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What do we need to know about Shallon Lester?

Did she lied about her age? Is she a bully and a liar?

By Brendaliz ColonPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
Birthday: January 23, 1981

Who is Shallon Lester?

She is a You Tuber known for talking about celebrities. She also gives relationship advise.

Recently there’s been a wave of controversy about this You Tuber. Suddenly everyone is talking about how she is a bully, and how she made up a story about an encounter with the famous Harry Styles. Not only that has caught the eye of many people, but also the fact that she tweeted a couple of years ago about sexually fantasizing of Justin Bieber, who was only 16 years old at the moment, is horrifying.

There is also evidence of her saying that she likes younger people. She has also called herself a predator and pedophile. The sad thing about this is that people are still supporting her and continue watching her videos.

Let's go back in time. Shallon Lester is also known for a starring role that she had back in 2010 on an MTV reality series called "Downtown Girls." She also created a popular vlog on and a Glamour Magazine blog. In her early twenties, she published a fiction work called "Hot mess," and three years later, a memoir titled "Exes and Ohs: A Downtown Girl's Tales of love, lust, revenge, and a little of Facebook Stalking." To add a little bit more to her curriculum, she also worked as an editor for the United Kingdom men's magazine and as a New York Daily News gossip columnist.

Now, why would she lie about her age publicly? When someone searches her name on google, it changes the year that she was born, stating that she’s 35 years old when in reality, she’s 39 years old.

According to her she’s 35 years old.

In reality she’s 39 years old.

You Tuber D’Angelo Wallace made two videos talking about the truth of Shallon. The first one was about how he was trying to know more about Ellen DeGeneres, and he came across a video of Shallon, where she tries to determine if Ellen is a psychopath or not. Mind you that she has no degree in psychology. She just made assumptions that are insane to hear.

In the second video, D’Angelo tells us about Shallon pretending to have him reported to the police. At no moment, Shallon addressed the tweets that were found from years ago or apologized from mocking people with mental illness.

Check out his videos! He has a lot of content about this topic!

She has appeared on The Wendy Show, you can find it on Facebook.

She did it again!

Now when you look at her profile, only approved followers can see her content. Is she hiding something?


What am I trying to say with this? Well, we have been watching a pedophile this whole time, and no one did anything. It doesn’t matter if they are celebrities who she is making videos of or fantasizes about, they are still humans. Think of it this way, would you allow your child to get closer to this woman? What if I tell you there’s a video of her interviewing a band of boys who are eighteen at the moment and she tries to seduce them. She admits in the video that those kids are older than the ones that she usually dates. Wait; what? Yes, she said that.

Shallon also bullies the K-Pop band BTS and makes racist comments on her YouTube Channel, and not only to them but basically to all celebrities. How can people still watch her videos after these? How?

Shallon Lester is a danger to society. Adolescents might be watching her videos. She has made a lot of negative comments towards people who have anxiety and depression.

In my opinion, I wouldn't call her videos entertaining. I wouldn't recommend them either. It is so scary what a person can sometimes do or be capable of doing. The fact that she has a liking to underage boys is not funny. People need to take more seriously these topics.

Someone needs to stop this woman!

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