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Nightmare mirror of the future

future prediction

By magic spinnerPublished 29 days ago 3 min read

As I trekked the narrow mountain path, walking above the mountain to whisper mountain goddess, I stumbled upon a scene that hated me in my tracks. A circle of villagers encased local women.

That woman cries piercing the air as she clutched a tiny infant to her chest. I ran pushing through the crowd. I approached her hoping to offer any possible help. When I stood in front of her. I was about to ask what happened to the baby her words converted me into a stone.

“it all happened because of you, my baby died because of you” she started yelling at me.

Confusion gripped me; because I just come here I never laid an eye on her before and how come her baby died because of me? I stood still listening to her, the crowd's gaze bore into me, their silent judgment heavy upon my shoulders, considering me a culprit of her.

But the thing cut deeper was her words, which made me annoyed and angry. Her words started striking in my heart like arrows.

“I did nothing to you and your baby it's my first time seeing you two” I protested and tried to touch the shoulder of that woman to comfort her but she recoiled from my touch as if it were poison, her sobs unabated. Her eyes were swollen and no courage was left in her hands.

Compelled to verify the child's state, I examined that child closely. His life had slipped away; his tiny from growing cold. As I attempted to cradle that child, his mouth latched into my hands with unnatural force, to my horror he had teeth at such a young age and his teeth were not at all like a human child. he has monstrous teeth.

I scream tore from my throat as he drew blood greedily. I tried to push him away but he was stuck to my hand like another body part of me. No matter how I struggled he clung to me as a parasitic attachment refusing separation.

Then, abruptly, I awoke. Sweat drenched, my heart pounding in the sanctuary of my bedroom. I saw I was sitting on my bed “Thank goodness it was a dream. It felt so real” I sighed in relief, glancing at the clock, it was 4 in the morning. I walked down from my bed and got stuck to my daily activities, but the dreams of visceral terror lingered as I rose to face the day, yet an inexplicable sorrow weighed upon me like chains. my heart was crying inside me without any reason.

In the afternoon a scram shattered the calm. My brother's voice twisted in agony. Rushing outside I found him crying and cradling his bleeding head. While our mother frantically attempted to stem the flow.

We immediately dashed to the hospital with him, after examination doctor urgently informed us about his critical need for blood. Fortuitously, my blood type matched him, and his life was saved. while I was walking down to buy medicines for my brother, I saw the woman who appeared in my dream walking in the opposite direction from me. after looking at her in real my eyes widened.

I immediately ran to follow her making my way into the crowd but before I reached her, she disappeared into the crowd. I started looking around searching for her, I also described her appearance to many people asking for her, but everyone just said they had never seen someone with such an appearance here in the end I sat on a bench in tiredness and a man around mid-age took a seat beside me.

I just relaxed for some minutes while taking deep breaths and didn't even look at his face but when I saw the photo of that woman in my dream in his wallet, I stopped him from closing his wall to put it in.

"You know this woman," I asked,

"Yes, she is my mother" the man answered,

"Where is she now, I want to meet her," I asked in a hurry

"No, you can't" the man answered

"But why" I protested

"She died a long time ago" that man answered, and the land below my feet's escaped


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magic spinner

Welcome travelers get ready to travel through the magic world of imagination with a great collaboration with reality which may give you a great satisfactory feeling.

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