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Planet Tetros ~ Page 6

by Terrence 2 months ago in superheroes / mature / literature / fact or fiction / entertainment / comics / comedy
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Thats when I heard it before I saw them. Ungh! I’m not ashamed to say, that it was the most sexual moan that I’ve ever heard. “Hey bright.” I turned around, and then I saw a very familiar face. It was one of the naughty poodle twins, Sylvi. She was naked on my couch, and she was right on top of John! Honestly as beautiful as she is I couldn’t look, because I didn’t want to see John. Then I felt a warm fuzzy finger run down my spine. “Hey there.” Goldy, her sister. I recognized her voice , before I saw her. As beautiful as her sister, as they are identical. She just has a bronze tan color, while Sylvi is more of a shiny silver grey. She had no top on and her breasts to my pleasant surprise were exactly identical to her sisters !

“Come on lets go outside!” she said. As she pulled me away from interrupting their intimate situation, that was going on in my living room. We walked outside, and I commented that she knew how much I loved night time walks. Especially with walking with her. Her long curls, pretty face and skin that glows in the moonlight. She’s more bronze than gold but no one would dare to tell her that. She caught me staring and said ,”Look at you. With those puppy dog eyes, coming from that determined wolf face.” “You should fight more and get some battle scars. They’ll look good on you. Oh yeah? I said, trying to be cool. Then she replied “Yeah , but make sure you stay alive’. The mood felt serious for a moment.

We left my backyard and went down our favorite trail that we were accustomed to. We’ve gone down here countless times , both pups growing up and as adults. A couple of demon bunnies scurried past us. It’s quite funny to note that, even though they have a naughty nature. They are associated with good luck. They are grey , furry rodents .With long flappy ears, big front teeth and pointy striped menacing horns. Very harmless though, unless you have a private garden or farm.

“So what would you have done if II didn’t wake up?” I teased her. She replied, “ I was just going to let you sleep forever! I’m pretty sneaky, I would’ve cuddled with you without waking you up. I was drinking and minding my own life. You sleep so deep, but I knew they were being loud. I felt as if there was a chance you’d come down. Part of me wanted to see how you would react. But when you came I changed my mind and decided to bring you outside by instinct. Who knows, maybe I’m psychic?” Then she made a huge smile.

She leaned in for a kiss , and of course I obliged. At the same time, I firmly squeezed her slim body close and embraced her oven like warmth. She’s only a head shorter than me, so she looked up and exposed her perfect neck. We only made out for a minute , even though it felt like a lifetime. I felt like these are the type of moments, when it feels like time is being stopped.

Then I gently laid her down on the ground . After we rolled around and crushed branches , while still making out. We slightly rolled down a hill and then Goldy loudly shrieked as we fell . I wasn’t really worried, because I knew the fall wasn’t that far. Although some fear did suddenly creep up my spine, as we were stopped by someone’s boot .

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Releasing an ongoing online book called Zaigon. If you are new here I strongly reccomend you start reading from page 1(the oldest). Comic located at Merch at

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