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Why interracial marriages crash

Most interracial marriage crash because of so many reasons

By Sylvester Phoenix Published 12 months ago 3 min read
Interracial Marriage

Marriage is a complex institution, and there are many factors that contribute to its success or failure. When people from different cultures and backgrounds marry, they face additional challenges that can make it even more difficult for the relationship to succeed. In Europe, marriages between Europeans and Africans have become more common in recent years, but these marriages also face unique challenges that can lead to failure.

One of the primary reasons why European-African marriages fail is cultural differences. Europeans and Africans come from very different cultural backgrounds, which can lead to misunderstandings, miscommunications, and conflict. For example, cultural values relating to gender roles, family expectations, and religious beliefs can often clash, causing tension and hostility in the relationship.

Language barriers can also be a significant issue in these marriages. Communication is key to any successful relationship, and when one partner does not speak the other partner's language fluently, it can lead to misunderstandings and frustration. This can make it difficult to build a strong foundation of trust and intimacy in the relationship.

Another issue is the experience of racism and discrimination. Despite the progress made in addressing racism in Europe, there is still a significant amount of prejudice and stigma attached to people of African descent. This can lead to social isolation, discrimination, and harassment, which can put a strain on the marriage. Discrimination and prejudice can also create a sense of insecurity and a lack of trust which makes it difficult for couples to build strong, healthy relationships.

Financial issues can also take a toll on these marriages. Economic conditions in Africa are often difficult, and many Africans hope that marrying a European will provide financial security and stability. However, the reality is that many European countries have high living costs, and it can be difficult for couples to make ends meet, especially if one partner is not able to work due to immigration laws. Financial stress can lead to conflict and tension, which can damage the relationship.

Another factor that contributes to the failure of these marriages is the experience of homesickness and dislocation. Africans who move to Europe to marry often experience homesickness and loneliness as they try to adjust to a new culture and environment. This can lead to feelings of isolation and depression, which can impact the individual as well as the marriage.

Additionally, extended families can play a significant role in these marriages, and conflicting expectations between extended family members can be a challenging obstacle. In African cultures, it is often expected that the family plays a central role in the lives of couples and their children. For Europeans, however, family ties can be less tight, and each partner may view the role of family in a different way. This disparity in expectations can lead to conflict and misunderstandings that can ultimately lead to the failure of the marriage.

Finally, the pressure to assimilate can be overwhelming, especially for Africans who may feel the need to adapt to European customs and norms. This pressure to assimilate can lead to stress and identity conflicts that can ultimately harm the marriage.

In conclusion, marriages between Europeans and Africans face many challenges, including cultural differences, language barriers, racism, financial stress, homesickness, conflicting expectations, and pressure to assimilate. Couples who go into these marriages need to be prepared for these challenges and need to work actively and effectively to address them. This includes prioritizing communication, respecting cultural differences, seeking support from the extended family, managing financial expectations, and actively engaging in activities that promote a positive and healthy relationship. While the challenges are significant, with the right approach, European-African marriages can be successful and fulfilling, and enhance the lives of all involved.


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