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Top 10 Insane Bear Grylls Moments

These insane Bear Grylls moments will leave you sick to your stomach.

By WatchMojoPublished 5 years ago 6 min read

Even a real bear has no chance against this Bear. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Insane Bear Grylls Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the ballsiest moments in the life of British adventurer known as Bear Grylls, where he shows off his extraordinary survival skills and probably makes us cancel all outdoor activities for the weekend. Some of the videos are not for the faint-hearted, so please "bear" with us.

#10: Bear vs. Yak

How about starting our first entry with a fantastic “yak-etizer”? Sometimes you gotta drop the table manners to survive in the wilderness. Learning from the Tuvans, a Turkic ethnic group in southern Siberia, Grylls goes raw when he is faced with a long-haired bovid known as a Yak. Although they achieve a humane way to kill the poor fellow, Grylls takes his first bite and you could say it’s a bit cold-blooded, as he sucks the blood out of the yak. But of course the buck doesn’t stop there with the Bear, as he proceeds to skin the Yak for his upcoming runway show and he chows down on his next main meal: the liver and the eye.

By any chance if you were up in the Arctic and witnessed someone running naked, it was probably Bear Grylls. The fourth season of Man vs. Wild starts off with Grylls doing some chilling stunts in the freezing barrens of the Arctic. He boldly traverses the Arctic River that is way below the temperature for prima donnas. What’s incredible about this scene is he chooses to go inside the freezing water chest-deep with few camera cuts. Grylls really proves he has a thick skin and nothing to hide when it comes to survival.

How about Man vs. Wild and Machine? This episode starts off mild and sluggish as Grylls paraglides through the Rocky Mountains where he makes a rough landing in the water. From there, he tries to find his way back to civilization, while doing some free running down the mountain, zip-lining, and eating a few critters here and there. But just as the show is about to wrap up, it hits the fan when he enters a train tunnel without checking the schedule for the next stop. Grylls literally runs for his life, chasing the light at the end of the tunnel, out of which he barely makes it alive.

In-N-Out better shape up their protein style burger, because Grylls just one-upped the competition. We all know bugs are full of protein and when worse comes to worse, better gut up and take whatever Mother Nature offers. But, Grylls takes it even further by making a patty full of locusts, beetles, praying mantis, and moth out in the Sahara Desert. Grossed out? Well, look on the bright side: it’s crunchy with natural flavors and you can find it everywhere near you. The best part is it’s all for free!

#6: Eating a Raw Snake

If there were an award given to the manliest man of all mankind, Bear Grylls would skip all nomination because there is no competition. He has shown his balls of steel by going face to face with the Puff Adder. This venomous viper snake is responsible for the highest snake bite fatality in Africa and in this episode, Bear Grylls reminds us that these snakes don’t discriminate—they’ll go after anything. After a couple rounds of kendo with the Puff Adder, Grylls eats it raw on the spot. As a coup de grace, he grills it with a makeshift bush oven as a finisher.

For thousands of years, our ancestors have done amazing things with urine. It was used to hydrate their bodies and for therapeutic purposes… however, some medical experts of urophagia, the consumption of urine, say that urine has no benefits. But “piss off, mate” is what Bear Grylls would say. He has mastered urophagia, a skill acquired by few—but a lifesaving one at that. He’ll drink that juice up with style and cool himself down with his shirt drenched in whizz. Speaking of whizzes, he’s a wizard when it comes to making water from pee and a flask out of a snakeskin.

#4: Drinkable Camel Juice

Even if he enjoys taking shots of his own urine, Bear's bladder and his snakeskin flask can only last him so long until his supply runs dry. Burning up in the blazing desert, Grylls remains calm and collected while in search of water. Dying from dehydration is never the last straw for Grylls, but it was the straw that broke the metaphorical camel’s back. In this insane moment, Grylls stumbles upon a dead camel so he performs an autopsy on its stomach. After realizing that the food the camel’s eaten has been partially digested, Grylls squeezes every bit of fluid out of it to quench his thirst.

Apparently, the rectum is more than just an “out” hole; it prevents poison from entering the digestive system. Using water that’s contaminated by bird droppings, he voluntarily suffers on camera to demonstrate how an enema can be done as gratifyingly as possible so everyone at home can watch and learn.

#2: Bear Grylls Strikes Back

Who needs to pitch a tent when there’s a camel carcass around? It looks like Bear Grylls is back at it with the dead camel, but this time he’s moving in—nerf-herder style. After replenishing himself with the camel juice, he goes from a survivor to a squatter. He once again skins the animal for his upcoming Sahara Desert Cosplay, and empties out the intestines to make room. Sadly, there’s not much to tour inside the camel, but it looks like there’s at least room for one more to make it a slow hot night at the Camel Inn.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

  • Eating a Giant Rhino Beetle Larva
  • Eating a Poisonous Spider
  • Tasty Raw Goat Testicles

We’re probably all sick to our stomachs by now, so let’s find something to wash it all down with, shall we? Once again, water is scarce and Grylls needs to find another source to survive out in the African plains. Luckily for Grylls, he’s found enough fresh and easy to access elephant droppings / water supplies to keep him alive. From the look on his face, it’s obvious he wanted urine more than anything, but one thing Grylls does best is optimism. It’s even possible that the elephant dung boosted his morale. Disgusting indeed, but aside from the rancid smell and the bacteria, it looks “palatable”—we guess.

Do you agree with our list? What’s your favorite Bear Grylls moments? For more educational lists of top 10s published every day, visit


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