of them. She's sitting there, but she nods her head at him like she's I agreed to go out here and sit quietly so people could sleep. He sat and looked straight out the front of the car. His face was smiling like he was a child that I prepared for him. That's the food. That's been it since then. I'm still lying down, I'm sleeping, he's still sitting right on that small road. So from that moment on, I'm still lying on the chair, I'm sleeping. He pulled the curtain like that. Let me see what this little guy is doing, he's still sitting there like that. The statue was there but only I saw it and I didn't dare talk to it during the trip because I was afraid of talking to the people on the bus and I thought I was crazy until about 5:45 a.m. Well, the bus has already arrived at the Ta Lac inter-provincial bus station. Because the bus runs at night, it went faster than expected. This little guy got off the bus and followed me. Only then did I talk to him. Okay, I just went to a corner for a short while. I stood there and talked to avoid the attention of outsiders. I asked him why where are you and why are you here? You're shy. I'm afraid that's what he replied to you. His whole family was killed by a car going down a mountain pass and now no one has found the body. There are four people in his family who drove from Nha Trang by car. Da Lat is for fun. How did you three drive that day? You fell down the pass and died. Now people have not found the bodies of your parents, your sister, and your daughter still lying at the bottom. The guy just asked me now. I'm not hungry. I'm hungry. That's why I just got in the car and begged for food. What do I crave now? Tell me, I want to eat vegetarian banh it so much. What about my younger sister? I also have my younger sister, she likes to eat banh it bean x An I heard it and felt sorry for her. That's why Rang waited until about 5:30 a.m. At the market, someone brought a cake stall. At least they did. I also bought it for him, but he ate the vegetarian banh it cake. When he heard about it, I brought it to the intersection and left it there. I saw that he had two it sandwiched between his nipples, so he said let me go home. I fed my sister, she was waiting for me at home and ran away just like any other kid, the only difference is that no one saw her, is her body bloody? Thank you too. Thank you. Well, I just went back to the hotel because that day at 11:00 am I had an appointment to read horoscopes for guests. I'm also a person who works in the spiritual field. Did I add Dong Hong? I think this baby is a good dong, not a bad dong. If he had kept quiet that night, he would have taken the table away. He even showed this whole car and let it overturn. But he didn't do that, he just wanted to ask for food for his whole family because you said that while they are alive, there is a high possibility that when they die they will be the same until about At 12:30 noon, I finished watching it for the guests. I watched it at a coffee shop, not right at my hotel. After watching it, I planned to go to the street next to the coffee shop. That road is full of pine trees, right? I'm going to go out. It'll be cool for a bit until I go out. Looking at a pine tree, I see a little boy. About 3 years old, he doesn't have any clothes on. It's sitting there like it's sitting but it's not cool. Its head is nodding back and forth just like a child. I left it there and it's lying there sleepy. You look at me and know who it is. It's not a ghost. It can't be a three-year-old baby sitting exactly like that without any clothes on. It doesn't have any parents. It's a ghost, not a person. That's why I went to buy a small cake. Hey hey, leave his sausage right there I leave it there he didn't eat and he didn't say anything to me at all he just put his hand out pointing in one direction Hey he said help help mom mom Having said that, I also looked in the direction it was pointing, I didn't see anything. This place was very empty, there was no one at all. I couldn't see it, so I just turned back to where it was. I turned around and saw it. In front of her, there's another little girl. This little girl is about B years old. Listening to me, her hair is completely messy. Here, she's wearing a shirt. She's wearing a brown shirt. This little girl's brown eyes are bloodshot, she flies, she glides on the ground, she glides over, she snatches the hand of the three-year-old boy sitting in front of me, she holds her hand and drags him away. Surely it can see you. Because you can see it, but it doesn't speak clearly, it doesn't say anything. V I'm fine. It's staring at my face. Hey little girl. That's it. It's pulling her. It's gone and nothing happened. I saw that. I also went back to my hotel. When I got back to the hotel, I didn't go to my room right away. I sat right in the lobby. I sat there. I played. I talked to the girl. The owner of this hotel Because I went to Da Lat to play on the full moon day, I'm also familiar with her. The hotel owner's name is Miss Quail. She was sitting there talking, then after a while he saw another girl coming out of the house. That woman's name is Ms. Men, and this Ms. Men is also the sister-in-law of the hotel owner. She went out as usual. When she met him, she would talk nonsense, but today she met him. Her face was so serious, she told me that, look at me, let me see the hexagram, but she opened her hand like that, it sounds like she wants you to look at her for her, but I do n't want it either. Look, it's because it's not like you're a customer who made an appointment like that. I just laughed and laughed, but she just landed on the table I was sitting on. She put her hand right in front of my face. Look, let's see. I also watched it, why did I watch it according to my ability? I told this story some things, some things about to happen in my life. Only after watching it did she tell me. So hey, very good, now I recognize you as a brother. Listen to me next month. Come on my phone and play. You can't talk normally. We're not sisters. What are you and me at a time like this? I'm thinking, I don't know Why is this woman only talking about something strange? I just heard everyone talking back. This Ms. Men is also a teacher who has the same instincts as you. Just now when I was talking to you and calling you brother, I'm not Ms. Men. It's someone called you. This guy will enter Ms. Men's body to carry out law enforcement and help his life enter here. It's been 20 years, but it's not every day that when I hear someone coming to help, I ask you to come down so I can enter. Actually, the shrine that worships you is in Dong Nai, not Da Lat. But today, you entered the temple. You asked Ms. Men to come here to help clear the karma of a woman, and that woman is the mother of the two children he saw outside the pine tree just now, Ms. Men continued. So this is the woman who just came here a while ago, I asked you to pick me up. Is that okay? She's the one you want me to pick up. To help clear that woman's karma, everything's so bad. Coincidentally, it seems like it came to me by fate, so on this trip, I also helped the person who was there. I helped this girl's case. I do n't know if she is old or not. But I also know that She already has two children. The son and daughter I just met a while ago. That's right, it wasn't until about 2:00 in the afternoon that I don't know who introduced that woman to find this love. Where do people come to Da Lat to meet the one thing they love, which is a woman? This woman is middle-aged and came here, but she can't walk with two legs and has to push a cart. When I asked what was going on, she said I was paralyzed. She was paralyzed from two joints down. I couldn't walk or stand at all. It wasn't paralysis. It was because I fell off a car or had an accident. It was n't paralysis. Why is it because of my two children? It's my leg, that's what happened. Here it is. Back when we first gave birth to our two children, the couple had a very difficult time at home in the countryside, don't you worry? If we could afford it, the couple decided to leave the two children at home with their mother. She took care of my biological mother, and then the couple went to Saigon to work. At that time, when they went to work, they just had to worry about it. I also called home to talk to my mother, but I didn't call every day. There were days when I went to work from morning until late at night. I was so tired that I didn't call her like that. That day, my mother She fell ill and became paralyzed. She lay sick in the house like that. She lay there all the time. She couldn't walk or stand. But my husband and I didn't know. What did the relatives wait for? Dragon and I were still there, sir. No, no. If it's crowded somewhere, there's no way to alert anyone. The two kids at home are still too young. I don't know why. They still try to call my husband and I, but they keep calling. My husband and I can't hear anything. At that time, it seemed like the phone was broken or because I didn't have the phone, I don't remember what it was, but it was like three or four days, my husband and I had no contact, so we didn't know Chi Giap. The two kids keep nagging at home and don't know what to cook and what to eat. His grandmother is still strong, she still goes to the market to cook rice and drinks, but now her grandmother is lying in one place, ha two kids. I'm so hungry. That's what I'm telling you. But now I'm heartbroken and want to die. For three days, the two kids had nothing in their stomachs. They were hungry, so they picked this and that. They ate until the third day was almost over. On the fourth day, they went out to the river bank to see if there was anything, they picked it up and ate it, I don't know why but they didn't ask the aunts and uncles nearby, I don't know. Because they weren't at home. But what was the bad luck that caused the two children to fall into the river and die until the baby's head floated up and his body appeared like that ? Then the people knew that it was my child and called me to call me home. I just came home and saw my two children dead lying there. My mother was paralyzed and lying there just to make a living, I did n't want to. My relatives had enough money to do the funeral when I was doing it. At that funeral, I also heard the teacher say that these two children died at such a young age that they were very spiritual. So they had to stick a talisman right at the main door. a talisman right at the altar of the two children. But I didn't know until later that I found out that it was because I stuck those two talismans that my children were not able to see. I was able to come back and eat the offerings when I was hungry before I died, I was also hungry when I died, and after I died I was hungry again, so what did people say to me like this ? They have two children. They brought a shop. Sometimes he's so angry with my husband and I, so angry, why don't we take care of him enough to have enough food to eat? Now he's so hungry, he's hungry, he's gone home, he's screaming. My sausage always says something, then Ms. Men calls out to her. This behavior is that the mother sat down, stretched out her legs and began to read the mantra to summon the soul. This means to call this uncle to come back and enter into the body of Ms. Let's ask where those two kids are right now. What does he want, mother? The two of them talked for about 5 minutes before I looked outside the door of this hotel. I saw them. The kid from before was the older girl, about 7 years old, and she was holding the kid's hand. Her face was so angry, it looked like a tiger about to eat someone, and the kid was like that. She looks gentler, she's just crying. She's standing there crying like she's asking to fix her mother. That's Ms. Men. She just turned around and asked the older girl if she wants anything. Come in and talk to her. This woman came in there, but she wanted to scratch her mother's face. She said, Why did you leave me? Why don't you let me in? Why don't you offer me food ? Let us both go home. This sentence came from Ms. Men's mouth because the big girl entered Ms. Men's body and she was very rude to her. She said "Mom, my son, Mom." hey mom What are you so lame are you leaving me now you don't let me in the house don't give me anything to eat do you know I'm so hungry he cursed his mom that's why she cried she said she's sorry h I don't want that Mom went to work, but she didn't leave me. Because she didn't know, she didn't go. I broke her leg. I don't have my Nuong anymore. As soon as she spoke, she kicked the table and hit the chair. So hey, I saw that at that time, Ms. Hanh rushed over and threw her body back at Ms. Men's body like that. It was like she was killing her daughter and apologizing to her like that. Because the little guy didn't come in. So I saw her standing there. She was just crying. She wanted her mother. She called out, "Mom, mom, mom. Mom." She didn't know anything. It was only her sister who looked back at this woman's body with hatred. Her legs were all red because she stomped on them too much just now, so he just slapped Ms. Men's back like that to push this little girl's soul out and into it. After he came out, he entered Ms. Men 's body and immediately fainted like a normal person, but because she had been practicing this profession for 20 years, she was not harmed at all. Then he entered his body and only loved him, then he looked to the left. Let me tell the little girl that I understand. Okay now, from today on, follow me and I will still go to Mount A. It's a beautiful house. There are delicious cakes, white rice and fresh fish to eat and then go to school. Don't hold any grudges. Then turn around and talk to Ms. Hanh, that mother who now knows her mistake and still doesn't know why. Even if my child hates me like that, she already knows that it's because she and her husband are so heartless that her two children died like that. Actually, it's more pitiful than blameworthy, that's what it sounds like. Then the uncle in Ms. Men's body said it was time to go home. Take off all those two talismans and listen, then call your family. Go to the market and buy 10 raw eggs and bring them here. After you buy them, bring them back and then call them. Boil those 10 eggs in the house and then bring them out to boil this Ms. Men. She just rolled from the Chinese jam of this Ms. Hanh. She rolled from the top down to the toe and rolled two rolls like that. Roll the egg up and down three times. Then start to change the egg to another five eggs on each side, then the uncle said, it's because the two kids have been breaking this roll for so long, so it doesn't have to be done in one day. One meal is done. Today, I only come here. Then every two weeks, I come to this place and work continuously for 6 months. My leg will be cured. I'll be able to walk. I heard that if you don't believe in spirituality, you'll be fine. I think it's a bit unscientific because I'm paralyzed and roll over eggs, how can I make my legs walk? Standing again, it's probably like this Hanh has also been to the doctor before and has also been treated. Going to physical therapy and all that probably won't work, so the teacher only said this reason. Now I'll just follow the spiritual form for 6 months and see if I can walk again. Or if we do n't talk about that, this guy came out of Ms. Men's body about 2 minutes after what she did and just fell out of her. Ms. Men said ah, break all these eggs, you person. The one who broke the eggs was Hanh. The mother beat and squeezed these eggs out. Each egg was black and the yolk and white were the same. Because of that, she also took out a black one like I put three in there. That's it, Ms. Men, you just said that this black thing is the gas leak of those two children.


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