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Vikram Vedha Story

by Dhruv Patel 2 months ago in review
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Vikram Vedha review

Vikram Vedha

Vikram Vedha's Story: There is a police officer in Lucknow named Vikram who strives to discover and destroy a criminal named Vedha who is on a mission to do so. The story of Vedha's surrender to Vikram, however, changed Vikram's vision of good and evil when he began to tell stories about her to him.

Vikram Vedha Evaluation: 'Vikram Vedha,' based on the Tamil blockbuster of the same name, is a neo-noir action thriller based on Betaal Pachisi, a popular Indian folk story. Vikram, a senior officer of the Lucknow Police Special Task Force, is tasked with pursuing down and killing mob boss Vedha Betaal. During questioning, he begins telling Vikram stories that gradually change the latter's sense of good and evil.

The film is technically sound and well-written throughout. Almost everything in the film, even small elements and side characters, is related to the core narrative. After establishing the two main characters from the beginning of the film to a stable level, Pushkar and Gayathri take it upon themselves to let the story flow to both key characters after they have been properly introduced. The sections of Vikram and Vedha have been written with finer detailing that works on several layers. For example, Vedha's liking of Raj Kapoor's songs has been employed in action sequences.

Just about everything ties together cleanly in the end, with little waste. It's left unresolved, but you keep hope that it'll weave into the main narrative towards the conclusion. It would also have been helpful if the writers had focused a little more on the love story of Chanda and Shatak (Yogita Bihani and Rohit Saraf), which provides the basis for a major conflict in the film. You also wish to see more of Vikram and learn more about how Vedha grew as strong as he is.

As far as the execution of the film is concerned, it is unique while remaining loyal to its setting and its overall theme. In spite of the non-linear plotline, it's not difficult to follow along with the progression of the plot and keep in mind the characters to keep up with the plot line. Certainly, the pace of the novel is a bit slow at times, and in the end, the conclusion seems to be a bit rushed. However, the picture succeeds on a number of fronts.

The action moments appear to have been very skillfully planned. The pre-interval action scenario in which the cops are searching for Vedha and he flees to a container yard is quite well done. The utilization of Lucknow as a background is quite clever. From the food to the bylanes to the neighborhoods, the video includes a scattering of great local flavors. The soundtrack CD for the film is above average.

The film prioritizes Vedha's part, which is beautifully portrayed by Hrithik. He's terrifying, violent, and emotional at times. He nails the essence of the character perfectly. He is absolutely convincing as Vedha. The accent, which reminds you of the actor from his Super 30 avatar, is unmistakable; it might have utilized a bit more polish.

Saif as an honorable officer who believes he understands what's right and wrong complements Hrithik on screen nicely. He has excellent control over his body language, accepts the character's internal strengths and weaknesses, and portrays the character's steady shift in thinking. Yes, I would have liked to see more of Saif in the plot. The actor is in fine form here, although he could have used a bit more to chew on. The same can be said about Radhika Apte, which represents Vikram's wife, Priya.

The film's writers-directors, Pushkar-Gayathri, have mostly followed the blueprint they devised for the original, particularly the way they weave in parts of the mythology. It's good that they haven't made too many changes to the timeline. However, they have not attempted to review the elements that they had on hand in order to make the redux better than the original. Nonetheless, this one is worth seeing in theaters.


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