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a heavily pregnant woman whose husband abandoned her

Lara's Own Lara's story is a story about love, compassion, and sacrifice.

By UlpiPublished 28 days ago • 12 min read
Lara Alone

The evening sky was orange, a tinge on the western horizon like an abstract painting. Lara sat on the terrace of the house, her bulging stomach sticking out from under her thin negligee. The gentle breeze brought the scent of jasmine flowers from the small garden beside him, but it was unable to calm the sadness in his heart.

It's been two weeks since Lara hasn't heard from Bram, her husband. At first Lara thought Bram was busy working, but over time her feeling started to get worse. The small fight that occurred a few days before Bram left was still etched in his memory. Bram, who was always patient, now gets angry easily, and his words cut deeply into Lara's heart.

Lara stroked her stomach affectionately. The baby inside was the only thing giving him strength right now. She couldn't imagine what life would be like without Bram. Since getting married, Lara has always relied on Bram. He didn't work because Bram wanted Lara to focus on being at home and taking care of the children.

Now, heavily pregnant and without a husband, Lara is filled with anxiety and fear. How will she give birth later? How will she support herself and her baby? The questions raced through his head non-stop.

Lara's tears dripped down her cheeks. At times like this, she really missed Bram's embrace, hearing his words of love, and feeling his affection. Lara closed her eyes, trying to be strong for the sake of her baby. He knew he had to be strong.

He can't give up. She has to get up and be the best mother for her baby. Lara took a deep breath, strengthening her resolve. He believes he can get through these difficult times. She will become an independent and strong woman, for the sake of herself and her baby.

The sun began to set, greeting the night with a beautiful orange hue. Lara got up from her seat, wiping her tears. He smiled faintly, looking up at the sky. "I can do it," he whispered softly, full of confidence.

Lara's days were spent full of sadness. She still hadn't accepted the fact that Bram had left her. However, Lara realized she couldn't continue to drown in sadness. He must get up and prepare himself to welcome his baby.

Lara started looking for information about how to care for a baby and looked for jobs she could do at home. Luckily, Lara has a talent for sewing. He started receiving orders for baby clothes from his neighbors.

Even though her income is not much, Lara feels grateful. She can support herself and her baby without having to depend on others. Lara also received a lot of support from her neighbors and friends. They often help her with housework and accompany her when Lara feels sad.

Nine months later, Lara gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She named her baby Aruna, which means "light". Aruna's arrival brings new happiness to Lara's life. Lara felt that all her pain and disappointment had been paid off by the presence of her baby.

Lara takes care of Aruna with great affection. She learned a lot about being a mother. He also learned to be more independent and tough. Lara knows that she is not alone. He has Aruna, and he has people who love him.

Even though sometimes Lara still misses Bram, she is no longer shackled by the past. He lives in the present, with Aruna, his beloved daughter. Lara is confident that the future will be brighter. She will continue to be the best mother for Aruna, and she will raise her to be an independent and loving woman.

Years passed, and Aruna grew into a cheerful and affectionate girl. Lara devotes all her love to Aruna. He is always there for Aruna, both in good times and bad.

Even though Lara is a single mother, she never feels short of love. Aruna is the source of his incomparable happiness. Lara is grateful for every moment she spent with Aruna.

Aruna also really loves Lara. He is Lara's best friend, and can always make Lara laugh. Lara saw her reflection in Aruna. He hopes that Aruna can grow into an independent, strong and loving woman, like him.

One day, Lara received news that Bram had died in an accident. Lara felt sad hearing the news, but she tried to be strong for Aruna's sake. He didn't want Aruna to see him sad.

Lara told Aruna about her father. He showed Bram's photos to Aruna and told stories about him. Lara wants Aruna to get to know her father even though she can't accompany him.

Aruna listened to Lara's story attentively. He asked many questions about his father, and Lara answered all his questions patiently. Lara wants Aruna to have a good image of her father.

Even though Aruna cannot have a father's love directly, she feels grateful to have an extraordinary mother like Lara.Lara had given him all the love and attention he needed.

Lara and Aruna's life is not always easy. There are many obstacles and challenges that they have to overcome. However, they always support each other and never give up.

Their love and affection for each other is the strength that helps them get through difficult times. Lara and Aruna live happily, loving and supporting each other.

Towards a Bright Future

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and months turned into years. Lara and Aruna continue to live their lives full of happiness. Aruna grew up to be a beautiful, intelligent and loving girl. He is Lara's pride and has always been her source of strength.

Lara never forgets her beautiful memories with Bram. He always told stories about Bram to Aruna, so that Aruna got to know her father even though he couldn't accompany her. Aruna always listened to Lara's stories with great attention and affection.

One day, Aruna came to Lara with a request. He wanted to meet his father's family. Lara hesitated, but she finally agreed. He wants Aruna to have a good relationship with her father's family.

Lara and Aruna went to visit Bram's family. They were received warmly and affectionately. Aruna was happy to meet her grandmother, grandfather, uncle and aunt. He felt like he had found a new family.

Since then, Lara and Aruna have often visited Bram's family. They have a close relationship and love each other. Aruna feels grateful to have two loving families.

Time went on, and Aruna grew up. He decided to continue his education at college. Lara fully supports Aruna's decision. He wants Aruna to achieve her dreams and become a successful woman.

Aruna worked hard during college. He not only excels in academics, but he is also active in social activities. Lara feels proud to see Aruna grow into an independent and passionate woman.

After graduating from college, Aruna got a good job. He wants to help Lara and make her happy. Lara was very moved to see that Aruna had grown up and was able to live independently. He felt relieved because he had succeeded in educating Aruna to become an extraordinary woman.

One day, Aruna came to Lara with good news. She wants to marry her boyfriend, Rian. Lara was happy to hear the news. He has known Rian for a long time and he is sure that Rian is the right man for Aruna.

Aruna's wedding took place with great fanfare. Lara felt happy seeing her daughter marry the man she loved. He was sure that Aruna would live happily with Rian.

After getting married, Aruna and Rian lived in another city. Lara often misses Aruna, but she knows that Aruna already has a new life of her own. Lara always supports Aruna and Rian, and she hopes they will always be happy.

Lara continues to live her life with passion. He fills his time with various activities, such as participating in social activities, exercising and gardening. He also often visits Aruna and her grandchildren. Lara feels happy to see her family living happily and prosperously.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and months turned into years. Lara has now become a loving grandmother. He has two beautiful and smart grandchildren, children of Aruna and Rian.

Lara always makes time to play with her grandchildren. He told them stories about his life, and he taught them many things. Lara wants her grandchildren to grow up to be children with character and virtue.

Aruna and Rian are very busy with their work. They often entrust their children to Lara. Lara didn't mind, she was actually happy to be able to spend time with her grandchildren.

Lara feels grateful for her happy life. He had a loving family, and he had many friends and companions. He is also still active in social activities, and he always helps other people in need.

One day, Lara received sad news. His mother died. Lara felt sad when she heard the news, but she tried to be strong for the sake of her family.

Lara and Aruna went to their hometown to attend their mother's funeral. There, Lara was reunited with her siblings. They had not seen each other for a long time, and they felt happy to meet again.

After the funeral, Lara and Aruna decided to stay in their hometown for a few days. They want to visit places of their childhood memories, and they want to spend time with their families.

Lara felt happy to be back in her hometown. He remembered many happy memories of his childhood there. He also felt happy to be able to meet again his siblings and family.

After several days, Lara and Aruna returned to town. Lara felt relieved because she had finished her business back home. He is ready to return to living his life with enthusiasm.

Lara continues to live her life full of happiness. She became a loving and affectionate grandmother. He was always there for his grandchildren, and he always supported them in everything. Lara feels grateful for her beautiful life, and she is confident that the future will always be full of happiness.

That morning the sun shone brightly, accompanying the melodious chirping of birds. Lara, the loving grandmother, sits in the garden with her beloved granddaughter, Hana. The cool weather and calm atmosphere made the morning feel so beautiful.

Lara looked at Hana who was playing happily, her cheerful laughter filled the garden. Lara smiled happily seeing her grandson who was so cheerful and full of enthusiasm. He remembered his childhood when he also played in the park with his grandmother.

"Grandma, tell me about Grandma's childhood," asked Hana with sparkling eyes.

Lara smiled and started telling her story. He told about his childhood which was full of simplicity and happiness. He talked about his friends, about his games, and about his happy memories with his grandmother.

Hana listened to Lara's story attentively. He imagined how beautiful his grandmother's childhood would be. He wanted to experience for himself what it was like to play in the park with his grandmother.

"Grandma, can Hana play in the park like Grandma used to?" Hana asked hopefully.

Lara smiled and nodded. "Of course, son. Grandma will accompany you," answered Lara.

Lara and Hana spent the morning playing in the park. They play on swings, play slides, and play ball. The laughter of the two of them echoed throughout the garden.

Lara felt very happy to be able to play with Hana. He felt like he had returned to his childhood. He is grateful for this beautiful moment with his beloved grandson.

The days went by, and Lara always made time to play with Hana in the park. The park is both of their favorite places. There, they can play freely and share stories with each other.

The park is not only a playground for Lara and Hana, but also a place where they form a strong bond. In that garden, they created beautiful memories that they will always remember.

One day, Lara and Hana went to the park as usual. However, that day was different. Lara wasn't feeling well, and she didn't have much energy to play.

Hana saw the change in her grandmother, and she immediately asked, "Grandma, why do you look pale?"

Lara smiled weakly and said, "Grandma's okay, son. Grandma's just a little tired."

However, Hana did not believe what her grandmother said. He knew that something was wrong with his grandmother. He immediately took his grandmother home.

Upon arrival home, Lara immediately rested. Hana accompanied her grandmother at her bedside. He was worried about his grandmother.

Lara was fast asleep, and Hana was waiting patiently for her. He didn't want to leave his grandmother alone.

After several hours, Lara woke up. He felt better than before. He smiled when he saw Hana sleeping beside him.

Lara kissed Hana's forehead lovingly. He whispered, "Thank you, son. For keeping Grandma company."

Hana woke up and smiled at her grandmother. He said, "Grandma, Hana will always be there for Grandma."

Lara and Hana hugged each other tightly. They both knew they had a special bond. A bond that will never be broken by time and distance.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and months turned into years. Lara is now a loving great-grandmother. He has many beautiful and smart great-grandchildren, children Aruna, Rian, and Hana.

Lara always makes time to play with her great-grandchildren. He told them stories about his life, and he taught them many things. Lara wants her great-grandchildren to grow up to be children with character and virtue.

One day, Lara felt unwell. He decided to go to the doctor. The examination results showed that Lara was suffering from a serious illness. Lara was sad to hear the news, but she tried to be strong for the sake of her family.

Lara underwent treatment with enthusiasm. He didn't want to give up. He wanted to continue living and see his great-grandchildren grow up.

Aruna, Rian, and Hana always accompany Lara during these difficult times. They provide support and encouragement to Lara. They were confident that Lara would recover from her illness.

Thanks to prayers and support from her family, Lara is slowly recovering. He felt grateful for the second chance given to him. He promised to live a healthier and happier life.

Lara returned to living her life with enthusiasm. He continued to play with his great-grandchildren, and he always taught them the values ​​of life. Lara wants to leave a legacy of love and affection for her great-grandchildren.

One day, Lara gathered her whole family together. He wanted to give them a final message.

"You all are the greatest treasure in Grandma's life," Lara said affectionately. "Grandma wants you to always love and support each other. Never forget to always be grateful for what you have."

Tears of emotion rolled down the cheeks of Aruna, Rian, Hana, and Lara's great-grandchildren. They were touched by their grandmother's wise words.

Lara smiled and said, "Grandma will always watch over you from up there. Grandma will always love you all."

A few days later, Lara died peacefully in the arms of her family. Lara is gone, but her beautiful memories will always live in the hearts of her family. Lara has left an invaluable legacy of love and compassion for her family.

Even though Lara is gone, her spirit lives on in the hearts of her family. Aruna, Rian, Hana, and Lara's great-grandchildren continue the family traditions taught by Lara. They always love, support and are grateful for what they have.

Aruna and Rian are extraordinary parents to their children. They educate their children with love and noble life values. Hana also became a loving and affectionate grandmother for Lara's great-grandchildren.

Lara's great-grandchildren grew up to be intelligent, characterful and virtuous children. They always remember the teachings of their great-grandmother, Lara. They know that Lara is a hero in their lives, and they will always respect her.

Lara's story is not only told within the family, but is also told to other people. Many people are inspired by Lara's story. They learn about the importance of love, compassion and sacrifice.

Lara has been a star that continues to shine in the hearts of her family and in the hearts of those who know her. He has left behind an invaluable legacy of love and compassion, which will live on forever.

Lara's story is a story of love, compassion, and sacrifice. He has proven that with love and affection, we can overcome any obstacle and achieve happiness. Lara is an inspiration to many people, that life is always full of hope and a bright future is always waiting at the end of the road.

The story has finished.

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