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By Tumaini ShokaPublished 7 months ago 4 min read
Photo by Marijan Sivric on Unsplash

Did you know that most of the world’s surprising archaeological sites were discovered completely by accident.Lets take a journey through history and explore the top fascinating archeological discoveries of the world.From the discovery of dead sea scrolls to the lovely unearthing of Machu Picchu.I am unable to discover the charming stories behind these brilliant discoveries and the secrets.They display approximately historical civilisations.

Without wasting time,lets look at Chichen Itza.John Lloyd and Fredrick Catherwood located Chichen Itza in 1841. The arena is located on the Mayan metropolis.What’s so special about this area..???Well it’s its size,the big length of the pyramids and temple can make the Great Khali tremble in his boots.Also, their amazing architectural styles wether it is the simple strains of the early Maya or the problematic carvings of the later toltecs, the whole assembly is a veritable smorgasbord of design.It does not end there,the Metropolis had an entire temple commited to the worriors which stands tall and gigantic to the organisation of a thousand columns.The temple has a huge courtyard surrounded with statues and pillars of warriors.They also have the wonderful ball court docket in the town,which is the largest and a well-preserved Bowl court in Mesoamerica where they have all of the fantasy life.The Chichen Itza changed into a certain UNESCO internarional heritage web site in 1988 and is now well preserved and guarded with the aid of the Mexican government.

Next on my list is Petra,My subsequent spot is the Lost of Petra which played the greatest game of disguise and they have been searching for the sector for centuries.This ancient Metropolis has been referenced in historic files however no one was able to locate it until 1812, when a Swiss explorer Jean-Louis Burkhardt decided to discover Petra irrespective of what and after months of searching,he stumbled upon the doorway to the city.The city that changed into Petra was first inhibited in 700 BC and it is believed that the nabataeans, a nomadic Arab people settled there around 300 BC. The town changed into a major trading hub centered on wealth and trade. It is easy to look why the city is packed with stunning architecture and elaborate carvings that might have made it a high destination for traders and merchants walking through the city.You will see the remnants as soon as the Metropolis is completed with a theater temple tombs and even an amphitheater with a capacity of upto 7000 people.However, what makes Petra stand out is its tremendous preservation and no matter how old the is,it continues to be impeccably intact. You can wander through the ancient streets and marvel on the towering buildings,without feeling like you’re in museum.

Thirdly,Borobudur is one of the most lovely and largest Buddhist temples,leaving the visitors to be left baffled by its structure.It was explored by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles in 1814.It was constructed in the 9th century.The structure is amazing with seventy two open painting stupas and a womderful structure which blends Indonesian and Indian cultures.The temple transports you aganin to a global where religion and spirituality was the forefront of everyday life.It’s a temple with fancy designs and an area of pilgrimage for Buddhists from all over the world.In addition to that,we aslo have playful monkeys roaming the grounds of Borobudur presenting enjoyment for traffic and reminding the visitors of the temples playful past.

Cave of Altamira is our next focus.As I dive into the depths of history, I encounter a cave, and it’s not just any cave,it’s the cave of Altamira.It’s a cave with stunningly preserved paleolithic art-work that makes Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel appear like a kindergarten drawing.The cave is located in Nothern Spain and incorporates over 270 charcoal and polychrome paintings consisting of depictions of Bison horses and human palms.Those drawings date to the upper Paleolithic duration making them approximately 35,000 years vintage.In 1985,UNESCO declared the cave a world history online website recognizing its importance as a valuable report of the prehistoric human way of lifestyles.The paintings located inside the cave of Altamira are said to be one of the essential discoveries within the records of prehistoric art but who knows what other secrets this cave holds,perhaps there may be a hidden stash of historic paint brushes somewhere in there.

Finally,The Dead Sea Scrolls.As the name itself suggests pics of mystery and intrigue of length lost secrets hidden away within the depths of westeland.In 1947,a Bedouin Shepherd stumbled upon one of the best archaeological site in records as he was tending to his flock within the Judean barren region.Who knew that flocks would be such remarkable explorers.The scrolls were found in huge clay jars and had hebrew writings that had been more than one thousand years older than any present Bible text.The scrolls were written in Hebrew,Aramaic and Greek and date to the second temple in 538 BC and 70 AD.They ecompass non secular texts, hymns,prayers and historic money owed.Scholars considers them to be the most tremendous discoveries of 20th century but the Dead Sea scrolls are more than just historical files, they have g revolutionized our information on the improvement of Judaism and christianity,shedding new mild on the non secular ideas and practices of the time.Cheers to the Bedouin Shepherd who stumbled upon this great exploration.


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