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By AnbarasiPublished 22 days ago 3 min read

The air inside the crumbling palace hung heavy with the scent of dust and forgotten memories. Kavin, a young archaeologist, shivered, not from the chill, but from the unsettling feeling that he was being watched. The palace, rumored to be haunted, was his latest excavation site, and he was determined to unravel its secrets.

He was not alone. Devi, a historian and Kavin’s partner, shared his fascination with the past. Their relationship, forged in the fires of shared passions, was as strong as the granite blocks that formed the palace walls.

Bala’s Perspective

His spectral form, a wisp of ethereal blue, drifted through the palace halls. His heart, a faded echo of its former self, ached with a love that couldn't be expressed, a longing that couldn't be quenched. He had been bound to this palace, a prisoner of his own grief, for centuries. All he had left were memories, and the echo of a love that defied time. Devi, with her bright smile and kind eyes, was a mirror to his lost love, Rani.

He watched her, a silent observer, as she carefully brushed away dust from an ancient inscription, the inscription that had once been carved for Rani.

Navin’s Perspective

Navin, a specter of spectral green, was a shadow of Bala’s former self. He too yearned for Rani, his love consumed by his own darkness. Jealousy, a bitter green vine, wrapped around his heart, strangling every shred of peace.

He watched Kavin, his eyes burning with rage, a reflection of the fire that consumed him. Kavin, with his gentle touch and the way he looked at Devi, reminded him of Bala, a painful echo of his own lost love. Navin, consumed by envy, would not rest until he drove Kavin away, until he was the only one left to dwell in the palace’s silent halls.

Kavin’s Perspective

The inscription, painstakingly brought back to life by Devi, brought to light an ancient legend. The palace, it said, was filled with the ghosts of lovers, their spirits entangled by the chains of love and loss. The more he learned, the stronger the pull he felt, a magnetic draw towards the palace's mysteries. However, the whispers in the hallways, the chilling drafts that brushed against his skin, and the unsettling feeling of being watched, began to haunt him, as real as the centuries of dust that covered the palace floors.

Devi’s Perspective

The palace was alive with whispers, secrets and stories whispered on the wind, stories of love and loss. She felt a connection, an undeniable pull towards the past, towards the ghostly figures she sensed in the periphery of her vision. It was a force that mirrored the pull she felt for Kavin, a bond as strong as the ancient palace walls.

The inscription, a message carved in stone, seemed to speak to her, a tale of lovers whose souls were bound to the palace, forever searching for solace and closure. She felt the weight of their lingering sorrow, the echoes of their love.

The Convergence

One night, as Kavin and Devi stood in the center of the palace, the air grew thick with an unseen presence. A chill swept through the room, sending goosebumps erupting on their skin.

'Do you feel that?' Kavin whispered, his voice tight with apprehension.

'It's like... a presence,' Devi whispered back, her eyes wide with fear.

As if summoned by their fear, Bala and Navin emerged from the shadows. Their spectral forms flickered in the moonlight, their faces, etched with centuries of sorrow, turned towards Kavin and Devi.

'We seek closure,' Bala's voice, a whisper, filled the room.

'We need to be remembered,' Navin added, his voice echoing with a bitter resentment.

Kavin and Devi, despite their fear, felt a surge of empathy for these restless souls. They were bound to this place, forever prisoners of their own heartbreak.

The story was far from over, the ghosts of the past not easily appeased. But for Kavin and Devi, the bond they shared, the love they held for each other, offered an unexpected glimmer of hope, a ray of light in the palace's shadowed halls.

The mystery remained, the whispers continued, the ghosts lingered, but Kavin and Devi, with their love as a beacon, would face the unknown together. The story of love and loss was far from finished, and the echoes of their journey would continue to reverberate through the palace time, long after they left, for even in the face of the unknown, love, the greatest power of all, endures.


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  • Sweileh 88822 days ago

    Interesting and delicious content. Keep posting more now

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