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Eps. 7-8

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 28 days ago 3 min read

When we last left our X-Men my sweet sweet Gambit was DEAD, somebody better fix that. Charles is alive and heading back to earth. I love that we are getting more Kurt. And my Storm has her powers back and she knows what happened to Genosha so theoretically she is headed back to the X-Men. The last couple of episodes were extremely emotional so I am hoping for a bit of a break but we now have to deal with the aftermath of Gambit’s death so we will see how that goes.

Rogue doesn’t show up to Gambit’s funeral, she is hunting those responsible for what happened to Genosha. And Scott is cleaning up the political aspects of what happened, hoping to find more survivors on the island. Scott and Jean are still a mess. In Rogue’s search she comes across Captain America, who is no match for her and she gets the information that she needs and flies off after throwing his shield into the mountains.

The remaining X-Men fly to Genosha to help find survivors, heal the injured and help the island recover. The reporter that was connecting to the mutants follows them there. And though she seems to be on their side, her presence is not welcomed or wanted. Even the most tolerant, idealistic and understanding of mutants are starting to think that humans are now the enemy.

Sinister was behind the massacre on Genosha, and when Rogue breaks down, finally dealing with Gambit’s death, the X-Men are there to hold her. It really doesn’t matter what kind of stories you like; action, romance, mystery, social justice, comedy….the X-Men is all of the above. It really is the perfect comic book team.

After losing Magneto and Gambit, Rogue is much more willing to kill now and I love that for her.

Cable is back to tell the X-Men to get their shit together, and Scott realizes that Cable is Nathan, his son. And again I applaud the comic book accuracy of this show. It is genuinely very impressive.

It is revealed that Sinister is working with some of the other major comic book supervillains and they are working to turn humans into weapons, into mutants. They claim it is so the human race does not go extinct, but really it is to change the image of mutants in the eye of the public. He even turned his mom into a human sentinel.

Reprogramming Cerebro to find Sentinels was genius but his little reporter girlfriend is one of them so now Mcoy has to actually fight. He’s normally such a peaceful boy.

In this major sentinel fight, Jubilee realizes that she is one of the like 3 X-Men that can’t fly.

The poor school gets attacked so often you would think that maybe they would have better security measures, but all the security seems to be is the fact that mutants live there…seems like an oversight. They really need like an actual safe house, maybe a nice underground one. Perhaps that.

After Genosha the conclusion for everyone seems to be that Magneto was right, so when he is released from his capture he makes his way to a magnetic pole and shuts down all the sentinels. Soon after Charles touches back down on earth.

The episode ends with Charles calling his students to him and it's great and all but by this point all Magneto has essentially declared war and everyone has come around to his way of thinking. The time for peace talks is certainly over and it is going to take a lot for Professor X to settle everyone down. We are reaching a climax in the season with only 2 episodes left, it will be interesting to see how we leave the season. My best guess with all my comic book knowledge is that our mutants split themselves into two teams. Those that are going to back Charles and those that are going to back Erik.

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