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Evil lives in my home (Part 1)

I'm trapped. I can't get out of here. help me.

By TheDarkSpynxPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

I dont know what to do. please help me. i feel like im falling under a dark presence, it wont leave, and i cant do anything. my body is growing numb, and I cannot figure out what more i can do before my soul leaves me to the thing haunting me. my mind is wrapped up in failures and disgust, because the devil that roams my house without me knowing has taken away my prized possessions, my two wonderful kids.

Evil lives in my house. I looked out of my little closet that i hide inside of, mainly because i have run out of food and water. I look to see if the coast is open, which it is not due to some 8 foot tall creature blocking my way to the cabniets or pantry. I look to see if I can make a distraction, when I get the idea to throw something. I pick up my bag and chuck it toward one of the windows, hoping it will get the entity out of my house for now. It works, and as I stare at the thing leaving, I jump at the sound of a woman. Its a blonde headed girl and her sister..How did they get here? I didnt let them in, but they may be my best shot at getting out of this mess for my safety. One girl had a necklace, and the other had a box. They told me one of them was named Kira, and the other Katie. I sighed, before forcing them into the closet.

The blonde sisters waited inside the room while I look for food, finding nothing more then a couple cans of beans. being the person i was, i had no choice but to give them the cans of beans. they deserved to eat good, so when they eat it i just stare in hunger. I hear a rip from what was my bag, as I see one of the girls have a gun.

"Give me that!" I yell.

"No! Why should I?" Kira yells back.

I snatch it out of her pocket, since she was much smaller then me and it was easy to manuver around her. She was a little bit rude about it, but did end up letting me have it. Looking back around, I let out a scream as all of a sudden I cant breath .the devil that was in my house had me in there grasp, where i cannot breathe at all to the point my face begins to turn a bit blue from the inability of air to get to it. I try to reach for the gun with my foot, but I'm unable to reach it. I get flung across the room, my body landing flat against my fireplace, which was made of nothing but brick. a loud scream left my mouth, as i lay on the floor weak and out of breath. I pant heavily, trying my hardest to be able to breathe normally again.

The girls stood there in awe, before crawling back into the closet and shutting the door. the room was laced with rosemary and crosses, my safe-haven. i work my hardest trying to get up, my body is weak and im in pain, as i think one of my ribs is broken. I look up to see the blood red creature staring down at me, its crooked smile seeming to glow in the fires light. It looks back down at me with a sudden frown, before picking me back up. this time, he flung me again, but out the door and into another house. when i look up, I see a horrifying surprise through my bloody eyes and tears.


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    TheDarkSpynxWritten by TheDarkSpynx

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