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Introduction: Mo-jin talismans, tomb excavating seals, lifting mountains to move mountains in search of magic spells. People light candles, ghosts blow lamps, explore graves and fight for thousands of dollars... Thousands of years ago, in China, there was a profession of tomb robbing. also known as lieutenant Mo Kim. Dare to work as a grave digger and be brave is a small matter, but you also have to be skilled in mysticism, feng shui... as well as all kinds of traps. Ho Bat Nhat, a retired soldier has a treasured book of his grandfather; Tuyenbeo, a soldier's son, shoots guns like lightning; Shirley Duong, a Chinese millionaire, is also the granddaughter of a famous tomb robber - the current lieutenant of Kim Kim's father. Three people, three motives, went together into the dangerous desert to search for the mysterious Tinh Tuyet ancient citadel... Their bravery was abundant, but unfortunately, they did not know what terrifying curses were waiting for them.. .The Lamp Blowing Ghost, a book about grave robbing, is truly a publishing phenomenon in China, considered Da Vinci Code and Tomb Raider in this country, and has opened up a whole new trend of novel publishing competition. and books about magical tombs on the mainland in recent years.

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Entering the story "Ghost Blowing the Lamp" Tomb robbing is not sightseeing, it is not reciting verses, it is not hiring flowers to weave fabrics, it cannot be courteous and humble, it cannot be leisurely and leisurely, it cannot be followed sequentially. The hierarchy of "heaven and earth, the master of heaven and earth" is given. Grave robbing is a technique, a destructive technique. Since ancient times, when aristocrats built tombs, they must have found every way to prevent theft, so they must have used all kinds of tricks. In the tombs, they often set up all kinds of traps and hidden weapons. There are rocks, floating fish, poisonous arrows, snakes and centipedes, spike holes... too many to mention. During the Ming Dynasty, influenced by Western technology, some large tombs even used Western pulley gear systems, especially the tombs of the Qing emperors, which can be considered masterpieces. Collecting thousands of years of anti-theft technology is worth it. The great warlord Ton Diet Anh wanted to excavate the Dong Mausoleum to get gold and silver to supplement military expenses. He mobilized an entire army. Both digging and blasting took five or six days to complete. How sturdy are those mausoleums? I probably don't need to say it, I can imagine it. The problem for grave robbers at that time was to think of hundreds of thousands of ways to solve those traps, to enter the tombs to search for treasures. But nowadays, finding ancient tombs is even more difficult than excavating graves. The large tombs built in the style of covering mushrooms and erecting stele have clearly been dug up by people a long time ago. If you want to find an ancient tomb that has been buried deep underground for many years, and there are no markers on the ground, you need certain techniques such as special tools, such as iron drills, bamboo nails, and shovels. Luo Yang, Detective Yin Claw, Black Chiet Tu, all the dragons all came out from here. In addition, there are also some experts who do not rely on those things. There are people who find the tomb by searching for clues recorded in ancient books. There are also a very few people who understand secret techniques and can find the tomb. acupuncture points with the ability to read feng shui, read the veins of mountains and rivers, I myself belong to this last category. I have traveled all over the road, experienced countless strange and strange stories, if I were to tell each story, it would certainly make those who saw it shocked, those who heard it shocked, in the end,

The stories of filling up the sea and flipping rivers, splitting the land and covering the sky, taking the form of a dragon and a tiger like that are not trivial. Those stories must start from the old book The Sixteen Crosses of Yin and Yang Feng Shui Secret Techniques left by my grandfather. , this book, for some reason, the last half was torn out, leaving only the first part written about feng shui secrets. More than half of the things in the book are secret techniques to learn and understand the feng shui layout of burials.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Great story! Well written!

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