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Why Use Magic in "Fiction"?

What makes magic unique?

By BlankmarksPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Why Use Magic in "Fiction"?
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Do you know the different forms of energy in “Fiction”, the Ki, Aura, Nen, Haki, Cosmic, and the like? Well, I’ve been wondering, what makes magic stand out from other energy sources? If you could use any of them, would and should you use magic?

Magic, from what I can tell, is an art that manipulates the physical or non-physical realm by using Prana or Mana.

These two are the most common terms for the raw energy behind magic. Prana and Mana are usually shown to be either life force itself or a separate energy that connects with it.

In this regard, it’s not too different from Ki or Cosmic energy. It does have instances where it’s not life force while the others are almost only life force. But, this is not enough to make it unique or answer the previous questions.

What about usage and power?

Using magic you can perform many incredible things. If you focus on the absolute best magic has to offer then it beats the others easily in power and versatility. Despite this, magic has the most weaknesses on average.

Magic in many worlds has restrictions and dangerous consequences if used poorly.

For example, in Dragon Age, you have the powerful Blood Magic but you'll have to sacrifice blood to use it and you're at risk of demon possession.

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Almost every other power source can match up to magic in power, yet they rarely have risks or limitations. So one thing that makes magic unique is that it’s one of the most dangerous and restricted energy source.

Besides the possibility of it being the only energy source you have access to, why would anyone use it?

It could be because it’s an energy source of the mind or I should say intellect. Besides Psychic energy, there is no other form of energy that focuses on the mind like magic.

When you think of magic you think of a man or woman who studied magic to perform the spells. Of course, a good amount of worlds ignore this side of magic but it’s not the norm.

This would be great for those that like to study but not everyone does so why do so many want to use it?

At this point, we’ve discovered why magic is unique.

Magic is(In General):

• Restrictive

• Dangerous

• Very Powerful

• Versatile

It can do many wondrous things that the others can’t like blood magic, necromancy, etc.

Wait a minute….

Those examples were pretty dark. Maybe we’re all just edgy since the other energy source can’t do the cool things that magic can.

Let’s see, hopefully it’s more than that.

After some pondering, I’ve come up with an answer to all the questions.

Magic is unique because of its mystery and near-infinite possibilities. This is atop of what we came up with above.

Unlike the others, magic is about experimenting with what you have and making something new. The others don't have many restrictions but you can't experiment with them like with magic.

So based on that, I think people like magic because it’s a creative energy like art and the hint of danger gives us a rush. Like how life can be sometimes, not too easy or hard.

Finally, for people that love to learn and study, what better energy source is there? This is what I think makes magic unique.

So if you’re going to write a story using this info, ask yourself-

“How am I going to use the unique aspects of magic to create my own style.”

Do this instead of using the same old cookie cutter formula seen in most RPGs and Isekai manga.

What do you think, maybe I’m wrong or there’s something I’m missing.

Before you do that remember that this is on average, there will be some worlds that have outliers. With that, I’m done.

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