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Twin Peaks: Series to Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me (Film)

by Yenomi about a year ago in tv
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If This, Then That (Sponsored by Decider)

Twin Peaks • Mystery • 1990

The Rabbit Holes

The dichotomy that begins to lead you down a glorious, dark and glamorous rabbit holes of David Lynch creations. A good formula for helping viewers maybe choose what to watch next on their list.

Twin Peaks being considered to be the first raw rated rabbit hole concept shows. There’s a four hour explanation of Twin Peaks alone which I found very tedious but I’m so genuinely intrigued I must decode this and figure it out.

I’ve been genuinely interested in even writing about this before I find out about the (if this, then what) challenge sponsored by Decider ( partnered with Vocal Media.

Hoping this will be interpreted as one of the easiest explanations that introduces you to the world of Twin Peaks.

Lynch’s Filmography:

Eraser Head (1977)

Elephant Man (1980)

Dune (Original Movie)

Blue Velvet (Cult Classic)

Wild at Heart (1990)

Lost Highway (1997)

Mulholland Dr. (2001) and much more.

Starting with one of the most highly regarded television series of 90’s redesigning the landscape of television forever. Visual style and aesthetic, to a true dark mysterious murder case. Involving Laura Palmer played by Sheryl Lee with subtle superb performances for her and the entire cast. Surrounded by a beautiful ambiance of music composed by Angelo Badalamenti scored to a tee. I’d rank Sheryl Lee’s performance for the Twin Peaks show and Movie (the prequel: beginning of events) as top three scared horror performances I’ve ever seen no hyperbolic thought.

one of the best horror performances

Abstract Art (Interpretation)

The spiral of going into wonderland, by following the steps of Agent Cooper trying to solve the murder of Laura Palmer leads you to no where expected, predictable not by far. It took me years to even grasp what David Lynch created as twin peaks re-enter back into my life. Now by saying wonderland I’m giving you a example of everything you see from this creativity is maybe to seen as abstract (unexplained art) left up only for your point of view/interpretation of it.

(I used to just play it as a teen for the beautiful theme song, also helped me sleep in comfort to then seeing the pure beauty of it all.)

90’s cinema even the majority of Lynch’s films have a strong intriguing concept that must be decoded and very wise of him that he never explains his work. You simply have to do the work, so people think film and series are simply no deeper than that, “it’s just a movie”.

I’d have to beg to differ Lynch’s ideas plays on something much deeper to this world and life that most of us have an awareness of but no understanding of it.

Example: have you ever experience a weird moment in life where you felt as though it wasn’t real or dreamlike, to otherworldly entities that scared or frighten anyone normal.

Ex. say you see a janitor in the dark mist afar but not turn back around to see maybe he wasn’t there all along or things like that to people who you know are truly good people but theirs suddenly a dark underbelly to their life why is that?

Film Ex. Blue Velvet showcases suburban America but what lies underneath suburbia is a dark underbelly of wickedness. You see a fresh clean mowed lawn underneath is terrorizing beatles, insects, that’s not so pleasing.

The Cast of Twin Peaks:

A stunning unique cast acting performances scarily profound with untamed non-tampered beauty and style.

Starring: Twin Peaks Series (1990-91) full cast.

David Bowie Connection

Duality Connection:

David Bowie’s role-plays off the main antagonist plots of the story as well which Lynch dives into this concept often of people inhabiting other people’s souls.

Bowie’s entrance to the world begins with the film that came out after the tv show. Starting with him appearing in Philadelphia on February, 16th 1989. then suddenly something mysterious happens, which I’ll leave up to the viewer to decide of course.

Rest in peace and may the art of this great artist of every medium life forever.

Bowie is a personal first creative inspiration to even wanting to become an artist I commend and respect that man. Thankful my late Father introduced me to him along with being one of my main creative and life inspirations as well as my father. (Bruce ‘Levi’ Wesley)

Leading to Twin Peaks Season Three: The Return

Which I haven’t got the chance of even seeing one episode of it yet and I’m highly interested as to what’s to happen.

Brace yourselves before diving into this world or the creative minds of Mark Frost and David Lynch.

The End

So ultimately leading to the end of this particular article being this (if this, then what?) if this, then next would be the twin peaks franchise along with the rest of David Lynch’s films. Leading down a note worthy and interesting path of finding a good class of entertainment along with exploring mysterious questions of life, the end.

This is to be posted and published via vocal media’s challenge page and the social media accounts of @blucreativeco and @yenomipsa.


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