What's Happening with Meka and Michael on 'Married at First Sight'?

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Meka Jones and Michael Watson spent the first night of their honeymoon in separate quarters.

What's Happening with Meka and Michael on 'Married at First Sight'?

The five couples who met and married at the altar on Married at First Sight are now on their honeymoon in Panama, according to the fourth week of the reality show that aired on Wednesday, January 22, 2020.

Most of the couples seem to be enjoying their time together except Meka Jones, 25, and Michael Watson, 31. They began to argue on the flight to Panama to start their honeymoon. It continued when they got to Panama. It became so heated that Michael packed his things and left the honeymoon suite to find another space to spend the night. Fans are wondering if he will return.

Why Meka and Michael Were Matched

The experts believed Meka and Michael would be good for each other because of their similar backgrounds. Meka is a category analyst who was raised by a single mother. Michael designs education programs for kids with learning disabilities. He, too, was raised by a single mother.

Viewers have determined that they might struggle to have a healthy marriage because they don't have examples of role models in their families to pattern their marriage after. In fact, Michael made the shocking confession that he is the first one in his entire family to ever get married.

Meka and Michael said they wanted to get married on Married at First Sight because it has been difficult for them to find a suitable partner after many unsuccessful attempts.

How Is the Couple Doing?

It appears that there is trouble in Meka and Michael's marriage already. A red flag went up within the first couple of hours after the couple said their vows at the altar. During the reception, Michael told Meka that he wanted to have children right away. This remark was uttered before they got to know anything about each other.

Meka became very upset on the flight to their honeymoon when Michael gave her an ultimatum. According to Meka, Michael told her they had to consummate the marriage by the end of their honeymoon or else he would want out of their marriage.

That statement is the opposite of what Michael told Meka's bridesmaids on their wedding day. He said he would allow Meka to take the lead on consummating their marriage because he was in no rush and would not demand that of her. Meka had also talked to her friends about consummating their marriage on the wedding night.

Meka also accused Michael of being a different person when he is not on camera. She went on and on venting for quite a long time while they sat opposite each other in their hotel room. Her husband sat silently without interrupting her to defend himself. Meka concluded that had Michael discussed this with the experts before their marriage, they might not have been matched.

Michael admitted that he wanted to know Meka's expectations for intimacy right away instead of waiting until later. He insisted everything he has said and done throughout the process justifies who he is as a man. He concluded that he meant his marriage vows. When Meka accused Michael of lying to her, he apologized and said he did not want to make his wife uncomfortable.

Meka agreed that since they are married, it was natural for Michael to want to consummate the marriage. What she objected to was that Michael put a time limit on it without her having anything to say about the matter.

What's Next for Meka and Michael?

Watch the next episode of Married at First Sight on Lifetime on Wednesday night to find out if Michael returned to the honeymoon suite and if he and Meka made up to enjoy the remainder of their time in Panama.

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