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Why Iron Man Is the Best Avenger

Iron Man is by far the best Avenger in my opinion. Read below to find out why! :)

By Elizabeth JettyPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

1. He is very intelligent.

He has and IQ of roughly 235. He runs a multi million dollar company with the help of the lovely Pepper Potts. He built his own regenerative life support. He’s built himself, hundreds, if not thousands of Iron Man suits. Some of his suits are even capable of space travel. He’s an expertise in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer science. He an electrical and mechanical engineer. He graduated with advanced degrees in physics and engineering at 17 from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He’s a business man and an economic genius. He is truly one of the greatest minds of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

2. He has the coolest powers.

After being injured during a battle, he injected his nervous system with modified techno-organic virus-like body restructuring machines. By doing this, he saved his life, gained an enhanced healing factor, and partially merged with the Iron Man armor. His suits have endless incredible gadgets, weapons, and communication devices, because with his mind, the possibilities are endless.

3. He is a billionaire.

This in and of itself is far from what makes him amazing. What makes this so incredible is that he is almost a self-made billionaire. He had his father's beginnings, but almost everything he is today is because of his work, dedication, intelligence, and economic skills. He runs Stark Industries, which is a defense company that develops and manufactures advanced weapons and military technologies. His company is worth billions, but his mind is priceless.

4. He cares.

Although he is well known for being a snarky and sarcastic asshole, he truly cares about the people he’s trying to protect. His entire company is centered around protecting his country. He is a superhero. He saves lives on the daily. Even when we think he’s gone crazy and wants to build a wall of protection around the entire world, he’s doing it with the best of intentions. He wants to protect. He wants people to be safe and be able to live their lives out in peace.

5. He is loyal.

This is a short one, but a good one. He was well known in the first movie as a playboy. He was good with women, and they were flocking to him because of his brains, bank account, and good looks. But when he became official with Pepper, all of that stopped. His heart belonged to her.

6. He has a soul (and some trust issues).

He didn’t have the best relationship with his parents, but he cared about them very deeply as we see exhibited when he finds that Bucky killed them, and when he found out that Cap knew. He valued Steve as a friend, and felt a stab in the back when he found that he had been covering for Bucky. He feels things very deeply, and is quick to pull away when he fears he may get hurt. He has constantly been betrayed; by his father who abused him, either mentally or physically, we don’t really know. He was betrayed by Obadiah in the first movie. He was betrayed by Steve. And he was eventually betrayed by half of his team in Civil War. He probably even felt betrayed by Pepper at one point when the broke up for a short while. He had very few people he could truly trust. This may be the reason he was so close to Jarvis. This was once a man who he felt had never betrayed him.

7. He was a third father to Peter.

Lastly, he cared very deeply about Peter, and was very invested in his future. While he looked as though he was annoyed by Peter, he was actually very protective and supportive of Peter. From scolding him when he almost killed hundreds of people, to providing him with an education and the best technology he could create, to the end of Infinity Wars when he held Peter in his arms before his death. He was truly and amazing father figure to Peter, and will be an amazing father to his and Pepper's children.

Thanks for reading guys. Hope you enjoyed. Let me know your thoughts. Do you agree with my points? Do you agree that he’s the best Avenger? I hope you continue to read my stories. Thanks guys! :)


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