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Carrie ending Re-Write

this is a rewrite of the ending of Carrie (1976), which was done for the fun of it. it is not fully accurate but pretty close.

By TheDarkSpynxPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
Sissy Spacek playing Carrie White in Carrie (1976)

Seeing the lights flow around, I loved every minute of it. The lights non-stop going, while hearing the announcer speak.

“The winner of this year's prom queen and king..Carrie White and Tommy Ross!”

My hands begin to shake as I see the lights land on Tommy and me. My pink dress with the corsage that Tommy bought me, shined just right. The applause of everyone around me just made me smile. His hand in mine, we would walk up to the stage, and I saw commotion in the crowd. I see snell being pushed out, but didnt let it get to me. The applause was just lovely, so I looked around. I was handed this wonderful bouquet of flowers, and then it happened.


The blood covered my body, As I looked up to see my bathroom experience being played on the projector. The bucket falls to my side, hitting Tommy In the head. I look down to see him fall, And I fall to my knees trying to see what I can do, But it is too late. I turn toward the firehose, and I slowly move the valve as I start spraying the ground and the people, seeing them fall.

They will learn from what they did, trying to mess with me. I glare at each and every one of those doors, using my telekinetic power to force the doors shut, two males getting stuck in the process. I hear my mother reciting “They’re all gonna laugh at you!” over and over, with the voices of everyone I thought I could trust seemed to be laughing at me.

My eyes shoot up at the lights, as I force them to turn red. I glare at the crowd while being in a mix of emotions, and I let it get the better of me.

I see kids trying to get out by pulling the bleachers and trying to go to the windows to jump out, but just before they get out, I slam the bleachers back shut, hurting them. I see the announcer trying to get me, before he can, I spray water at him, and he begins to electrocute. He drops the microphone, as it turns all the water electric.

I shoot my head back toward the background and force that same man into the back, and with his sleeve catching fire, he would end up lighting the background ablaze, I see the soft elegant glow of yellow erupt around me. Those kids will pay for what they did. I hear someone yelling “Carrie!”, I look at the back wall to see my gym teacher, and then see her ribs being crushed by a falling piece of debris.

Then it hit me. She was the one who had my back all along, I never took a moment to realize it. The room is a mix between red and auburn and brings a rather lovely color., I take a moment to let it all into my body. This time, they will know me as not the girl who could be manipulated or mistreated, but now as the girl who killed the entire school. I guess that's what they get, since they probably have a heart that is so far broken it could never be fixed.

I cannot contain myself as I proceed to step outside, walking away from that sick of a school. I practically run home, and when I walk into the house I hear nothing but pure silence. The silence is far too weird. I run upstairs and run some nice and warm water, trying to get the blood off of me. I see my mother just moments after getting out of my bath, and I collapse in her arms. “They all laughed at me, mama!” I wail, as she strokes my hair while trying to calm me down.

“Shall we pray for your sins?” mother asks. I could barely contain my emotions as I nodded. Mother clasps my hands into one of hers, as I sit and hold up close to her. The words I could barely hear but I knew she was saying them to make an attempt to calm me down still, but there was no use in refusing what she was saying.


The feeling of my skin ripping as I arch my back, I am not thinking why mother would do such a thing to me. I yell In pain, as I see her smiling. That backstabber! I was never going to assume such a thing out of her, since she had practically done everything for me since my birth. I could never let her go no matter how hard I tried, but I could not take it anymore As I suddenly snapped.

I use my power once more to bring a whole array of weapons to my body, as I send a screwdriver flying up to my mothers arm. It pins her to the wall. I then sent a knife into her other arm, pinning her up all the way. The rest of the weapons start landing into her. Once I realized what I’ve done, I fell to my knees and began to sob.


After that moment, I begin to pull them back out of her, and hold her in my arms as she lays limp. I hold her until I realize the roof seems to be crumbling, then I pull her into the crawlspace she forced me into all those times. I hold her close to me as I hear the ground falling around us, the smell of burning beginning to reach my nose.


The candles had set ablaze to the wood in the house, and it was a matter of time before I knew it was going to kill my mother and I. The roof crashed above us, knowing the smell grew and grew, I could not take it much longer as I myself began to pass out. I would be crying hard while looking down at my mother, Knowing it was far too late for her and me. I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer, one more piece of debris came down, And there I was, lying limp as a dead body would do.

I know this is crazy, But I feel as if I was born again, but as if by someone by the name Sue Snell. She said that she knew Carrie White on a personal level, and told me that I act like her. I would not be surprised, but I'm glad mom told me that. My name is Carrie, and once again, everyone will know my name.


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