Fun facts about bigfoot

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Fun facts about bigfoot

* Some Bigfoot Species enjoy eating fruit?..

Ok so we all know Apples, apples are good, apples are healthy, but did you know than not only does an apple a day NOT keeps a doctor away, An apple a day also does NOT keep the Bigfeet away. Infact Bigfoot has actually been reported to have surfaced repeatedly in the Apple orchards of West Virginia’s rough country, where The oh so Delicious apples are very abundant. The one that has been reported on a rather consistent bases across the area and is about ten feet tall and weighs at least up to 1,000 pounds and has dark grey fur, it is fairly unique in the fact that it doesn’t seem to fear being seen by humans, like most Bigfeet do

* Bigfoot could be a surviving member of a prehistoric race of apes....

Like all Cryptids sightings we wonder, what is it, well a popular theory suggests that Bigfoot is a member of a race of prehistoric apes (the largest that ever lived to note) that infact crossed from Asia and went over into the United States. Now if this is proven true this could be a huge breakthrough for a lot of historians and and cryptozoologists like myself, however it is sadly unfortunate that there have not been any Gigantopithecus fossils (the species of ape Bigfoot is suspected to be) has yet to been found in America regardless of the many many excavations, although in my opinion this doesn’t means there aren’t any, all it means is that we gotta keep looking, as a good scientist or explorer never gives up.

* The Bigfoot species just MAY bury their deceased in a graveyard.

I have always been a firm bealiever in the paranormal that’s why I went to college and I got got my certification in cryptozoology, but yet we’re there are those who believe there are always skeptics out there they always point out the lack of evidence, well there is a theory as to why there is such lacking of evidence for Bigfoot and that theory could very well prove Bigfoot as a empathetic creature as well this theory suggests that they actually bury their dead in graves. Now there have been several reports of the discovery of Bigfoot graveyards in the past few years, and I will say that yes most of the majority of them don’t exactly come from the best of reputable sources, it could very much perhaps explain why no one has ever stumbled across a Bigfoot carcass in the wild, and if it is true that Bigfoot bury there dead this would point out that Bigfoot have a strong capacity for connection with each other much like humans do and feel remorse which makes them a far more complex and scientifically fascinating species if this rings true.

* The oldest species makes a sound similiar an old fashioned train...

do you like trains, I remember as a kid I loved them, I mean what kid didn’t, well fun fact for you train lovers Bigfoot was First spotted by the Iroquois Indians, this Bigfoot was the special known as the Midnight Whistler which is thought to be the first clan of Bigfoot to venture out beyond the caves where it is said they were know to hide from humans out of fear. Now It is said to have actually used streams as a guide of sorts to spread throughout the Appalachian mountains and forests giving it range and protection from humans allowing it to eventually evolve (much like humans evolved over time) they to evolved into the different Bigfoot species reported to this day, and If this was true this could indicate the Bigfoot species frontal lobe region of the cortex is considerably high even for an ape (in other words in ability to plan ahead is far greater than the average ape and is much closer to ours than a wild animals). This nocturnal species weighs exactly 400 pounds, has jet black fur, and bright bright sun-glowing eyes, and communicates with very loud whistle sounds that by all reports does so allegedly resemble a old fashioned steam engine, the kind Thomas the train was.

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