Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens Episode 6 Review

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Enter The Ramen Duelist: Ohmori Menzaburo

Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens Episode 6 Review

Like previous episodes this one focuses on a character while other things happen along side them. With a that being said, the episode begins with Rook showing the news on his interview to the group & Yuga noticed that a Ramen chain is closing down. Letting the rest of the group know he makes the choice to go over & see what he can do about the shutdown. While Rook continues he monologue about himself and the interview the rest of the group leaves him behind as they venture off & the opening starts.

Something to point out is how the opening made a slight change. Instead of the dark silhouette of Roa we didn’t know, we are know presented with visuals of Roa who is to be the rival of Yuga.

After the opening, we are panned into the group entering their favorite ramen shop only see no customers & the establishment rusty & in need of a deep clean. Looking at the panels on the wall the menu shows the varieties of ramen. You would think with such variety there would be some people but good old Kaizu is sent by Yuga to check out the competition that has been taking all the customers.

A.I Ramen shop The A.I ramen shop which the group attends is unable to go into due to an A.I that checks potential customers by rescanning them for authenticity. Already knowing Yuga & his intention to scope out the competition the robot rejects him & Gakuto for not being worthy of going in.

Yuga sends Kaizu (robot) and after transforming the robot into a disguise Kaizu reports back. Comes to know that the whole restaurant is run by A.I which brings a level of scarcity to the show because of the reliance to robots. With movies like “WallE” and “iRobot” and many others, we can see the potential for artificial intelligence can take for a take over. That aside, the restaurant ends up at a cheap price with all the space & social aspect to the food & customers.

The repetition of the number 6 becoming a troupe in a show of 7s is really interesting. So far the number 6 has been related to a number of things in the show. From the 6 members of the Goha Corp in the grey outfits to the 6 error points during the early episodes of the show. With the price of new the ramen restaurant being 66¥ per customer it makes me believe that even though it’s cheap, there’s subliminal negativity going on.

This was a funny scene because Yuga was creating various pieces of “roads” in order to enhance the restaurant & bring in customers. Both Romin & Gakuto were basically guinea pigs in the various experiments. Watching these guys comedic back & forth brings for an enjoyable episode.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens seems like the symbol of possibilities & adventure considering everything related to the number 6 has a negative undertone to it. This also caters to Goha Corp and them having control over the city in their image, or at least in the image of Mr. Goha.

Enter Ohmori Menzaburo stepping into the restaurant that’s about to shut down & while an old man called pops comes to the realization that he will close after one final ramen order Menzaburo introduces himself by letting everyone know his profile. From his birthday to his favorite meal, he becomes staggered to find Yuga and instantly express how much of a fan he is due to his creation of rush duels.

Interested in how he installed it, Menzaburo explains how he wants to create his own style of dueling with the use of noodles (ramen). What’s interesting is that Menzaburo released all the info about him knowing that he is wearing a mask that’s suppose to be intended to hide his identity.

Menzaburo asserts himself to order that final ramen before the store closes for good. Yuga intercepts stating his little interest in ramen compared to udon. This brings Menzaburo into a rage & challenges Yuga to a duel. Before this we learn Yuma also wants to duel him because of his style of dueling.

The duel begins with the stake of the last bowl of Ramen. As funny as this is, we have another duel where there isn’t really much at stake. Compared to previous Yu-Gi-Oh! Series, nobody has their life on the line & no one is going to be harshly injured.

The duel lasts for the duration of the old man named Pops creating the last ramen. Right before the duel he put two Naruto pieces into his eyes as if it was a mask for heroism. With the materials & ingredients laid out & the old man ready to cool Menzaburo & Yuga prepare to rush duel for the last ramen in the restaurant.

Without hesitation, Menzaburo begins the duel by summoning 2 monsters and tribute not of them to summon his ace monster, Gockboot Fiery Noodle Jonin. What’s cool is that Menzaburos cards are noodle related. From the cards name to their effects, there’s some relation to ramen noodles which is very unique & brings a deep connection to the character & his dream of noodle dueling.

In the trading card game, the archetype brings some pyro support as well as OTK potential. Even though the cards are strictly rush duel orientated (as of now) the cards have unique names & artwork that cater to the noodle theme. A troupe of the franchise that always continues is when a character protects their monster from destruction & the opponent always respond with “you still take damage”. Classic motif that’s very Yu-Gi-Oh!

After both Menzaburo & Yuga brings out their ace monsters during their first turn Yuga comes out on top with the victory. With slight changes the strategy that Yuga uses for his ace monster “Sevens Road Magician”, is the same which brings up curiosity if there will be anymore changes to his deck. With the various possibilities to enhance the one ace card, it can get pretty predictable in the main characters technique.

With Menzaburo crying in defeat, Pops Naruto eyes enters the final ramen as a cherry on top to a cake. Though it’s kinda unsanitary to have an ingredient lay on a chef for any period of time, the dish looks appetizing.

Yuga asks for more chopsticks in order to share the ramen with his fellow comrades but upon giving Menzaburo chopsticks Rook arrives (after not being in the episode except from before the opening) just in time to eat the ramen. To our dismay Rook finishes the ramen & the group angrily punishes Rook.

From the duel Pops finds the motivation to create a new style of ramen that is more efficient for him in order to regrow the business. By calling it “Rush Ramen” it makes for good branding & with the help of Menzaburo spreading the word, business grows for the restaurant as the ramen shop succeeds to Rush Ramen.

Towards the end of the episode the group along with Menzaburo goes back to the missing monument from the first episode in order to access it to install rush duels. Finding the place empty with an imprint of what used to be there brings our characters to a surprise halt.

The Ending of the episode is interesting because we get a glimpse of Goha Corp taking action to rush duels. Whether it was them or not, we already know based on previous episodes that they are taking steps to make sure Rush Duels doesn’t become successful. This concludes episode 6 review of Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens.

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