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The Giants and the Twin Mountains


Deep within the forest of Gigans there stood twin mountains. Deep within the mountains lived a giantess and her sister. They had short strands of golden locks and sky-blue eyes. If not for their enormous size, these women would be beautiful to men, but their need for human flesh made them more monster than beauty.

After some eons, the eldest sister grew weary of devouring humans. Her heart had grown heavy with sorrows for she loved to watch the human children in the village below play and laugh while she spied from atop the mountains. She soon created an elixir that took her thirst and made her appear human. The younger sister thought the eldest foolish for wanting to appear as such cattle. So, the youngest remained giant while the eldest took on her human form.

As more of a mere mortal, the eldest sister could now visit the village that she could only once look down upon. Everyday she would visit the village, and dance and laugh with the children she had become so fond of. The laughter died at her return home. The screams and screeches coming from her younger sister’s current meals made her stomach turn. She could only enter the mountain at the sound of silence.

Many times, the eldest begged her sister to drink the elixir as she did every eight days to stop the wretched killings, and every time the younger one refused, for she found happiness in such atrocities. After a millennium, the eldest came home to the screaming of a child deep within the mountain. She raced toward the sounds, hoping to save the poor one, but dropped to her knees when the all familiar silence crept up the rocky corridor. From then on, the eldest promised that a child would never again suffer at the hands of her sister.

If the eldest sister remained in human form, she did not have any of the magic she once did as a giant. So, she instead made sure she remained around for her younger sisters hunts to find a meal. The eldest saved the children from her sister, but they remained prisoners. The younger sister twisted the eldest sister’s nobility to suit her heinous needs. The younger sister used the children to lure her meals to her. Being gifted with magic, the younger sister would send a group of children down the mountain in a dark cloud of smoke to draw people on the road into the forest.

This continued for centuries. As the children grew older, the eldest would replace them with others, helping the grown children escape. Soon word spread of a giantess living deep within the mountains that devoured humans. Villagers and soldiers searched the mountain side, but could never find the way in. Once they noticed they would come back with less and less men on every search, they forbid anyone from venturing into the wood.

Soon, the story of the man-eating giantess that lived within the mountains turned into myth, and myth became legend. The threats of a modern world dulled down the younger sister’s appetite, and the faces of missing men, women, and children randomly filled pieces of paper stapled to a wooden post. The village below the mountains grew into a town, and the town soon filled with modern relishes. The legend of the mountain giantess made the town a tourist destination, and brave travelers would sometimes disappear within forest.

The local townspeople would whisper that in the dead of night, when all the woodland creatures would grow silent, muffled screams could be heard echoing down the mountainside through the town streets.

Such superstitions were looked over by most, but sometimes during the day, you might catch a glimpse of a beautiful woman with short golden locks and sky-blue eyes admiring the school children while they played.

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