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Mystical Energy collides with Wisdom.

My Past Life: Queen in Medieval Times

By Sharon BetheaPublished 12 months ago Updated 12 months ago 3 min read
Mystical Energy collides with Wisdom.
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In the bustling medieval city of Tallin, nestled within the kingdom of Estonia, a young maiden named Victoria was destined for a role that would shape the course of history. Born into the noble Almshouse, Lady Victoria was groomed early to embrace her fate as the future Queen.


From the depths of her being, Victoria possessed an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and natural leadership qualities that shone through as the years passed. Victoria became known for her progressive ideas, challenging the conventions of medieval society. The whispers of her endeavors reached the farthest corners of the kingdom, captivating the hearts and minds of both nobles and commoners alike.


A young blacksmith named William found himself at the heart of an extraordinary tale. William was born into a humble family; stories of knights, noble quests, and the legendary sword- Excalibur, marked his childhood. As fate would have it, the aging King, Roderick, proclaimed a grand tournament to determine the worthiest knight to wield Excalibur and safeguard the kingdom. Eager to prove himself, William yearned to participate, despite lacking noble lineage or formal training. Determined to make his mark, he forged his armor and fashioned a sturdy sword to prove that strength of heart could rival any formal education.


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News of William's audacity reached the ears of Lady Victoria; Recognizing the potential within him, she approached the aspiring knight, offering her guidance and secret knowledge in the arcane arts. Lady Victoria often practiced incantations and spells. William accepted, entranced by her allure of magic, and their unlikely alliance began to take shape.


Under Lady Victoria's training, William discovered his natural affinity for the mystical arts. He honed his skills, mastering spells that enhanced his strength, speed, and agility, giving him an edge over his opponents. With every passing day, his confidence grew, and his resolve proved that a blacksmith's son could become a legendary knight.


By Anna Saveleva on Unsplash


By Charlie Hales on Unsplash

In the heart of the medieval kingdom of Estonia, a majestic grand arena constructed on a sprawling land expanse, known as the Tallinn Colosseum, was the centerpiece of Tainn cultural and martial events. It stood tall, its stone walls adorned with intricate carvings depicting heroic knights and epic battles.

Approaching the Colosseum, one would be greeted by a spectacular entrance gate, towering high and embellished with banners displaying the noble sigils of participating knights. A grand promenade, lined with vibrant tapestries and fluttering flags, led the way into the arena, drawing spectators deeper into the realm of excitement and anticipation.


As spectators entered the main seating area, their eyes widened in awe. The Tallin Colosseum was an architectural marvel, its circular design allowing for unobstructed views from every seat. Rising tiers of stone benches encircled the central battleground, reaching toward the heavens. Ornate pillars and archways adorned the spectator areas, providing a sense of grandeur and regality. The arena floor itself was a sight to behold. It stretched long and wide, covered in a fine layer of sand that muffled the sound of hooves and swords clashing. Surrounding the perimeter was a sturdy wooden barrier, separating the audience from the bustling activity below. Towering flags representing the kingdom and noble houses fluttered in the breeze, adding a touch of color to the already vibrant atmosphere.

A magnificent dais adorned with regal drapes sat at one end of the arena, reserved for the royal family and distinguished guests. They commanded a panoramic view of the events unfolding below. The nobility added a touch of luxury to the spectacle, heightening the sense of importance and prestige.


As the tournament commenced, the arena transformed into a theater of valor and skill. Knights from near and far adorned in gleaming armor charged into the arena atop majestic steeds, their weapons glinting in the sunlight; the crowd erupted in cheers and applause as the competitors engaged in thrilling jousts and skillful swordplay, their skills put to the test. The atmosphere inside the Tainn Colosseum was electric, as spectators held their breath during each clash of weapons and cheered for their favored champions. The crowd's energy fueled the knights, driving them to push their limits and display acts of bravery and chivalry, but only Knight William stood above the masses.


Unfortunately, the king died a few weeks after the tournament, and Lady Victoria was now Queen; her unwavering spirit, entrepreneurial skills, and secret for the arcane arts became a driving force behind her reign.


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