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Young Justice season 4 is out soon!

Are you whelmed?

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 2 years ago Updated about a year ago 3 min read
Image Credit- Screenshot from zatxra on YouTube.

Many things were in motion for this to happen and it's very appreciated by the fans. The last season came out in 2019 and before that, the second season came out in 2012–2013, while the first season came out in 2010–2012. There have been several hurdles along the way but Young Justice still prevails. Although the season 4 details have been uncertain for a while, I watched some updates from the Comic Book Nostalgia Youtube Channel. It is anticipated to be released before the end of this year and called Young Justice: Phantoms.

Before the upcoming season and if you're not familiar with this show, you can watch or re-watch the other seasons on HBO Max, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

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Young Justice is about a teenage group of friends. Considerably seen as the sidekicks to the popular heroes, they are promised a shot at being more than assistants but soon realize their value. Respect was demanded as they formed the group that became much bigger than they would anticipate leading to greater strides.

Image Credit- Screenshot from BRANDON LAI on YouTube.

It is emotional.

Image Credit- Screenshot from The World's Finest on YouTube.

It is about friendships.

Image Credit- Screenshot from zatxra on YouTube.

It is about trials and ties.

Image Credit- Screenshot from zatxra on YouTube.


Image Credit- Screenshot from zatxra on YouTube.

It is about relationships.

Image Credit- Screenshot from zatxra on YouTube.

It is about fitting in.

Image Credit- Screenshot from zatxra on YouTube.

It is about teamwork.

Image Credit- Screenshot from zatxra on YouTube.

…and it is about Dick Grayson and all the lines he gives us. Dick's personality and his way of keeping the positive from the negative are refreshing. He takes the 'aster' out of disaster and the 'whelmed' out of overwhelmed and underwhelmed. He says he's "feeling the aster" or "whelmed" meaning okay or alright, basically good. This started from the moment he questioned why everyone is either overwhelmed or underwhelmed, why not just whelmed. I love everyone's understanding of it and their adaptation of it as well.

Image Credit- Screenshot from zatxra on YouTube.

Also, everything about them from their design to their voices radiates BADASS.

Image Credit- Screenshot from zatxra on YouTube.

This write-up is not about the details, it's about what the show entails and why you should watch it. The only reservation I will be expressing is that I would have loved to see some things the time jumps prevented but I got over it (kinda). 

There are great heart-filled backstories and wonderful relationships. We get to see different moments and lessons as they grow up. The chemistry between the characters and their bond is also admirable, especially during their telepathic conversations. The show has various good takeaways as well.

With the great comebacks, lovable and memorable phrases, a couple of *wink wink* moments, time jumps and plot twists, you have to love Young Justice. The show has had an inconsistent run due to cancellations but the resilient fans continue to uplift this show with their undying support. 

It is a quality show with quality animation. I don't know much about the DC Universe to know if there is some accuracy when compared to the comics, I just enjoy the show. I binged it after being recommended and I HAVE ZERO REGRETS. You might be a bit confused from time to time if you're not a DC fanatic but the show is so good and interesting that you don't always need context.

With various iconic lines, many are repeated in the show such as Connor's.

Video Credit-BRANDON LAI on YouTube.

There are so many theories out, so many unanswered questions, so many 'what if's' but all those will hopefully be answered soon in the new season. 

I found this video that captured the essence of the show, it's NOT SPOILER FREE but worth the watch.

Video Credit- Kato on YouTube.

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Image Credit- Screenshot from zatxra on YouTube.

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