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Where's Sylvi?

by Terrence 2 months ago in comics
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Planet Tetro ~ Page 7

Title of physical zaigon comic

"Where's Sylvi!?!!" Said the owner of the boot. As I slowly looked up and recognized who it was. My fears dissipated instantly. It was her weird older brother . Skinny, tall , and sneaky. Creeping around being annoying as usual. "Why are you always so weird Lark?" He still had a shocked look on his face. Turns out we scared him more than we were scared ourselves. He replied while embarassed and walking away. "Whatever, I don't care what these little rebels are up to, I just came for a walk . I'm going home." "Bye Lark!" Goldy replied playfully while giggling, as I helped her get back on her feet.

We watched him walk off as we laughed at the moment. "Hey!" She said as she punched my arm. "Why'd you call him weird? You're the closest thing he has to a friend." She was serious, but I can tell she wasn't mad. She knows we have a weird bond, he's Lark after all. I told her "Yeah yeah yeah , come on lets get to the waterfall.". I grabbed her hand and guided her to our destination. We passionately made out again in front of the waterfall. We didn't want to get too wet , as not to get cold. The night was already perfect, the temperature outside was as well. We relaxed all night and caught up with each others lives.

Turns out that Goldy and Sylvi have been taking cooking classes. I asked her why knowing that they both have 2 of the best powers in the village. We in the village call their power "Plus-Minus".Goldy's power doubles the pain giving by her or Sylvi, while Sylvi can reduce any damage they take in half. It's been said both from our experience with them and from examples of the past. That twins usually end up with extra synergy with their respective powers. They both are naturally athletic as well, the twins can still beat me in races. They actually help me out with cardio. They are definitely a few of the strongest out of the women in our village. "We don't like to fight or hunt", she replied. "We don't like blood or killing anything." "We've only always fought because we were good at it, everyone supports us when we do it. We only want to be strong for the village that we love. Not to hurt someone or an animal".

I don't even remember falling asleep. I just remember waking up to the sound of the Lava birds chirping. Lava birds are small with orange and red flame patterns on their feathers. We theorize that they look like this to imitate wild fire. Anyways I noticed Goldy was gone, she does that all the time. She says she doesn't like me to see her when she first wakes up. Either way I decided to head home and get ready for my day. I wanted to check out the job posts and get ready for a new quest!

I got home and saw that John was still sleep . His activity must've been very energy depleting, I thought to myself laughing. I went upstairs and Bulls Eye asked me if I was still going to the job posts with him. I replied "Of course", and told him, "just let me get ready." I got ready as fast as I could. I couldn't wait to shoot for a bigger job, now that I had two strong companions in Bulls Eye and John. We figured we'd let John sleep in. We could show him the Job Station anytime. Getting there early and grabbing a good job was our first priority.


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Releasing an ongoing online book called Zaigon. If you are new here I strongly reccomend you start reading from page 1(the oldest). Comic located at Merch at

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