Beautiful Creatures

Mythical Creatures X Humans

Beautiful Creatures

I watch a lot of shows such as Supernatural and Teen Wolf and my fascination in mythical creatures and the supernatural has grown over the years. Every culture and religion has an extent of belief in mythological creatures and supernatural beings. I’ve always been intrigued at this as it suggests many, many years ago these creatures may have actually existed. However, nowadays there are no new stories about mythical creatures or the supernatural. This is an exploration into the idea that slowly, over time, supernatural creatures merged with humans. We became one, and that’s why each person is different.

The blood of werewolves linger in the people who enjoy stargazing and staring at the moon. They can smell a good hot meal from a mile away, but they can also tell when something is wrong with a person close to them—it’s like they can smell the change in body chemistry. They’re the ones who always choose steak on a meal out and always have that look like they could eat your meal too. They’re the ones with perfect eyesight, even in the dark. They’re better when they’re around other people.

The blood of mermaids show in the people always drinking water, they hate fizzy drinks. They splash in every puddle and stand in the rain longer than they need to. They’re the ones who can surf, they can scuba-dive and swim as if it’s second nature to them. They are the people who always suggest beach trips and stay until the sun goes down. These people may love water, but being on the ground they seem completely different. Water transforms them into a happier version of themselves.

The blood of dryads remain in the people who always climbed trees as a kid, they could climb faster than anyone else. They’re the ones who never trip on the ground when going for a hike, their feet navigate through the roots as if they were barely there. These people keep their gardens tidy, they never let a plant die. They prefer a picnic in the woods instead of a fancy meal.

The blood of shapeshifters lie in the people who are great actors, they can change to whoever they want to be. They’re the people who can mask their true emotions, fantastic liars. These people can blend in so easily you might lose them in the crowd, but when they want to, they can stand out within a million people. Whenever you see them you swear that they’ve changed something, you just can’t place it.

The blood of vampires hide in the people who are nurses and doctors, they can always locate patient’s veins and they don’t mind the sight of blood. They’re the people who burn easily and would rather stay inside on a sunny day. These people seem to never age, their skin always seems flawless. They love the night time, it seems like that’s when they’re most awake.

The blood of satyrs linger in the people who love to get drunk, and they can drink a LOT. These people have a passion for music and nature and can sometimes come across as hippies. They’re the people who can pick up any instrument and play a perfect tune, no matter what. They’re the ones who have a strange liking to farm animals, they just have no idea why.

There are many more possibilities of how the supernatural could intertwine with humanity. I think this is damn beautiful and thought provoking, so I had to share. It has made my view of the world change and I love seeing the beauty of what could be.

Leigh Hooper
Leigh Hooper
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