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Movie Review: 'Truth or Dare'

A game of truth or dare will kill you if you refuse.

By Michael ReynosoPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
Image Credit: @blumhouse

Welcome, Horror fans!!

The most feared game ever played, Truth or Dare, is out in theaters. The creepy face is the best part of the movie.

I am yours truly, Michael, and I will do a movie review for Truth or Dare.

So, without further ado, let's jump right in!

Lucy Hale

Truth or Dare is directed by Jeff Wadlow and stars Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey, Violette Beane, Sophia Ali, and Hayden Szeto. The movie is about a group of friends playing a seemingly harmless game of Truth or Dare. However, the game turns deadly when something or someone begins to punish those who do not follow the rules. When I first saw this trailer, I thought “Wow! This really reminds me of Final Destination." I enjoyed the bulk of this movie, to be honest with you. The movie was watchable. This film is certainly made for a younger audience and it is produced by Blumhouse.

The film actually had a lot less of the horror element than I expected. I really expect this film to be like a Final Destination type of movie with gore and blood scenes that make you go crazy. However, this film really toned it down and focused mainly on human behavior, where a group of friends has is forced to play Truth or Dare.

A Group of Friends Playing "Truth or Dare?!"

So, to give you guys a bit more into the film without spoiling it, the movie is basically about a group of friends go on vacation and they stumbled upon an older building and they went inside. You know when you are on a vacation spring break and you are drunk, not knowing what you are doing. Then you start playing a game of Truth or Dare? That sounds crazy, right?

Now, with that said, let's continue the review!

So, the friends are in an older building and with that, you can make your assumptions about what happens there. So, they go back to what they think is normal, but the game forces them to continue. The rule is, you have to play and answer truth or dare? You play, you stay alive. You do not play, you die. I will be honest here, the dialogue for this movie is not the best. The dialogue is almost written more for a TV show than it is for a movie. Now, when you go to a movie for something like Truth or Dare, you are not going in to watch a dialogue performance that is like, “Wow! That is so awesome.”

I am being sarcastic, but when you go to Truth or Dare movie, you are not going there to look for a mind-blowing dialogue.

Olivia is being haunted by the "Truth or Dare" game!

You want to see these friends play Truth or Dare. Do they play it? Or do they not? What happens when they do not play the game? What horrible death do they encounter? So this movie totally accomplished that. This movie is just a stupid, fun movie. Overall, if you are going to a movie and you want a horror movie that is toned down like A Quiet Place, you are not going to get that feeling. Like I said before, this film is a stupid, fun movie. You are going to laugh out loud. You might cringe a little bit in some of those scenes where is graphic and violent. Overall, the movie was really entertaining from beginning to end.

Olivia and her friends are looking for clues to end the game!


My rating for this movie is an 8/10. However, I will say this. Please, do not see this movie by yourself. Invite your friends over. Have some appetizers. Have some drinks. Kick back on the couch and really enjoy this movie guys.

This film is stupid and fun.

Laugh at it.

Enjoy it.

Maybe you will like it.

That is all for my review on Truth or Dare.

Thank you so much for reading!

Thank you for contributing to my post, and I really appreciate it!

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Until next time ^_^

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