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A Review about The Fall, The Night Eternal, The Strain by Guillermo del Toro & Chuck Hogan

by Thao Thao Tran about a year ago in book reviews

"The vampire's image will be reproduced through the language of science, virology and the global pandemic." (According to Abbott 2016).

A Review about The Fall, The Night Eternal, The Strain

The Fall began when the young Abraham heard her tell the legend of the evil that lurks and waits in the dark. Decades later, a plane landed at JFK airport in New York, but, something was wrong. The plane has been 'muted'. No lights, no noises from pilots or passengers. Everyone died and mysteriously drained their blood. The total solar eclipse coinciding with the death sentence on the plane was also the time when the demons' breath came to the surface. No more light, dark night dominates, vampires invaded the whole world like a giant pandemic that is constantly spreading and destroying. From here begins the war of the living to protect humanity and defeat the conspiracy of the devil.

Vampires are an epidemic like viruses, they are virulent and the rate of infection is rapid. After being infected, the host begins to mutate and survive just to breed and spread the "virus". Vampires are hard to kill, and easily infect by the amorphous fluid contained in the body. They can be beheaded, but not killed, because there will be a liquid containing hundreds of worm-like viruses spilling out of the body in search of another host.

Virus and infection

The spread of vampires is especially increasing rapidly in modern times because of globalization. According to Sampson: "the popularity of the global transportation network makes this social model highly contagious of biological diseases." By allowing these monsters to multiply rapidly through body fluids (and not just through a single bite), the Del Toro and Hogan's imagined vampires clearly reflect the fear in the real world about viruses and pandemics that threaten human life, such as Ebola, SARS, MERS, Zika, and now COVID-19. These virus outbreaks seem to appear from nowhere and kill people quickly. They cause widespread panic, because every minute every second there are more mutant virus strains, while human resistance is declining due to chronic and social diseases. Diem emphasizes what we should do - when in an increasingly globalized world, such outbreaks can have far-reaching consequences.

Virus and mutation

Del Toro and Hogan continue to transform the vampire image by reuniting two creatures: vampires and zombies. They are true "heterogeneous" strains, not only vampires but also zombies, reflecting that the virus not only mutates continuously but also combines with other strains through recombination. In Heterosexuals, the traits of zombies and vampires are combined into one, so they become a kind of creepier and harder monsters to destroy. Through the combination, they both bring the malice of domination and tricks of vampires, and at the same time as a zombie who has lost humanity, only knows how to eat and constantly infects. Del Toro and Hogan have actually created powerful, ambitious and crafty monsters - like vampires, but also inhuman creatures, constantly multiplying exponentially and destroying the live - like zombies. Borrowing the term of Antonio Cordoba, they are "biological vampires".

Virus and domination

Vampires also have their own internet network, which is used to seduce accomplices and spread fake news. The development of current technology allows for quick and extensive information exchange between users. However, that also allows the transmission of computer viruses and other malicious ideas (conspiracy theories, fake news) through malware, robots and memes. In the same way that viruses infect humans and cause illness, the term "virus" is also used to talk about an idea that can poison the mind through misinformation. It is virulence that can be spread by humans but also dispersed among non-human entities through the internet around the world, leaving germs in thought and undermining social order.

At its core, vampires are a virus that will infect humans, taking them hostage and destroying their personalities. They are both highly contagious biological weapons and malicious ideas that spread through social networks. Pandemics can infect people, but they can also control the mind so that people behave in a way that is self-centered, losing empathy. Anomaly may be an omen for the weakening of democracies, democracy can become a lifeless shell - poisoned and replaced by a complete, silent and exploiting regime. thoroughly human.

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