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Fairies hunt

"Mysteries of the Fairy Grove"

By Story WriterPublished about a month ago 15 min read

I'm intoxicated and making my way home through the forest trail at 2:30 in the morning! When there is a full moon and moonlight, the entire road is clearly visible. No one else passes through this route after evening the way I am headed. Although I don't typically travel this path at night, I've heard rumors that there are jinn spirits living in this woodland.

I'm carrying a bottle of wine about, so I don't fear becoming wasted. I felt someone behind me all of a sudden, but when I looked back, I saw nothing. I resumed my stroll. "I sensed someone was behind me after a while. I paused and looked back this time, but nothing caught my eye. I felt something move in front of me, like a shadow, all of a sudden. Side to side. Now that I'm sober again, I'm starting to feel afraid, and the place seems peaceful. There are occasions when one hears the fox's cry and experiences a dreadful spectral atmosphere.

At 2:26, I took the phone out of my pocket. How far into the woods I went is unknown to me. I'm moving quickly because I have to leave this woodland as soon as I can. I now realize that hope has turned into a big mistake along the forest's route when I'm drunk.

I thought that my direction was incorrect. This is not how I know. I look around now; I've arrived in an unfamiliar area. What should I do now? My heart is thumping with terror.

After some while, I saw an ancient house directly to my left from where I stood. It appears more like a temple than a residence. It appears to be quite far away. (A little, white structure.)

Then I noticed a girl in a white dress sitting on her knees with her face resting on her hands on the house's balcony, close to the wall. For a split second, I was immobile—like a stone. Right now, I'm not sure what can be done.

Why is Is there just a single woman present here? that too after dark? I had the immediate feeling that I would be in serious danger even if I tried to flee. My legs started to shake as I moved fearfully in the direction of the house. I approached the home cautiously.

I'm about 30/40 hands away from the girl. I paused for a second before turning back to him. I approached him and noticed that he was seated. He's not visible to me. She has incredibly long hair, which I can see, and there is a foggy scent surrounding her. In the meantime, I guess you could say my heart is racing. I'm not brave enough to give you a call. After some time, I gave him a call. Did you hear? At this hour of the night, what are you doing out here by yourself?

He glanced at me after a little moment. I was captivated by the expression on his face. Never in my life have I seen a female that stunning. For an instant, I couldn't take my eyes off of him. Her lips, eyes, and skin were the only things visible to me.

Abruptly, he got up and turned to face me. Abruptly, the rain started. Her jet-black hair is blowing around. And he had an angry expression on his face.

I was starting to lose consciousness at this time. They both have amazing looks. I stare at him, amazed. He questioned, "Why did you call me?" ? How have you arrived here? This was not your best job.

I was frightened to listen to him. I have nothing to say. I'm unable to speak. I understood he was not a guy.

When he saw I was mute, he became much more enraged and struck me in the chest. I fled and played against a wall, bleeding profusely. With lightning quickness, he moved in front of me, grabbed my collar, pressed it up against the wall, and threatened to kill me today.

I silently observed how terrified he seemed. He suddenly held it in front of me, and I noticed that his hands' nails became more and bigger with time. In a burst of wrath, he laid a hand on my chest. Suddenly, I could barely breathe. I believed I was gonna pass away!

My eyes filled with tears. My whole breast shirt was drenched in blood, and my face was gushing blood. It was almost like he had taken my dick off. Upon meeting my eyes, he inquired as to why I wasn't sobbing! Not that I'm in excruciating discomfort.

Tears filled her eyes as she gazed at me, and I returned the favor. The amount of blood on his face startled him.

He did not yank my limb. I screamed horribly as I tumbled down there as he let me go.

When my consciousness returned, I was resting close to the house. I pondered last night while I sat up. I looked over my chest and there was no blood on me. Without giving it any more thought, I left the house.

Upon arriving home, I pondered my whereabouts during the entire night. Why didn't I inquire what I was doing over the phone? I walked to my room, shut the door, and reclined on the bed while reflecting. Concerning the evening. I'm thinking that maybe because I'm drunk, these bad things will happen to me tomorrow. However, upon recalling the girl's expression, it appeared that this was real and not a made-up incident.

I can still picture that expression! What a beautiful face it was, "I wished I could see the girl once more.

I rode my bike to work after lunch. I apologize for forgetting to identify myself. My name is Riyad, and I am a 19+ Intermediate student. Shemaiah's house.

I get home from work, have supper, and then head outside to smoke. I woke up at 8:59 p.m. to light a cigarette and chat to you about something that really has been ignored by my family a lot. That my life is quite problematic for me. There are moments when I think I would be at peace and feel completely alone if I could die.

I go to my room, light up a cigarette, and keep thinking about that girl. I don't sleep at all. Without him, I am unable to live in peace!!!

I rode my bike out of the home around twelve o'clock in the evening. Should she reappear!!! He needs to kill me if that's his goal. I proceeded to the forest's edge, contemplating my options after realizing that it would be better to die at the hands of the girl.

I flushed the phone at 12:45 p.m. and put the bike away before walking to the home. He is both excited and afraid at the same time. Abruptly, I found myself at the house, but where was the girl? This place is empty! What am I doing right now? Yesterday, I went to the spot where the girl was sitting and stayed there. I know why my eyes hurt; I want to see her so badly and can't stop hearing about her.

After around 20 minutes of sitting, I began to wonder if I had really seen the entire maze for intoxication yesterday. How could such a stunning face really be a lie? All lies cannot be present. I intended to stay.if I could see him, I'd be here till 2:00 pm!

I've been alone here all night, terrified and hurting once more, when all of a sudden I realize that a shrub far away has shifted, that something is beginning to grow in my chest, and it feels exactly as it did the night before.

This is the state of the earth beneath my feet! My name seemed to be being called. I was shaking so much that I felt it must be an error since I continued trembling with anxiety. I can now feel the cold all throughout my body. Occasionally, I hear a man's voice calling, but I ignore it. When I hear it again, my entire body turns into stone and my brow trembles with panic. I abruptly turned around and followed the call. What's in store for me right now?

I could feel the heated air going past my ears as I continued. Terrified, I stood there. Something sprinted after me, and I could see it was a dog-like creature. Again, what is that? I noticed a horrible monster on a tree in the distance.

The eyes are glowing, which I interpret as a sense lens, and the entire head resembles a crocodile while being enormous. Something struck me quickly after that, and before I could process what was happening, I collapsed to the ground. A figure is approaching me from the front; the closer he comes, the larger and more menacing he appears. As I As I drew nearer, I realized how terrifying it was! It looks awful how people and animals are mixed together.

The vampire struck me against a tree, kicked me in the stomach, caused a fever, caused my head to swell and bleed, and caused my eyes to close.

The demon was struck by something that sprang from the storm at that same moment, overwhelming him with a single strike. What I witnessed is beyond imagination! Yesterday, I noticed that girl approaching me. I was in excruciating pain and nearly lost the ability to move a drop of blood, so I didn't have time to consider it.

Upon observing my state, the girl took a seat next to me, and after a As she approached the demon once more and hurled something at him with her hand, the devil's head broke in two. What a horrifying scene.

When he finally approached me, I was afraid he would shatter my head. However, he took a seat beside me, examined my face, and placed his hand on my chest. He grabbed my hand tightly and, as if contemplating, the aggressive expression on his face vanished, transporting me to a different realm.

I realized that the room I was in when I regained consciousness was not like any other. As I considered this, I realized that my head was not injured. Later, the girl entered the room, and I gasped at her beauty.

Girl: How are you right now?

Me: Everything is well! In what location am I? right now? (Meekly)

Girl: You've become a princess. Ahhhh (not completed)

Me: Exactly what do you mean?!! How come you brought me here? Furthermore, who are you?

I promise not to harm you. You were brought here because you were injured. I'll bring you back into the world.

Me: Who are you? Which is your name?

I am this kingdom's princess. Zareen Sneha is my moniker. I am aware of your name, Riyad, and your activities.

Me: How are you familiar with my name? You didn't hear anything from me.

Zareen Sneha: I am able to read the minds of all people. And once I laid my hand on your breast and read your thoughts while you were hurt, I understood that there is no such thing as terrible I brought you to the kingdom because I had intention in you.

Bring me into the world, please.

Zafar: When the moment is appropriate, I will arrive. Furthermore, you didn't visit the woodland that evening. You are in the woods, and I understand why. Never venture into the woods after dark.

I know I'll never leave, but why did I come to this forest?

You paid me a visit! Why would I wish to put my life in danger?

Me: Zareen seemed to know everything, which astonished me to hear her say.

Tell me, Zareen, why you came to meet me.

Me: To be honest, I'm not sure who I am, but I had the feeling that I couldn't live without you.

Zareen: That day, when I struck you, I noticed How do your eyes convey your character? Your pain is palpable in my arms. I therefore give it to you. But I would have killed you that day if you had terrible intentions.

For what reason are you not speaking?

I wanted to say something, but Zareen saw that I was unable to.

Me: (How can I express how much I love you?) Yes, leave me in my place.

Zareen: I'll come deliver it to you in a little while, but you stay in this room. I'm going now.

Me: Alright.

While Zareen was gone from the room, I collapsed onto the bed, confused about my current state of affairs. Zareen holds the title of princess in the realm. How would you adore an ordinary person? However, if I I'm going to die, so don't find him. Zareen entered the room and asked for my hand as she considered this. I saw it on my house's roof as soon as I got my hands on it.

Zareen: You'll no longer search that wilderness for me. And we won't ever cross paths again. I promise not to go there again, and as I listen to Zareen, my heart hurts. I'm at a loss for what to do at this point. When Zareen is prepared to go, from behind,

Me: I adore you so much!! If you depart, I'm going to die.

What makes you adore me? It is impossible for a man to love a woman. And you move on from me, you detest people, and you have a nice heart, therefore you fled from my hands that day; if not, I would have also slain you.

Zareen vanished from sight before me. I wondered why he was torturing me as I sat there on the floor. I would be lost without him.

When my mother heard me cry, she ran to the roof and asked how I got there at such a late hour. That's where I passed out. At 3:30 pm, I was in my room. A voice tells me that we won't cross paths again.

After returning to the terrace, I continued to chant, "Where are you Zareen, I love you more than life? "Why did you leave me behind? Why did you not see me through?

I'm just an ordinary person, so why don't you love me for that? Not a country recognizes that everyone returns home when they are in love. And even if you were just a regular girl, I would still love you, fairy or not. To be honest, when I first saw you, I assumed you were just a regular female who was suffering for no apparent reason while sitting in a lonely spot. That day, I cherished you.

I calmed down and went down; Fojor prayer is calling. I vowed to Allah that starting today, I would offer up five prayers every day. May Allah come back to me, if that is your desire.

I spent some time in the synagogue crying for Zareen after the Fajor prayer. Nobody else but Allah is able to bring Zareen to me; only He is aware of all the challenges.


It was still dark and it wasn't even morning. I don't understand this Zareen Sneha, but even in the darkness, I can see Zareen's face clearly. I felt someone was in my room when I turned off the lights and was praying in the synagogue. I also smelled that familiar, pleasant scent. He was staring at me when I suddenly rushed to meet him; I wanted to give him a hug, but I lacked the bravery to embrace Zareen.

Me: It's you, darling!!!

Zareen remains silent for a bit before breaking into a grin.

At night, stay up on your roof.

He vanished before I could say anything.

My current state of happiness is beyond words. Without a doubt, Zareen will come see me at night.

After a satisfying breakfast, I headed off to campus. I have my final exam in just a few months. Studying is something I detest doing. Being their lone son, I felt compelled to pursue my education because of their demands.

I took a shower when I got home from school and then went to bed. I then realized that, despite my vow to Allah to pray five times, I had forgotten to offer the afternoon prayer. I considered Allah keeping Zareen away from me when I broke my word. I always do Zareen on my head after prayer because I find it difficult to focus during the prayer. I've been driven absolutely insane by this Zareen.

Later in the afternoon,

Sunday, this week, I visited the coaching facility. I returned home at seven o'clock after Maghrib prayers at a mosque in the bazaar. Additionally, I'm excited about the evening. Without eating dinner, I went to the rooftop at eight o'clock, wondering what to do with the meal that would not go down my throat until I saw Zareen. While I waited for Zareen, I sat on the roof and gazed up at the sky.

When you're hungry, what do you do on the floor? Climb down and have some food.

Mom, I'll be back later. I like to stay up on my roof and I'll come down when it's time. You go to sleep.

It's around ten o'clock at night, and I occasionally stroll through this area. When will it arrive? I will be present. He'll be here at some point during the night.

I'm sitting on a roof corner at one in the evening, feeling the presence of Zareen. I'm bursting with enthusiasm inside. I searched everywhere for Zareen, but I was unable to locate her. But Zafira is here with me.

Me: Zareen, where are you? Would you please step in front of me? I'm scared of you in that way. After those five or six hours of waiting, you're finally having pleasure with me. Jaffar, where abouts are you? I'm exhausted, please move in front of me. If you don't move in front of me, I'll count to three. You don't want to meet me, I know that.

The door opened and closed behind me on the roof. I was so scared when I saw it that I sat down on the roof and exclaimed, "Now I am very angry."

Zareen emerged in front of me gradually. I quickly got up and glanced at Zareen, who seemed to be enjoying her predicament.

Me: Did you tell me to go up to the roof so you could frighten me like this? Zareen, see, I love you more than life itself. If you hurt me like this, I could still have a heart attack. Kill me now if that's what you want to do.

Zareen approaches me.

Zareen: You are sounding like an idiot, I see. How come I would kill you? And you wept like a baby because I had a little bit of fun?

I was incensed upon hearing that. Kill me, but I feel like I should say something to Zareen.

Zareen saw my predicament.

Zareen: Come on over, Riyadh. Let's have a conversation.

Like Zareen had said, I went and sat with him in a corner of the roof. The moonlight improves the atmosphere.

Zareen Look, Riyad, I know how much you care for me. I honor your affection, but a man and a fairy cannot be in love. You ought to be less in love with me!

My chest ached as soon as I heard Zareen say those words. Why do you speak in such manner?

I know why you adore me. I just know that you are my love, regardless of whether you are a fairy or anything else.

Zareen You make an effort to You see, I'm a fairy with a brief window of time to visit this world. My relatives will never accept that, either. I must therefore now reduce it. Listening to what I have to say is perfectly acceptable. I shall not see you in the future.

At the sound of his remarks, Zareen realized that my eyes were wet. Still, he stood up to go.

Zareen, hear what I have left to say.

That's correct, Zafar!

Your affection is nothing compared to how much I adore you. Please finish me off before I leave; if you're not here, I'm going to be done.

It won't end.

2nd Part coming soon_ _ _ _ _ _ _.

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