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Black Cat

Story of my friend

By Rashid AyoubPublished 9 months ago 7 min read
Black Cat
Photo by Daniele Colucci on Unsplash

This is the story of my friend. Read it in his own words.

When it rained, I often got up from my bed and went to sleep on the roof, because the fun of sleeping in it is something else.

It was also a summer night. All the family members were sleeping on the roof. Suddenly it started raining in the night, so all of them took their seats and ran downstairs.

But I used to sleep with the bottom mat on top of me until the rain started, because I liked it so much.

That night too, all the family members went downstairs, and I was sleeping alone on a mat

I was drowsy when suddenly I heard two cats fighting loudly

Their sounds while fighting were very bad. They were running on the four walls of the roof while fighting and the sounds were so terrible, don't ask.

Hearing their cries, I woke up anxiously. At first, I thought of picking up a shoe and chasing them away. Then I thought where I would find the shoe in the dark? will go It suddenly became silent

I drifted off to sleep again. Then a cat's loud screeching came from right under my bed and I jumped.

I looked under the bed but there was nothing there. I looked around but there was no one there. I thought he might have jumped into the house next door when I got up.

I kept the shoe with me so that if it comes now, I will not leave it. I lay down again and calmed myself down and after a while, I went back to sleep.

I opened my eyes when I heard cat purring from the right side of my bed

His grunts echoed across the ceiling. I slowly moved my hand to the shoe and raised it to hit it. There was nothing there. But

That grunt

Now it was coming from my left side. I suddenly turned to the left side and the same sound started coming from the right side. Now the sound started coming from the right side, sometimes from the left side.

Sometimes the sound goes far and sometimes it comes close

‎Suddenly, intense fear ran through my body. My legs and feet became numb

I felt something was wrong. Suddenly I saw a black cat sitting on the wall staring at me with red eyes. His eyes were burning like coal.

I was looking at her trembling. I didn't have the courage to run away. Then suddenly she started growing and as I looked, she was as big as a goat.

Gone and looked like a black leopard.

Because he was a completely black cat. Then suddenly she took a position as if she was going to jump over the wall at me. A loud scream came out of my mouth. I jumped down and ran towards the stairs. My scream was so loud that my mother, father and elder brother came to the yard, and I fell down the stairs and fainted.

But the problems did not end. I had nightmares for a few days. I used to see the same cat that once had its teeth on my cheek. Sometimes she used to lick my blood. I used to scream in my sleep. Then I see terrible people in my dreams, no one has a head. One's flesh would be hanging. There were black holes instead of eyes. The arms would have been cut off.

I started getting sick. became weaker. I don't go out of the house because of fear. Then Maulvi Sahib would come to die. I was given water. My mother used to recite Surah Yaseen to me all the time. It would have happened, but then the situation would have been the same. He would faint while sitting and screaming.

One day I was sitting and reading when I went to my mother's room for some work. I was afraid for a moment. I went to my mother to read something to me. My mother was opening the wardrobe with her back to me and folding the clothes.

I called my mother, but she did not answer me. I went near them and called out to them, they turned to look at me, but it was not my mother. She was a terrible-looking woman. Its colour was like copper. His eyes were cold, and his mouth was wide. She spread her hands and laughed

And she was calling me to her side. His teeth were shining. I was already scared and went to my mother to have my breath done. When he saw the form of this woman, he fainted there.

When I regained consciousness, Maulvi Sahib was reading something sitting on my head. My father was sitting in deep trouble. When Maulvi Sahib asked, I told him the whole thing, and he got lost in thought.

Then such incidents started happening to other members of my family besides me. Sometimes the bathroom door was locked from inside. The sounds of water started coming. After a while the door would open but no one would be inside

Once we were all watching TV at night when the power button went up and the bulb went off. Once my mother's bed was dragged away in the middle of the room while she was sleeping. Things we kept in one place, but we got from another place. Everyone in the house started to live in fear.

No one sat with me. All my brothers and sisters started hating me, no one could even spit in my face. Friends in college had become distant. Many times, when we were sitting as friends, my ping would start ringing automatically, due to which I would be extremely embarrassed.

It had been 7 months since our home was destroyed. I was so fed up with my condition that I started thinking about suicide.

One day our Maulvi brought an elder with him and told him that he is my mentor. Those elders were in white clothes.

There was a white turban. There was a white beard on the face and the forehead was shining like a light. He put his hand on my forehead and I cried. My father narrated all the incidents to him, and he sat calmly listening. There was such a smile on their lips and so much peace and so much light on their faces that it made my heart want to keep looking at them.

He checked all the rooms with my father. Go to the roof and look at each corner and see the roofs of the neighbors. There was a rush of local women in our house who had come to drink water from him. He came and sat near me.

And he placed his right toe in the middle of my forehead and closed his eyes and began to recite something. I felt like someone was pulling my skin. My screams did not stop. I wanted to remove his thumb from my forehead but could not move his toe.

My brother tells me that he read something for more than an hour and we couldn't bear to hear your heart-wrenching screams. That's when we started beating the old man badly.

Gradually I calmed down.

When I opened my eyes, they were looking at me. He had a smile on his face. They asked for water and drank. Water was sprinkled in every corner of the room and two sips of water were given to me. Those two sips of water were like life-giving water, as soon as I drank it, the weight of seven months was removed from my head.

My shoulders went light. Peace began to run through my body. My dull eyes lit up. I got up and put my head on his breast and started crying. He started touching my body. Then they left.

Today it has been two years and thanks to Allah no incident has happened again.

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Rashid Ayoub

I am an aspiring writer from Karachi, Pakistan. My field of experience and degrees are in Social Work and Information technology. I am working on a series of children's stories and I love to read mystery, romance, poets, and fiction.

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