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Top 10 Deadliest Marvel Characters

by Morgan E. Westling 2 years ago in list

The deadliest Marvel characters exist on both sides of the aisle, using their powers for good, evil, and always as they deem fit.

Some of the best parts of superhero movies are those intense action scenes where superheroes and villains fight to the death. Whether fans are reading through origin stories or are watching the Avengers risk their lives to save the galaxy, it's always exciting to watch each characters' powers match up against each other as they battle for the fate of themselves and others. There's no shortage of ability to be enjoyed either, as the MCU is filled with characters that are each more powerful than the next. In order to make story plots as compelling as they could possibly be, Marvel committed themselves to giving the sides of good and evil an immense amount of power; and though some are more reserved or humble about their ability, others can only be characterized as deadly. This could leave fans wondering though, which side will ultimately prevail? The only way for anyone to know for certain is to consider each side's main players carefully against each other. Luckily for the fate of the world, the deadliest Marvel characters come from both sides of the aisle.

The Hulk is by far one of the deadliest Marvel characters in the entire Marvel multiverse, and this is because of his shapeshifting ability. Dr. Bruce Banner has seemingly no control over when he becomes the Hulk, but when he shifts, he his utter rage makes me an unstoppable force. Thankfully, however, the Hulk is aware that he’s fighting for the good guys, so while he kills mercilessly, it’s only for good cause.

Iron Man is another one of the deadliest Marvel characters who’s a member of the Avengers. Because of the high tech suit that Iron Man has, he has super strength, the ability to fly, has built-in defense mechanisms that allows him to take or avoid a hit that would devastate a normal human, and can subsequently fight evil better than almost any other hero. These are even arguments as to why Iron Man is the best Avenger, though there should be no mistaking that these abilities are great at ending a fight. Iron Man is deadly because he uses a variety of strategies and weapons to kill adversaries who try to face off against him, as many of his evil components are no match for his clever mind and his ability to manipulate others both intellectually and emotionally.

Thor easily makes the list for deadliest Marvel characters because he’s undoubtedly one of the most powerful superheroes in the MCU. Being a God, Thor has powers that are literally out of this world. His strength is unmatched, and he can defeat most every opponent with his specially crafted hammer, or even his bare hands, if he so chooses. Thor is another one of the Avengers, and he uses his deadly strength for good, not evil; but this doesn’t take away from the potential he has to do real harm when he is enraged.

Phoenix Force is not necessarily a Marvel character, but a cosmic entity within the Marvel multiverse. However, Phoenix Force can still be considered one of the deadliest Marvel characters due to the fact that Phoenix Force has taken human form before in hosts such as Jean Grey, Professor X, and Emma Frost. Phoenix Force is immensely powerful, and defeated Galactus all on its own. It can absorb the powers of the sun or the life force of another being. As you can probably guess with all things considered, Phoenix Force can be extremely deadly if it wants to be.

Franklin Richards appears to be just a young boy, but he is actually an Omega-level mutant with the power to warp reality and control forces in the universe. That’s a whole lot of power for a child to have. He may possibly be the strongest mutant character in the Marvel universe, which is saying a lot considering the more popular names fans are already well aware of. Because of these powers, he has very deadly potential.

The Living Tribunal is a character created by Stan Lee who is said to have limitless power. This cosmic entity has the power to erase entire realities from existence. It was first discovered by Doctor Strange, and is said to be the top of the food chain when it comes to other cosmic entities. Because of this immense power, the Living Tribunal could essentially wipe out the entire Marvel multiverse if it wanted to. That’s about as deadly as a Marvel character can get!

What’s interesting is that the Living Tribunal is said to be the top of the cosmic entity hierarchy, and yet Beyonder killed the Living Tribunal in the comic books. Naturally, this means Beyonder is more deadly than the Living Tribunal. Beyonder is said to be so strong that all abstracts, celestials, and cosmic beings bow down to him. He can kill any of them, and will likely do it if they try to stand against him. Not even Thanos wearing the Infinity Gauntlet stands a chance to Beyonder.

Because Deadpool possesses a superhuman healing factor, he’s one of the deadliest Marvel characters out there. He also has an immunity to toxins and poisons, so it’s nearly impossible hard to kill him. He can stand up to any opponent, and he’s insanely talented in combat. He’s a master assassin, was formerly a Special Operative, and enjoys killing who give him a hard time, so his body count is incredibly high. There's even a mini-series devoted to Deadpool's merciless personality, aptly titled Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. Deadpool is not a superhero you want to come in contact with if you're a bad guy because he has absolutely no mercy. That being said, if you're on his side, the merc with a mouth is definitely a superhero you'd want to grab a beer with.

Wolverine is another superhero who has little mercy. Similar to Deadpool, he has a healing factor that allows him to heal from wounds incredibly fast. He can survive without his legs, or even his head, attached to his body, which is pretty rare for any superhero. Wolverine’s personality also lacks compassion, so his potential to be deadly is even greater than most others. For example, one time, he placed a grenade in a man’s luggage at the airport just to get through the metal detectors. As you can see, this is one of the characters who we can’t necessarily label good or evil, but we can certainly deem "deadly."

Captain America, though a true superhero, is one of the more deadly Marvel characters ever created because of his insane strength and military training. As the perfect soldier, his skill allows him to kill masses of people at once if he were to choose to do so. While Captain America definitely fights for the good guys, he puts his power to use and kills off bad people whenever necessary. Without Captain America helping out the Avengers, the free world would have never stood a chance.

Regardless of who your favorite is and how the MCU has changed over the years, Marvel has done a great job of balancing out the sides of good and evil with extreme power. Some of the deadliest Marvel characters are members of the Avengers; however, there are many cosmic entities and very evil characters that are deadly as well. Without this balance, there would be no stories to entertain fans. Keeping this balance of power is what makes following the MCU so entertaining, and it’s always exciting to see how the forces of good will match up to those fighting for evil means.

Morgan E. Westling
Morgan E. Westling
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