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By Tumaini ShokaPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
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Our planet has breathtaking landscapes that each one of us would love to explore however there are a few places on this planet that no human should ever dare to visit.Below are some of the most dangerous places on this earth;

Snake Island in Brazil. This place is 93 miles away from Sao Paulo.This Island is considered to be the most dangerous place on earth and no human is allowed in.It has highly venomous and deadly golden lancehead snakes moving around the land.There is no safe place on the Island and the last known human inhabitants date back to the 1920s.People say the last fisherman who sailed too close to the Island shores was found dead on his boat.

Cinnabon Volcano Indonesia.Mount Sinabung is arguably one of the most dangerous places on the universe.In 2010,after 400 years of dormancy,Cinnabon volcano awoke and vomitted hot gas, ash and rocks into the Indonesian land.Thousands were harmed and atleast 15 people died.Cinnabon volcano is the only volcano on level four alerts and completely off limits to any climbers. In 2019,anothe eruption caused havoc on the natives and a captured footage clearly show how ash and smoke shot 23 thouand feet into the air and coated the land with debris.

Bermuda Triangle.This is one of the world’s most famous mysteries.This devil triangle is found between Miami Bermuda and Puerto Rico and is the place where ships, planes and people mysteriously disappear.large airplanes and boats have varnished without ever radioing for distress messages.Several theories say that poweful rogue waves that reach upto a 100 feets destroy all evidence of a ship or plane and are the cause of sudden dissappearances.No matter what the reasons are,Bermuda Triangle is the world’s supernatural and paranormal place that everyone should avoid.

Death Valley California I the United State of America.Death Valley is a very apt name for this Californian desert with the highest temperature ever recorded in history.The Death Valley has a temperature that varies from 134 degrees fahrenheit during the day to negative 10 degrees fahrenheit at night.It’s 282 feet below the sea level and it’s the lowest point in north America without any water.It’s the hottest place on earth and it kill a human being within 14 hours.The mysterious desert has rocks that move across the ground and sand that sinks.You can take a quick trip and adventure but make sure you drink a lot of water for your safety.

Valley of death Russia.maybe you are thinking that the name is too exaggerating but once you hear about this supernatural place you will see why this name fits it.It’s located in eastern Russia and it is referred to as the animal graveyard.There are many puzzling,head scratching and ancient stories about the origins of this place that remains to be unsolved mystery. Accordig to the Russian people,they say that two hunters stumbled upon the bizzare land in the 1930s.Upon climbing up the kipnich volcano,they saw land with no grass or plants covered with dead animal bodies.The explorers started to feel dizzy immediately and decided to flee the area.As rumors of the mysterious land spread,many tried to solve the puzzle and they discovered not just animals but also around 80 humans died on this supernatural valley.Scientists have concluded that the lethality of the land is due to high concentrations of poisonous gases that arise as a result of the volcano,a mixture of hydrogen sulfide,carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide kill living creatures within minutes as well as preserving dead animals for years as the deadly gases accumulate on the animals bodies thus preventing bacteria from decomposing the dead animals thats why dead animals were seen scattered all over the land.The Valley of death is closed for visitors.The only way to to capture a picture of the land is through is through a helicopter tour which cost as much as 700 dollars.


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