5 Signs You Were Abducted By Aliens

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We are not alone

5 Signs You Were Abducted By Aliens
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Stories of Alien abductions rose in the 1960's after the mysterious case of Barney and Betty Hill, an American couple who claims to have been taken by Aliens. As these claims of abduction rose, so did the many different signs and events people who claim to have been abducted by aliens.

After some research, you will easily find that Alien Abduction cases have actually taken place before the Hill case. Since this is becoming something that we hear about more these days, what should you look out for, if you think you may be the victim of an Alien abduction?

Loss of Time

One of the signs most people who claim to have been abducted by aliens, is time loss. Imagine looking at the clock and seeing that it is 6:01 PM and then in the blink of an eye, the time suddenly says its 11:45PM.

People have said they have missed more than a few hours and some have even reported to be missing more than a years worth of time, yet the people around them claim they have been living out a normal life up until now.

During this time, it is unclear as to what happens, but a common belief is that Aliens who have abducted you, are using this time to conduct experiments. It’s scary to think and wonder what was happening to you during this time. If you have experienced time loss, you may have been abducted by Aliens!

Sleep Paralysis events

If you have ever experienced sleep paralysis, then I have to say that I am sorry for what you experience. Sleep paralysis is one of the scariest things I have ever experienced.

If you’re lucky enough to not have experienced something as terrifying as this, then the best way I can describe it is feeling trapped and unable to breath while trying to fully wake yourself up. When sleep paralysis takes place, you will open your eyes. You can see everything going on around you and sometimes you can move your head slightly. You will feel pressure on your chest and the feeling of suffocation takes over as you try and wake yourself up out of your REM cycle, so that you can actually breath.

Sleep paralysis is believed to be a sign of Alien abduction. This may be due to complications the Aliens experienced while using their anesthesia on you. If your body doesn’t react correctly to it, this would result in you not being fully put under while the experiments are taking place.

Strange markings found on your body

Many Alien abductees claim to have markings on their body that weren’t there to begin with. These markings may be random looking, they may have strange shapes and designs, or they may look more symbolic than that.

Not knowing where any marking on your body came from, can be pretty nerve-wracking, but what is even more unbelievable is that people also believe they are being used to help procreate different hybrid Alien species. Maybe you have a Hybrid-Alien baby out there that you didn’t know about!

Seeing strange lights

In many cases of Alien abduction, people notice strange lights hovering in the sky. These lights can be different shapes, sizes and colors. These lights might be signs of the Aliens spacecraft. There are several times weird lights in the sky are seen during many of our natural events that take place on Earth. So it’s no surprise that they are seen in the cases of Alien abductions as well.

Sudden and extreme changes in abilities

Imagine being able to speak a language you’ve never studied, or be able to paint with as much talent as someone like Da Vinci. This is the case when it comes to some alien abductions. Abductees claim to notice new abilities, such as know the most complicated mathematical equations or being able to speak several languages.

When this type of thing happens, studies on the brain normally show an increase in activity for area’s you normally wouldn’t see light up. This shows that the aliens might have done some sort of genetic altering to you and you will now experience so many things on different levels than you have experienced be for.

These are just some examples of things people who claim to be abducted by Aliens experience. So if you notice any strange markings, random abilities or notice strange lights in the sky, you may be an alien abductee. If you experience all of these things, just know you are not alone. Alien abduction stories have taken place for many centuries now, you are just another on the long list!

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