Hell House

Only the brave enter and only the dead leave.

Hell House

The Hunter family lived in the prestigious mansion, The Mayhem Mansion, atop Devil’s Hill. Though it had quit a creepy name, Devil’s Hill had been the resting place of The Mayhem Mansion and the Hunter family for many generations.

Twenty years ago, the day before Halloween, the family was locked inside their home. It was not by their choice, but by the choice of a deranged man. A man that wore a mask to disguise himself. The man separated the family. In the basement, he tied the young children to old, creaky, wooden chairs. This is where the man tortured them. Injecting them with vials of unknown substances, cutting them to see what would happen, turning them into such terrifying things, that even their parents wouldn’t recognize them. After several, horrifying hours, the man went upstairs to the parents.

He had tied them to the kitchen table. He had moved the father to a different room, laid him on the dining room table where he used him as his carving board. He took out his kidneys and his heart. Leaving all the essential blood vessels and veins attached to his heart, keeping him alive so he could watch his family suffer. After three grueling hours, he finished with the father.

He went into the kitchen with the mother. Like he did with the children, he used the mother as his guinea pig. Injecting her with different vials of unknown substances. He didn’t just stop at the injections. He had boiled a large pot of water. Once he finished with the unknown substances, he injected the mother with the boiling water. While she was screaming in pain, he stood back, watching what it did to her skin, grinning under his mask. After he had injected her with five different vials and four vials of boiling water over a period of four hours, he left her to suffer.

He left the kitchen and went back to the basement to the children. The children sat in the chairs, quiet, not moving. The man slowly untied them. As soon as they were free, they ran to the dark corner. The man looked at his creations. His formula had worked, the children had transformed. They were unrecognizable, they weren’t human, not anymore. He had injected them with a formula, a mixture of different drugs, the blood of several different animals with the hope that it would work, that the children would turn.

The children sat in the corner, growling, foaming from the mouth, looking at the man, hunger in their eyes. The man talked to the children, telling them everything was going to be okay. He slowly left the basement, he went to the foyer where he had left his bag. He opened the bag, grabbed the candles, the golden bowl, and the herbs. Once he had everything set and the odd symbols written on the floor, he began chanting in Latin. When he began, the flames from the candles grew larger a few seconds after he started he lit a match and dropped it in the bowl of herbs. The bowl of herbs made a crackling sound, the flames were many different colors, then everything went quiet. Then with a gust of wind, the candles went out and something came into the house.

The man stood up, walked into the dining room where the father was. The father laid on the table, motionless. He had died; it was probably the loss of blood and his kidneys that killed him. The man turned to walk away, thinking that his ritual hadn’t worked. When he turned away, the father reached up and grabbed the man's arm. The man stopped, turned, facing the father, and was confronted by a man, who wasn’t missing his kidneys, or heart, a man who looked like he hadn’t been touched by a blade. The thing that had come into the house, was possessing the father. The man looked into its eyes, and saw nothing, nothing but darkness.

The man left the thing to go back to the mother. She was still in the kitchen. She laid quietly, not moving, much like the children. Unlike the children, the mother had turned into something completely different. She still looked like the mother, but inside was nothing but pure evil with a hunger for death. The man cut the mother loose, she still sat quietly. She didn’t move until the man got closer to her. The second the man was within arms reach, the mother grabbed him trying to bite him. The man got free. The mother sat back in her chair, smiling. The man realized that it was working. To be sure, he went back to the basement, before he could close the door, the children ran out of the room, leaving the man behind.

He banged on the door, tried prying it open, he even tried pleading with the children. When all his attempts of getting out failed, he sat on the steps. He sat there thinking about what he had done. He had been betrayed by his creations. The things he had given life to were now trying to take his. He had to do something. This wasn’t what was supposed to happen. He was supposed to be able to control them. To keep them from hurting people, but if they tried to hurt him, they would hurt anyone. He couldn’t let that happen, he couldn’t let his creations kill. He had to kill them first.

He left the basement, went to the foyer, and grabbed the pistol he had brought with him. The first place he went was to the father, but he was gone. So, he calmly went to the kitchen; the mother was gone too. He was playing a game of cat and mouse with his creations. He followed the sound of the children laughing; when he found them, he shot them without hesitating. The mother hit him on the head, he stumbled around, when he got his balance, he followed the mother. Once he had her in a corner, he shot her, no hesitation. All that was left was killing the father. The father, he didn’t know what he was. The father came out of nowhere. Knocking the man down, sitting on top of him, punching him over and over again. They struggled for the gun. During the struggle, the gun went off. The father's limp body felt on top of the man. He rolled the father's body off of him, then laid on the floor. Realizing that he had just killed an entire family. Minutes later, he got up, took the family's bodies to the basement, and put them in the furnace. Then took his gun and shot himself at exactly midnight on Halloween.

The bodies of the family burned in the furnace. The body of the man was never found. No one ever knew what happened to the family. No one knew that they had been experimented on and turned into something terrifying. Something so terrifying that the man that created them killed them, then took his own life. No one, not even the man that created them, knew what would happen to them once they died. He didn't know if the things that they had become would prevail and live in some other dimension. He just didn't know.

Since that night, the Hunter family has haunted The Mayhem Mansion. And almost every year on Halloween, a group of kids that has heard the story of the Hunter Family tries to stay in the house over night. The Hunter family makes sure that they don’t ever leave alive. They scare, torture, and torment the people that come into their house. Everyone and anyone that goes into that house has never come out.

Now you're asking yourself, how do we know what happened to the family if they all died? How do we know what happened if the man died? You're asking how do we know what happens in that house every Halloween? You're asking yourself, if no one has ever survived that house, how do we know that any of this happened? Well, that is a whole other story.

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