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by Missouri Paranormal Association 10 months ago

Haunted Brumley Barn - 2007

Our team formed in 2006. In 2007, our team, Missouri Paranormal Association, conducted our very first investigation here, at what is perhaps the creepiest bern in Missouri, in Brumley. Some have remarked that it looks like something straight out of The Addams Family, while others have compared it to the infamous Amityville Horror house. The picture honestly does not do it justice. This barn is huge and intimidating, especially when you first see it at night, with the only light coming from your car's headlights.

When we started out, we had 3 team members - Michael, Lorine, and Jeff. All we had back then was one digital thermometer, one EMF detector, and one EVP recorder. We established that there was absolutely NO electricity within about 100 feet of this barn, yet we managed to catch and track an anomalous EMF spike that seemed to move from one area of the barn to another. Lorine managed to catch and track a 30 degree temperature drop. We found an old, half-rotted noose on the ground, just outside the rear of the barn, and captured numerous EVPs on our recorder. All of the voices we captured were consistently two distinct voices... a deep, growling male voice, and a demure whispery female voice. In one of the EVPs we caught, we heard the female voice saying "Let me go," then the deep male voice saying "No." In another EVP, we heard the male voice saying "You are mine," and the female voice seemingly replying with "I'm leaving." We had no doubt that something bad had happened here at some time in the distant past. our research into the property revealed that it had been around since the early 1800's, so we can't rule out slavery hostility.

We had one experience in particular, in which the 3 of us were together in a rear stall of the barn, next to a boarded-up area. We heard a very loud crash to our left, and all of our flashlights went straight to where the sound came from, but there was nothing there. There was no evidence that anything had happened, even though we distinctly heard the loud crash. Lead investigator Michael asked, "We just heard a noise... Was that you?" At the time, we did NOT hear a response. But when we got home and listened to the EVP recording, at that point, we heard a distinct whispery female voice respond "YES!"

We spent about a week, in our spare time, going through all of the audio. Once we had found all of the EVPs we had caught, we scheduled an appointment to go back to the residence, and show the property owners what we had found. They were surprised when we told them about the noose we found outside the barn, and shocked when they saw it for themselves. We began playing the EVPs on the computer, and let them hear what we had caught. They were both astounded and horrified. They moved away not too long after our investigation.

Our team members have all been fascinated with the paranormal since we were kids in the 1970's, and we all have certain science interests. Lorine's primary interest is Astronomy. Michael's primary science interests are Geology, Paleontology, and Biology. Jeff is, unfortunately, no longer with us. He passed away in 2015 after a battle with cancer. But our team has grown since then. We now have five active investigators - original team members Michael and Lorine, and new members Tonya, Ted, and Jared. In 2019, we were joined by Angie, who although not an "active" member of the team, is our "go-to" person to help clients with unwelcome guests. Angie claims to be a "sensitive," meaning she has a connection with the other side, although not technically a "psychic." She is of Native American descent, and is well-versed in the ways of the Shaman. She is knowledgeable about such things as "smudging" and the "burning of the Sage," and other such rituals dealing with getting rid of unwanted spirits. At one point, she once had to rid her own apartment of something unwanted that had followed her home.

In the years since this first investigation, not only has our team grown, but we also have new equipment and technology, including a K-II meter, CCTV night vision camera system, numerous night vision camcorders, and two thermal video cameras. We have now conducted investigations at some very well-respected haunted locations, including Walnut Street Inn and Pythian Castle in Springfield, Missouri, and the "Bloodiest 47 Acres" of the Missouri State Penitentiary, including the gas chamber and Death Row.

Missouri Paranormal Association
Missouri Paranormal Association
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Missouri Paranormal Association

Our team got started by 3 friends - Michael, Jeff, and Lorine - in 2006. We were friends and coworkers who had a high respect and admiration for the team at TAPS and their SYFY TV show, Ghosthunters. We have the highest regard for science.

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