Grandma lost her mind.

by Jen Moose 14 days ago in supernatural

What happens when you watch too many horror movies?

Grandma lost her mind.

Sometimes I wonder if staying up late to watch horror movies is a bad thing. This may sound like a cliché because when I do, I end up having to turn the hall light or bathroom light on, that way I’ll be able to fall asleep. Sometimes nightmares feel really in so many ways. The one thing I hate about nightmares is that when I do wake up in the middle of the night due to a nightmare then fall asleep, instead of going into a different dream, the nightmare just continues where it had left off.

I had this dream were it really felt like a scene out of the move ‘The Unborn’ and the ‘Grudge.’

In the dream I had the other night I was in a client’s home helping a her get ready for bed. In this story we’ll call her Sally.

As I was helping Sally get ready for bed, she started to get aggressive, so I walked away to give her some space. I had to use the washroom anyways. As I finish up in the washroom, I noticed I was in my parent’s old house. I thought this was odd, but I didn’t think too much about it.

When I went to make my way back downstairs, I see Sally just standing at the bottom of the stairs. I was a bit confused because Sally needs a wheelchair or a walker to get around and she wasn’t leaning or hold the wall to stand her up. She was just standing there. I didn’t say anything to her, because out of nowhere, like the scene in ‘The unborn’ Sally was now standing on her hands and her feet and, her head started to spin. Spin like a barbie doll head. Then Sally started running up the stairs on all fours.

I did nothing but just stand there in confusion and frozen due to how demented it was running up the stairs. Sally wasn’t saying anything, but she was screeching all the way upstairs like a demon.

The image I have in my head to explain what happen next was like a chihuahua because they are nasty little dogs and a puppy because they chew everything, gnawing at my arm. In reflex because I didn’t know what to do next, I dropped kicked Sally and threw her down the stairs. You just see her body at the bottom of the stairs.

Suddenly I was back in Sally’s kitchen. Her daughter came in the room looking puzzled asking where her mother was. I tried to explain her daughter what just happened, and her mother had gone crazy. The daughter didn’t believe me. The daughter just told me that it is impossible because Sally is 100-year-old sweet lady and she needs a wheelchair to get around. There would be no way in hell she would be able to do that. Then Sally appears in the doorway standing like nothing happened. But the way Sally was standing in the doorway was like the 'Grudge'. The daughter and I looked at each other then looked over at Sally that’s when she jumped threw the doorway to use.

I couldn’t be more relieved when my alarm went off for me to get up for work. for the whole day, I felt like I hardly even slept that night. It’s strange how much a nightmare actually affects you in your sleep. This is one of many nightmares I have due to staying up late and watching horror movies. By now you would think I would change and tone it down on the horror movies at night.

Jen Moose
Jen Moose
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