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X-Men '97

Eps. 5-6

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished about a month ago 3 min read

When we last left X-Men ‘97 lots of shit went down. Genosha and therefore the mutants were admitted into the UN. They are trying to convince us that Rogue and Magneto are a thing (which is super gross by the way) and we are still missing Storm. This now marks the halfway point for the 10 episode season.

The 5th episode starts with a full news report about the X-Men, theoretically in an attempt to soften the public image of the Mutants, as Magneto, Rogue and Gambit make their way to Genosha. Scott and Jean have a big fight because Scott is a big dumb dumb who has been telepathically cheating on her.

Yay Nightcrawler!

Oh no Rogue and Magneto….but also GREAT speech from Erik. Who was their researcher because the comic book accuracy is insane, the characterizations are incredible. The X-Men are such a soap opera, I love it so much. X-Men has the best men, forget normal, human role models all men should aspire to be like Logan and Gambit. I also just want to be super clear that right this second Magneto and Rogue are fine (I still hate it, team Gambit forever), there’s nothing morally wrong with them. However, as Rogue is telling Gambit about how she first met Magneto, that is super gross because when Rogue first ran away from home she was in fact a literal teenager, so old ass Magneto was sleeping with a child.

The fight scene on Genosha was incredible, very comic book like. Also super heartbreaking. I am fully here for a Magneto redemption arc. This is super not a children’s show. The target demographic is very clearly adults that were alive in the 90s to see the original X-Men animated series. My Gambit better not be dead, Kevin Fiege and I will have words.

Episode 6 gives us some intergalactic action and Charles Xavier is alive. Charles is to live with the Shi’ar but in order to marry their empress he must have his memories of earth wiped. I mean if Jean simply stumbles upon him she will be able to undo any magic mind wiping that the Shi’ar accomplish. So Charles goes through with it but of course all hell breaks loose. Charles remembers who the fuck he is and gets inside their heads…took way too long.

We finally get to see Storm again, and she seems to be coming to terms with not having her powers. But that’s a bummer. My Storm needs her powers, she is too badass to be human. My girl realizes who the fuck she is and reawakens her powers. YAY. I love Storm. All the best superheroes are X-Men…

Charles’ mind gets overtaken by Gambit’s death and he decides that he has to return to earth. Sinister is back and oh boy do we have a lot to look forward to in the next few episodes. With 4 episodes left in this first season I can say that I have absolutely no idea where this is going or how we are getting there. I have a strong feeling that isn’t going to be wrapped up all nice and neat by the end of the season which is actually a good things because I know we are all hoping for season 2 of this. Honestly I do not need any live action X-Men if we keep going with the animation. Mutant powers show up better in animation and there is simply more that you can do with it so I really feel no need for the X-Men to hit the big screen anytime soon, if ever.

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