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White Wolf

by Melissa Angius Salvatore 8 months ago in fan fiction

An Unrequited Love Story

Alone I sit, as my mind gently drifts, back onto our brighter days

where we would run, and hunt, and hide, and grunt, at villagers who thought us strange

Inside this land, that is so grand, where I was the newborn king

privileged and worthy, a throne for mercy, I had every opportunity to win

“You may not’, my father said, ‘Bring that animal, for we will never accept this beast…”

“It has no place, no royalty nor grace, and on its remains we shall feast”

It is quite common, amongst the land, to indulge on wolfs blood and bones

The village raise the creatures, from newborn pups, until big enough they have grown

They are kept until they are grown enough and killed for a magnificent feast

Whilst the wild, untamed wolves, are killed at will, for a hefty price at least.

“The way of it is…” My father said, “For twenty thousand, we will have beastly animals killed”

“Just write your land down, in the little black notebook, making payment for blood we may spill”

The townsfolk dreaded the wolves that stole their chickens and their sheep

But many felt that twenty thousand per beast, still seemed rather steep.

Nonetheless, it was the king’s command, so the notebook lived in the town square

For anybody that willed a beastly wolf’s death, would write their land down there.

And then a slaughter, by the butchers daughter, she has been trained exceptionally well

She shoots them quickly, their blood spilled swiftly, and so rings the cry of the town bell

It alerts us all, of the beasts blood drawn, and off she has chopped its head,

A proud moment for my gallant father, who spikes it wickedly on a stake

Riding through the town on his fierce black horse, he wields the wolf’s beastly face

It looks so bleak, and tired and weak, just as I feel now

The townsfolk laugh, as they eat her liver and heart, I, a small child, wonder—how?

The fire burns, on the spit she turns, “This evening we shall feast!”

“For there is great power…” says my dreadful father, “In feeding on the beast”

I stare down at my full plate, I feel my face go pale

But then I see, in the corner of my eye, a little brush like tail

A whimpering cry through the smokey haze, that leads me towards the east

I see her now, the little cub, the baby of the beast

That’s how we met, she and I, and I cared for her for years

Hiding her away in the barn-man’s hay but never disappeared my fears

One rainy night, the butchers girl arrived, she know exactly where to tread

She came unto, an arrow she drew, at my little wolfs terrified head

I crept behind, and with a silver vine, I wrapped tightly around her neck,

She gasped and squealed for her miserable life

but I only gave her death

A quick escape we had to make, and I knew I would never be the king

To leave behind my entire world was such a difficult thing

But onwards we went, into the night, through the rain, our hearts heavy like stone

We knew this meant, forevermore, we would roam the earth alone

We lived for years in ‘Sparrowland’, a rocky, mountain-scape

So deserted, so ethereal, and miles from human-kind, I knew we here we would be safe

She hunted birds, and baby foxes, and in the winter, brown mother bear

After she killed, I cooked it up, and we sheltered in her lair

We lived for years, in peace and bliss, with only one another to love

But I, a prince, and she a wolf, had much that was void of

I longed for my throne, for my family home, and to take my place as heir

But I loved her so, that giving it all up, for her only seemed rather fair

I held her close, in the deep black night, as she looked deeply into my eyes

Hers grey-blue tinged, and her white wolf skin, I was completely hypnotized

This wolf had me, in every way, I longed to be a part of her

If I too, could be, a wolf, like she, every day I willed it were

I awoke one morning as the birds sang their song, and I circled round and round

She was gone, vanished into the suns beaming rise, nowhere to be found

For years I wandered, I trotted north, closer back to my old home

But it was my home no more and the longer I roamed, the more I was alone

An old man now, not married nor crowned, nor apart of any land

I struggle these days, to climb the mountains, as the rocks burn my cracked old hands

I boil a stew, of rabbit and goats rue, when something catches the corner of my eye

A grey-blue stare, and brush-like white hair, my beautiful wolf had come by

I leap for joy, for she had finally returned, and towards her I start to run

But next to her stands her fellow wolf, his eyes blackened like a gun

I know that stare, it warns me well, and she looks at me as if to say…

‘We had our time but we must now part, and it has to be this way—

Goodbye my friend, I’ll remember you, but we will never, ever, be bound,

For I am beast, and you a human; a truer love I have found’

She leaves me there in the cold grey snow, the winter has grown short

Into the cave I crawl and weep, broken and distraught

I loved her then and I love her still, I long for her to return

I weep and sob for my long-lost love, and feel my stomach churn.

I close my eyes, I’m weak and tired, I feel the touch of death

But if I die and she’s still alive, I will truly have nothing left

I am alone, but alone more I’ll be, if I am no longer this world

I must find her again, and win her back, I will once again be with her

She will love me forever, as I love her now, I refuse to let her go

And if she does not, if she will not stay lost, I will live forevermore, alone

Alone… alone…and search once again, for one that may replace her sweet grace

For the one true love of my devoted heart, a white wolf's blue-eyed face.

fan fiction

Melissa Angius Salvatore

Youth Justice Worker, Teacher. Writing a memoir. From beautiful Australia, with Italian heritage. Much love to you all and to all that send me tips and love for whatever wierd stuff comes out of my head, it is very much appreciated. xx Mel

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Melissa Angius Salvatore
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