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Cùng bàn về 4.000 lịch sử Việt Nam


By ToanPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
Cùng bàn về 4.000 lịch sử Việt Nam
Photo by Constant Loubier on Unsplash

Hello everyone, I am your host today. Let's discuss 4,000 years of Vietnamese history according to history books compiled by the Vietnamese. Ancient history began in 2879 BC from the Spring and Autumn Period to the Warring States Period under pressure from the Northern Chinese and the Hoa Ha human wave gradually suffering the Northern War, the ancient Vietnamese ethnic groups. Some Vietnamese tribes lost their territories by assimilating into the Chinese people and forming an alliance. The Bach Viet tribe disintegrated, giving rise to the Bach Viet people. The guests founded the Kingdom of Van Lang ruled by the Hung Kings in 257 BC, belonging to the chief judge of the Au Viet tribe, one of the tribes. The Bach Viet clan in the north of Van Lang was confirmed to defeat the 18th Hung King. Lanh joined his tribe to establish a European state. Lac Ong called himself An Duong Vuong, with the capital in Co Loa in Dong Anh Ha district. The current interior dates back to 208 BC. Zhao, a former general of the Qin Dynasty, followed Qin Shi Huang's orders to conquer the South and attack Europe. Lac of An Duong Vuong defeated him, falling into the hands of the Qin Dynasty multiple times. The weakened Tam Dynasty isolated Nam Hai district, then led his troops to Tinh village. Mr. Lac Nhan Viet's territory and the cinnamon district founded the millionaire's house, and the country's name was. The capital of southern Vietnam is Hanoi and Spring, equal to the Han Dynasty in 111 BC. Emperor Han Wu sent over 100,000 troops to the defeated territory of southern Vietnam, which was annexed to the Han Empire. From then on, Vietnam entered the 1000-year period in the North. Belonging to 540 AD, the governor handed over. Just my name means I intend to rule with severity. to the Trung Sisters, gathering troops to counterattack. The house is prepared for winter in Giao Chi district. Cuu Tran Nhat Nam Hop Pho all responded. The two women acquired 65 Thanh in the Linh Nam region. However, from a rapid uprising 3 forms. The code belongs to the year 43. 35 541 Ly Bi rose and fought, driving away the exiled rulers of the Luong dynasty after defeating Liang's army three times over the years. The next proclaimed emperor of Ly Bi was Ly Nam. The emperor founded the Van Xuan kingdom in 544. The capital of Long Bien has many stars. Chau The northern and north-central regions of Vietnam today and a part of Quang Dong's land and about the West of China are under the early Ly dynasty's control until 545 AD. Luong Tran Ba Tien and Duong Sieu went to attack Van Xuan, and the male emperors were defeated. After losing the battle, why did Binh Quy give it to Trieu? Quang Phuc after Ly Nam lost Trieu Quang Phuc expelled Luong In 550 defended the kingdom of Van Xuan. Trieu Viet was proclaimed king until 571. Ly Nam De's nephew was a Buddhist. The pagodas of Viet Huong continued to maintain independence for the Vietnamese people in another year in 581 in Sui China. Founded in 602, the king commanded troops to invade our country and let the Buddhists give birth to the Ganges country. We fell into the hands of northerners. Once again, the sugar house covered the house. Sui ruled our country in 713. Mai Thuc Loan led the insurgent army in the uprising. Hoan Chau resisted the domination of the Tang dynasty and achieving victory ascended to the throne proclaimed Mai Hac De in the year 722 of the Sai dynasty. Ten thousand soldiers would later come to attack our country. many battles at low temperatures with Mai Hac De launched a battle at the entrance to Lam's disease forest. When the country is severely damaged, we will fall into the hands of the family. In 763, the Tang dynasty was weak and weak. lost under control with many localities for many uprisings. Typical farmers like the uprising of Phung Hung rebelled from 766 to 791 Yang 25 819 to 820 to 866 years. The control lines of returns and changes are called Adjectives. By the late 9th century, the Tang dynasty was severely weakened. serious in 905, a village chief. The Vietnamese side is Khuc Thua Du. He proclaimed himself lieutenant of Hai province. The army began to occupy the capital Dai La. The period of Vietnamese autonomy in 930. The Southern Han army came to invade our country. Leading our country at that time was the American song. Unable to resist, he was forced to go to the Southern Han. There are many organized routes from the deceased family. resistance in 931 resistance. The war of Duong Dinh Nghe happened; he was honored as Emperor of the Emperor in 937. Kieu Cong Tien killed Duong Dinh Nghe in the field. Leader Ngo Quyen is the son-in-law of Duong Dinh Nghe. Khoi Binh punished Kieu Cong. Bidding farewell to the Southern Han dynasty in 938 years. The Southern Han dynasty held an evacuation ceremony to our country according to the waterway intended to coordinate with Kieu Cong Tien defeated Ngo Quyen, but Nam Han's son had not yet arrived, so Ngo Quyen. The Southern Han army's attack pattern was destroyed. Han dragged two sessions to Ngo Quyen's ambush battles at the mouth of the Bach Dang River in the south. Han was torn apart just like Hoang. Thao died in battle when the Southern Han army was disillusioned with the invasion. Vietnam's strategy officially entered the independent era since Ngo Quyen defeated the Southern Han invading army in 938. The king called himself Ngo Vuong with his capital in Co Loa ended 1,000 years of domination by Phong Vi the North when Ngo Quyen lost his brother-in-law Duong Tam Kha, the thief had control. To dominate places that cannot be tamed. He ascended to attack an area and brought troops to conquer it. The identity of each one is called.


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  • Toan (Author)2 months ago

    Các bạn chìa sẽ bài viết để anh em bạn bè các nước biết về lịch sử Việt Nam hơn nhé!!

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