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by Jennifer Reaney 2 months ago in supernatural
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My Destiny


By: Jennifer Reaney

The shadows among the fog present a top hat, which sat upon his head. Lurking about among the silence of the empty streets was this man of mystery. Why, no one is sure, but stories have long held assumptions about death. His appearance always invokes a sudden mysterious death, but he was never linked. An eerie mansion in the sky was the place he called home.

No one dares to drop by, as the presents of him will send shivers down your spine. I watched from a window with a curious mind. Wondering…Pondering…About this mysterious man. Who was he? Why was his presents so detested? These were questions I would answer.

The air had a scent of death in it. It chilled me to the bone. I felt tonight would be the end, but the beginning of a new life. The dusty streets of London felt a bit drab, as I kept myself among the shadows. Hoping he would not hear me following nearby. With light feet I kept my distance, but all the while I continued to watch.

I was not willing to take my eyes off of him. Too afraid that I too may become of victim of the long-acclaimed rumors. Nothing out of the ordinary appeared to me, as he made his way through the desolate town. All were fast asleep, except me and him. I was much too curious to know this man. I had never seen his face. Only the top hat from afar. Perhaps this was why I had to know.

Could he hold the answers to the questions that have long been upon my heart. He entered the most intriguing place, as I was not surprised by his selection. A graveyard at the edge of town, it was run down and overgrown. Only the old graves were placed in this final resting place. He knelt at a grave, and that sparked my curiosity even more. No one had ever talked of relatives before.

A crash in the street took my attention. When my eyes returned to the tombstone, The mysterious man was gone. I knew I could not look away, as he was cunning. I am almost certain he knew I was with him. Perhaps, he brought me here for a reason. I made my way to the tombstone to read the name. It was quite worn and hard to make out, but I manage to see that it had a woman's name. There was the most peculiar saying, I might add.

“To my wife that will be, here lies the remains of wife number 3.”

It sent a shiver through me, was this a riddle or a warning? As I scurried to my feet, my eyes met his. I couldn’t move, as I was frozen with fear. There was something in his eyes that calmed the fear that was looming. His hand brushed my face, and I felt a spark deep inside my soul.

I was not willing to talk, as I didn’t know what to say. He was brilliant looking. Quite handsome indeed. He whispered to me, “It’s nice to finally meet you, wife number 4.” astounded by the acclaimed that he was suggesting, I gasped. I did not have time to react, As I felt the blood rushing from my neck. A stinging sensation brought me to the ground.

I laid motionless… That’s when I realized this was the beginning of the end. All I have ever known was now gone. I had crossed over into the darkness, and the only person I had was the man in the top hat. I was not afraid, as I knew tonight was destiny. He had been calling to me, and finally, I gave in. My home was now in the mansion in the sky, and not knowing who or what I was…. I was certain that he was the one my heart had been longing for. Tonight, I became his dark bride. 


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