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Crimson Nuptials

The groom's lifeless body was discovered on the wedding night,

By Ekombe hauPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Wedding Night

In the heart of the English countryside, where rolling hills met the sprawling expanse of the moors, there stood an ancient manor. It was a place steeped in history, its walls whispering tales of love and betrayal, joy and sorrow. And on this particular night, within the confines of its ivy-clad walls, a wedding was about to take place.

The bride, Eleanor, was a vision in white. Her porcelain skin glowed in the flickering candlelight, and her hazel eyes sparkled with excitement. She was the epitome of grace and beauty as she walked down the aisle, her heart filled with dreams of a future filled with love and happiness.

Her groom, Sir William, awaited her at the altar, his rugged features softened by a smile of pure adoration. He had longed for this moment, to finally call Eleanor his own, to pledge his undying love to her in front of their friends and family.

The ceremony proceeded smoothly, the vows exchanged amidst tears of joy and whispered words of congratulations. And as the newlyweds made their way to the grand hall for the reception, the air was filled with laughter and music, the promise of a night filled with revelry and celebration.

But little did they know, lurking in the shadows of the manor, there was a darkness that threatened to shatter their newfound happiness.

As the hours passed and the guests danced and feasted, Eleanor began to feel a sense of unease creeping over her. It was as if a chill wind had swept through the hall, extinguishing the warmth and joy that had filled the air only moments before.

She tried to shake off the feeling, to focus on the love and laughter that surrounded her, but the sense of dread only grew stronger with each passing moment. And when the clock struck midnight, signaling the beginning of their new life together, the darkness that had been lurking in the shadows finally revealed itself.

A bloodcurdling scream pierced the night, shattering the illusion of happiness and love. Eleanor turned to see her beloved William collapsing to the ground, a dagger protruding from his chest, his eyes wide with shock and pain.

Panic erupted as the guests rushed to his side, their cries of horror echoing through the hall. But it was too late. Sir William was dead, his life extinguished in a moment of senseless violence.

Amidst the chaos, Eleanor stood frozen in shock, her mind reeling as she tried to make sense of the nightmare unfolding before her. How could this have happened? Who could have wanted to harm her husband on their wedding night?

But as she looked around the room, her eyes fell upon a figure standing in the shadows, a sinister smile playing upon his lips. It was Sir William's cousin, Lord Edward, a man consumed by jealousy and greed.

In that moment, Eleanor knew the truth. Edward had always coveted William's wealth and status, and now, with him out of the way, the inheritance would be his for the taking.

But even as the realization dawned upon her, Eleanor knew that she could not let Edward escape unpunished. With a steely resolve, she confronted him, her voice trembling with fury as she accused him of the heinous crime.

Edward denied everything, his words dripping with deceit as he feigned innocence. But Eleanor could see the guilt lurking behind his eyes, the truth hidden beneath his lies.

And so, with the help of the guests, Edward was apprehended and brought to justice. But the damage had been done, the innocence of their love shattered by the cruelty of fate.

As Eleanor stood alone in the empty hall, her heart heavy with grief, she realized that their wedding night would forever be tainted by tragedy. For in the darkness of that fateful night, they had learned that even the purest love could not escape the reach of death.


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