World Collide Again, the Sailor Senshi Reimagined as Pokémon Trainers!

by Craig Arnott 17 days ago in fan fiction

Mashing some worlds together again, this time the Sailor Senshi from Sailor Moon as Pokémon trainers.

World Collide Again, the Sailor Senshi Reimagined as Pokémon Trainers!
Each Sailor Senshi and their starter Pokémon

Now this may seem crazy, but it is something I have done a few times before just for fun. That is to take characters from one franchise and reimagine them as Pokémon Trainers. Previously, I have used Marvel's X-Men characters to reimagine a Pokemon region, with a male a female protagonist, the professor of the region, the evil Team Brotherhood, the Gym Leaders, the Elite Four and the region champion all made from some beloved mutants. Another saw Ash and Pikachu arriving in a region where the characters from the Japanese franchise Precure cover the region. Which I wrote differently, telling the story of Ash's journey in the region.

Having seen a post that inspired me, I now return with the heroes of Sailor Moon and them now reimagined as Pokemon Trainers. I have made each one to cover their development as a trainer, from their starting team all the way to having full powerhouse teams. I hope you all enjoy.

Clumsy Trainer to Region Champion, Sailor Moon

Usgai and her starting team to greatness

Starting Team: Cleffa (starter Pokémon), Espurr, Buneary & Ralts

A kind-heated but clumsy trainer, she woke late and missed choosing between Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. When she arrived only a Cleffa was left, but the Cleffa seemed ecstatic to meet Usagi. Setting off on her journey, she soon caught an Espurr, Buneary and Ralts. She begins training with her team and they started challenging the Gym Leaders.

Sailor Moon gets stronger

Advanced Team: Clafairy, Meowtic, Buneary, Kirlia & Lunatone

Earning her Gym Badges, her team start to evolve and grow. Before facing her final Gym Leader, she encounters a Lunatone under a full moon. It glowed as bright as the moon and Sailor Moon felt warm from it's light. This caused her Silver Crystal to come forth. The Lunatone joined her team and she earned her final Badge.

Usagi is ready for the Elite 4

Master Team: Clafable, Meowstic, Lopunny, Gardevoir, Lunatone & Diance

Travelling along Victory Road, she battled all the trainers on her way, resulting in her team evolving to their final forms. As they explored the caves to the Pokémon League, a Diance appeared fascinated with the glow from the Silver Crystal. Sailor Moon asked it to join her and it agreed. Reaching the League, Sailor Moon was ready to face the Elite Four.

Champion Sailor Moon Eternal will forever shine

Champion Team: Clafable, Meowstic, Mega Lopunny, Mega Gardevoir, Lunatone & Mega Diance

Earning her victory against the Elite Four, Sailor Moon is named as the Champion. This causes her Silver Crystal to unlock the mega evolutions of her Gardevoir, Lopunny and Diance, making her the most powerful trainer in the region.

Watching Over the Region, Tuxedo Mask

Starter Team: Budew (starter Pokémon), Eevee, Ralts & Lillipup

Eager to protect Usagi on her journey, Mamoru starts to gather Pokémon aimed to allow him to do so. Befriending a Budew as a child, it joined him in the shadow to keep an eye on Usagi. He soon catches an Eevee and Lillipup. But when Usagi caught her Ralts, a Ralts appeared before Mamoru and asked to join him so it could protect Sailor Moon's Ralts.

His team grow in strength

Advanced Team: Roselia, Umbreon, Kirlia, Herdier, Sneasel & Hawlucha

Keep those who may use Pokémon for evil from getting in the way of Sailor Moon's journey, his team starts to evolve. Travelling through the woods he encounters a Hawlucha, who imitates his movements with its cape. He also catches a Sneasel who is able to blend into the shadows to keep a close eye on Sailor Moon.

Ready to rule alongside the Champion

Master Team: Roserade, Umbreon, Gallade, Stoutland, Weavile & Hawlucha

With Sailor Moon as the Region Champion, he aimed to strengthen his team to always give his love and back-up, if she needed it. His Pokémon all act with honour and see Sailor Moon as their second trainer. His Gallade is especially protective toward Sailor Moon and his Roserade gives him a fresh rose every morning to present to his love.

A Pokémon Researcher in the Making, Sailor Mercury

Curious about all things Pokémon

Starter Team: Piplup (starter Pokémon), Sobble, Horsea & Dewpider

Starting with her Piplup, Ami aimed to discover all she could about Pokémon. She absorbed knowledge on the magical creatures of the world and found an infinity with water types. She befriends and captures a nervous Sobble, curious Horsea and playful Dewpider rounding off her starter team.

Growing more confident in her skills

Advanced Team: Prinplup, Drizzile, Seadra, Araquanid, Panpour & Mantyke

As her knowledge grew, so did her team. Now with a full team of six, she has channelled her research into the potential of all Pokémon origins starting in the waters, and water types being the first type of Pokémon as a result. She has added a cheeky Panpour and adventurous Mantyke to her team.

Full-fledged researcher ready for the region

Master Team: Empoleon, Inteleon, Kingdra, Araquanid, Simipour & Mantine

Now renown in the region, she is the trainer others seek out for advice. Their is nothing about Pokémon she does not know and is constantly discovering new facts. Her fully powered team aid her in finding clues and evidence to her theory of all Pokémon starting their evolution in the water.

Medium to the Pokéspirits, Sailor Mars

She has always been connected to the spirits

Starter Team: Fenniken (starter Pokémon), Rookidee, Murkrow & Hatenna

Having a connection to the flame and gaining feelings while gazing into it, Rei knew she wanted a fire type starter Pokémon. She chose Fenniken due to foxes link to the afterlife. In her early journey she found a Rookidee and a Murkrow were constantly following her, so she captured the pair. She also met a Hatenna and felt in her soul she had to catch it.

Her spirit's fire burns brighter

Advanced Team: Braxia, Corvisquire, Murkrow, Hattrem, Darumaka & Vulpix

The stronger the psychic powers of her Hattrem grew, the greater Sailor Mars found her connection to the spirits. Her Hattrem encouraged her to capture her Darumaka as it felt it's psychic potential. She also caught a Vulpix, convinced she felt the little fox Pokémon's feelings to join her and her team.

Master of the flames and commune to the afterlife

Master Team: Delphox, Corviknight, Honchkrow, Hatterene, Darmanitan & Ninetales

With her fully evolved team, Sailor Mars has the ability to now commune with the spirits. With this power, her and her team lay in wait ready to stop any threat and alert the region champion of the oncoming danger.

Coffin Master of the Region, Sailor Jupiter

Aiming to become a master poffin maker

Starter Team: Pichu (starter Pokémon), Milcery, Chikorita & Oddish

While Makoto is a strong and tough young trainer, her true passion is baking. She wants to bring joy to other people and Pokémon through her baking. Starting with a Pichu to power her mini portable poffin cooker, she adds a Milcery to her team to help her perfect her recipe. She also caught a Chikorita and Oddish to help her find natural ingredients in the forests and fields of the region.

As her recipe gets better, so does her team

Advanced Team: Pikachu, Alcremie, Bayleaf, Gloom, Blitzle & Petlil

Starting to get some recognition, she needed another electric type to aid in powering her cooker. She caught eye of the sheer power of a young Blitzle, so she caught it and added it to her team. But something was still missing. She encountered a Petlil who seemed to be able to attract Combee who would willing trade fresh honey to Sailor Jupiter for some of her fresh poffin.

Master baker and a Pokémon master

Master Team: Raichu, Alcremie, Meganium, Bellossom, Zebstrika & Liligant

Now famous around the region, Pokémon Coordinators travel far and wide to feed their Pokémon the Poffin Sailor Jupiter now creates with her team. With all three grass types now fully evolved, nectar from their flowers mixed with a touch from Alcremie is her secret ingredient behind her recipe.

Dazzling Pokémon Coordinator, Sailor Venus

Sailor Venus is born to perform

Starter Team: Togepi (starter Pokémon), Espurr (female), Mareep & Honedge

Minako was born with a thirst for the stage, so she aimed to have Pokémon from the start that can put on a great show. Falling for it's cute appeal, she chose Togepi as her starter. She added an Espurr who can use it's psychic abilities in a show, a Mareep who can create some lights and sparkles and a Honedge who can shine on stage.

Let's get the show started

Advanced Team: Togetic, Meowstic, Mareep, Doublade, Skitty & Riolu

Earning ribbons and gaining fans, Sailor Venus and her team start to perfect their synchronisation on stage. She catches a Skitty and Riolu, with one offering an innocence on stage and the other some power and grace. These additions take her to the Grand Festival to try and claim the title of Top Coordinator of the region.

The Top Coordinator of the region reigns

Master Team: Togekiss, Meowstic, Ampharos, Aegislash, Delcatty & Lucario

Shining brighter than any other coordinator in the region, Sailor Venus claims the title and is famous throughout the region. Her team offer a true display of grace and beauty combined with lights, sparks and power.

Champion in Training, Sailor Chibi Moon

She claims to be the Champion's daughter from the future

Starter Team: Igglybuff (starter Pokémon), Espurr, Eevee & Bunnelby

Appearing in the region mysteriously, Chibiusa was seeking out the strongest Pokémon trainer to aid her and teach her. She claims her Igglybuff was her starter Pokémon, that her mother gave her a Bunnelby and her Eevee was from her father. She also claims her Espurr is the offspring of the Region Champion and the Top Coordinator's Meowstics.

She discovers her powers as her team grows

Advanced Team: Jigglypuff, Espurr, Sylveon, Diggersby, Galarian Ponyta & Magearna

As she starts to meet some of the famous trainers of the region, her powers are unlocked. But, when she has a chance encounter with a Galarian Ponyta she discovers she has a Silver Crystal. When she meets the Region Champion and Tuxedo Mask she reveals she has a Magearna missing its Soul-Heart, and her parents told her a miracle could restore it. As her bonds form between the trio they call forth the moment the Soul-Heart appears allowing Magearna to be revived.

Master Team: Igglybuff, Espurr, Sylveon, Diggersby, Galarian Rapidash & Magearna (original colours)

When her Ponyta evolved to Rapidash it unleashed a hidden power in Sailor Chibi Moon. Her Silver Crystal started to glow and her true powers were awoken. It proved she was the future daughter to the Region Champion and caused Magearna to restore itself to its true colours. She is dubbed the "Champion in Training", and aims to learn all she can from Sailor Moon.

Pokémon Trainer that Protects Time, Sailor Pluto

Stepping in to protect time

Starter Team: Klefki (starter Pokémon), Zorua, Galar Zigzagoon & Roggenrola

Working at a research lab, Setsuna became aware of the mystical Pokémon with the ability to travel all of time. It fascinated her and one day a Klefki appeared before her and refused to leave her side. The professor she worked with claimed of a tale where a Klefki could open a time door. This made her determined to find the door. On her travels she catches a Galar Zigzagoon and Zorua to add to her team. When in a cave system she encountered Roggenrola who glowed in the presence of Klefki, so she caught it believing it to be a sign.

Potential is hidden behind the door of time

Advanced Team: Klefki, Zoroark, Galar Linoone, Boldore & Celebii

She travelled the region and her Pokémon grew stronger as they went. Years of searching paid off and she found the door. Her Boldore started to glow as did the Garnet Orb on Sailor Pluto's staff. She inserted her Klefki into the keyhole and unlocked the door. It opened to reveal a Celebii which joined Sailor Pluto. But a voice from the time vortex behind the door told her of another Pokémon waiting for her and to make her the mistress who protects all of time.

The Pokémon Trainer watching over all of time

Master Team: Klefki, Zoroark, Obstagoon, Gigalith, Celebii & Dialga

Her newly evolved Gigalith held an unusual gem within its body. When her old ally, the professor. With some tests he concluded it was a Garnet Orb and it matched the orb atop Sailor Pluto's staff. With the power of the two orbs and Celebii, she opened a vortex to the realm of time, where Dialga awaited her. It showed her the horrors of what will happen to the timestream if the power was abused and asked if she was strong enough for the task. She convinced it and it joined her team. Her and her team watch over all of time to ensure all is as it should be. Her first task, to send Sailor Chibi Moon to the past.

Legendary Trainer of the Earth, Sailor Uranus

A strong and fast Pokémon trainer

Starter Team: Rhyhorn (starter Pokémon), Trapinch, Pawniard & Rufflet

When many trainers first meet Haruka, they think she is a handsome man. In fact she is a powerful and fast Pokémon trainer. Her starter Pokémon of Rhyhorn is said to be the fastest Rhyhorn in the region. This allowed her to catch an elusive Trapinch and stubborn Pawniard to enhance her team. But the day she saw a Rufflet flying with speed and power that changed the direction of the wind itself, she knew she had to have it and caught it.

Starting to make a rumble

Advanced Team: Rhydon, Vibrava, Bisharp, Braviary & Terracion

When her team started to evolve and get stronger, she started to make a name for herself as the strongest fighter in the region. This caused a Terrakion to travel thousands of miles to prove it was stronger than her team. When it lost she offered it the chance to join her and it did. They travelled the region looking for adventure, but when the continent Pokémon and sea basin Pokémon threatened to destroy the world she had to prove her worth.

The powerhouse trainer of the region

Master Team: Rhyperior, Flygon, Bisharp, Braviary, Terrakion & Groudon

Joining forces with another legendary trainer, she faced Groudon while the other trainer faced Kyogre. During the battle her Vibrava and Rhydon both evolved and tipped the tide of the battle. Rhyperior pierced the ground with it horn, causing a fissure that made Groundon stumble. This gave Flygon and Terrakion that chance to land a vital blow, giving her the chance to capture the Groudon. In the dust of the battle she found love with the other legendary trainer, forming a power couple within the region.

Beautiful Trainer of the Sea, Sailor Neptune

A beauty said to stop the waves

Starter Team: Popplio (starter Pokémon), Feebas, Alolan Vulpix & Lapras

A legend formed around Michiru. The legends talks of a Pokémon Trainer who plays the violin at the beach while her Popplio dances to the tune. Feeling a connection to the waves, she watched their beauty as she played. When a Feebass washed along the shore, it was nervous a panicked. Playing her violin, it calmed and joined her team. Hearing her tune also brought an Alolan Vulpix to her and a Lapras. With her Lapras, she started to explore the seas with her team.

As graceful and powerful as the waves

Advanced Team: Brionne, Milotic, Alolan Ninetales, Lapras & Suicune

They travelled the seas far and wide, and Sailor Neptune played her violin in new places and made water Pokémon around the oceans dance to her music. As the tune travelling in the winds, a Suicune made its way to her. Seeing Sailor Neptune was strong but with a graceful heart, it reflected its own heart, so it joined her and her team.Playing her violin one day, she stopped to watch a flock of Pelliper teaching their Wingull chicks to fish. Suddenly the seas became violent and she could see volcanos erupting on the land.

The new queen of the seas

Master Team: Primarina, Milotic, Alolan Ninetales, Lapras, Suicune & Kyogre

Heading back to shore and joining forces with Sailor Uranus, the pair fought the two raging titan like Pokémon. Sailor Neptune faced Kyogre and battled hard, but salvation occurred when Brionne evolved into Primarina. It started to sing and Sailor Neptune joined it by playing her violin alongside. Soothed by the music, Kyogre went into a trance and gave Sailor Neptune the opportunity to catch it. Joining Sailor Uranus the pair travel the land and seas and protecting the region as a powerful couple.

Trainer Destined for Darkness, Sailor Saturn

Innocent and thrown to the darkness

Starter Team: Gastly (starter Pokémon), Dreepy, Impidimp & Absol

Raised by her eccentric scientist father, she was tested and experimented on. Her father's aim was to unlock the darkness that possess his daughter's soul. Her only friend was her Gastly, but one night a Dreepy heard the cries of her soul and started to visit regularly. One day while sneaking into the kitchen she found an Impidimp foraging for scraps and she decided to hide him in her room. All three of her Pokémon friends were helpless to stop her father's experiments and as he was about to unlock the darkness within her. But one dark and thundery evening an Absol attacked the lab and freed Hortaru.

Starting to find peace with her darkness

Advanced Team: Haunter, Drakloak, Morgrem & Absol

Free from her father, she found a friend in Sailor Chibi Moon and was mentored by Sailor Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to hone the darkness within her. Under their teachings, her Pokémon started to grow and evolve, but she could also feel the darkness awakening inside of her. After a series of nightmare she started to see the threat, two Pokémon rooted in darkness were attached to her soul.

Embrace the darkness and become more powerful from it

Master Team: Gengar, Dragapult, Grimmsnarl, Absol, Giratina & Yveltal

During a nightmare one night the sky cracked opened to the dark realms, allowing Giratina and Yveltal returned to the region and threatened to cover it in darkness and death. Using the power of her Pokémon to unlock her heart to the pair, she spoke to their souls. She promised to give them a place in this world and would show them how to harness their powers away from destruction. It is feared in the region she has a team that could destroy the world. But with the others around her she is set to stay on the right path.

More Challenges Coming from the Stars

Mysterious Trainers from the stars warn of new dangers to the region

Sailor Star Fighter: Attack Deoxys, Sailor Star Healer: Speed Deoxys, Sailor Star Maker: Defense Deoxys

Peace did not last for long in the region as three Pokémon Trainers, claiming to be from the stars and each with a different form of Deoxys, arrive warning of new dangers. With a Jirachi guiding them all, they are set for a battle unlike any the region has seen before, and it could all lay in the hands of the Region Champion and her team to save all the universe.

What do you think of the Pokémon paired with the heroes of Sailor Moon? What changed would you make to the teams?

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