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Dream Tales Paralysis

hunted house in the middle of the aokighara

By Walter D. WitherspoonPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

To wake up in a dark Forrest is nothing new, the typical start of any nightmare but In this paralysis I could but move my voice had no sound .This was one of them dreams into another dream. Me and a few friends were in a car driving take a trip bumming loud hip hop music until out of now work the car filpped and crashed

I was unconscious after the accident But then woke up in a house in the middle of the Forrest and thing Got poppin soons as I woke up to my friend Devon screaming outside of this house ran out in a hurry but I slowed down to check my surrounding as I was cautiously examine this area I started hearing this song playing from a distance and the sound was getting closer and closer. The music was loud in the car so I was expecting not to hear my voice but in Dark forrest it was scary I yelled DEVON!!! but it came out as a wisper devon.... I tryied so hard to srceam but the more I tryied to scream it was like the song Go closer and and more louder .I seen a light hid behind a bush but that light was not a Light it was it was eye ball to a dark creature . I ran in the opposite direction of the creature then I stop because I heard devon yelling FUUUUUUUC...... I started running again stop and stopped behind a tree and peak to get a real good glimse of the creature it looked like a zombie like dead spirit but it had a shirt on that said hidden leaf. I hid back behind the the tree start sneaking why way to Go find my other friends and I came across another a pole with a sign on it that warned " !!WE LIVE HERE IF YOU ARE NOT DEAD KEEP OUT!!

I could only see his eyes

As I ketp walking came back arcross the house I woke up in after looking for one of my friends and away exit out of this hell bound forrest .I happen step on this naruto doll with a noose around the neck with blood dripping from the noose. I hid next to bush after I spotted group of people walking into what seems like cave under the house, Then All of a sudden the lights that was on in the house blacked out, the only light I could see was the Moonlight, then started having a hard time breathing I go and touch my chest and it felt like was pireced right threw it then something WOOSHHed!! me arcossed the ground dragging me in all different directions until a creature pick me up off my feet opened his mouth and a loud Iphone alarm sound came out his mouth Waking me out my sleep. I was watching Stuff about paranomal activity on my laptop and a video popped about a kid who was found dead in this forrest, he was about 18-years old .News reporters say was last reported at a anime convention with a few friends he went missing day later lucky he left his location on and his phone was found miles away his body .The body was found with a noose around his neck hanging and the body hanging from a Tree with word written in red marker saying " IF YOU DONT BELIEVE IT ,BELIEVE IT NOW WE LIVE HERE AND IF YOU ARE NOT DEAD KEEP OUT !! . The boy was still in his cosplay outfit Dress like Naruto. What frighten me the most is that I dont know the kid but I seen his face plenty of time before at this breakfist bar I used to work at a 2 years ago .Every sunday Him and his four other friends always talked about going to the huge anime convention in japan I conversated with them a few sundays when is was'nt so busy .After hearing this story I contemplated If I wanted to cancel my flight because 6 months From now I planned on heading to that same convention Dress like naruto

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Walter D. Witherspoon

Hey I am new to this platform I am just to share my stories,poems,and ideas. Good day thank God!!!!

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