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In The Flat Field

It Was Just A Walk In The Country

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 3 min read
In The Flat Field

The lead in music for this story is “In The Flat Field” by Bauhaus for obvious reasons


I often go out for walks on my own, it helps me think and keeps my body in reasonable shape. A doctor recently said of me in a letter to my GP “Eyeballing him , he looks really fit”, not sure if that was a reference to my fitness , physique or he just fancied me.

I decided to leave the road and go overland, and eventually came to a field. I thought it was odd because it was big but looked perfectly square , the hedges were a good six feet high and fairly solid , you could not see daylight through them at all, but that was fine, as I alighted from the style in the corner.

In the centre of the field was a patch of red , possibly roses or something but there seem to be some rodents going across the field to the red centre then going back out and disappearing into the thick hedges.

I noticed there seemed to be a path round the field , well the grass as a slightly different shade of green to the inner square.

I stepped into the inner square and one of the creatures skipped over my foot and into the hedge. I then noticed that I was on another path , about eighteen inches wide and realised that the field was in fact a series on concentric squares (can you say that about squares , I’ve only used it before about circles).

I then decided to go back to the outer path , but I couldn’t , it was like there was a glass wall up , except I had just walked into this path , maybe there was a gap and I had been luck (or unlucky enough to find it. Working my way back I could not find a way thorough , though the creatures seemed to have no problem scuttling across the field.

Maybe there was a gap under the barrier that I could squeeze through. I touched and felt down with my hands but there was no way through, and as I was feeling a red mawed creature skipped past my fingertips through to the hedge , but it was like a brick wall to me.

I wondered if this was some kind of maze and did I have to go to the centre to find my way out, though I was apprehensive as the creatures were not being stopped but I was.

I took a deep breath and moved to the next path , sure enough I couldn’t move back. I was concentrating more on where I had come from , rather than where I was going. I felt along this barrier but there was no way back, and still the creatures were able to move freely across the field, and I was not.

The only way I could go was toward the cluster of red roses at the centre of the field.

I stepped on to another path , I hadn’t realised but the paths were getting narrower, I could feel the barrier almost physically pushing me towards the centre. This square was small enough for me to explore the whole of the barrier. There was no way out for me and there were more and more creatures emerging from the hedges.

I was getting scared, I then thought , my mobile phone which I took out but there was zero signal. I smashed my hands against the barrier ending up with bloodied knuckles, then a creature lunged at my bloodied have and bit me , I shook it off but knew I was being stalked.

I was being pushed toward the centre

And I saw

They were not red roses

They were bloody human remains ……..


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