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Tonight, Match Your Mood With a Movie

by Marcel Grabowiecki 2 months ago in movie

What movie should I choose?

Different moods require different cinematic measures. Every single movie awakens different feelings and emotions within us. There's a reason why when we're exhausted, we don't want to watch anything too complicated. We don't feel like watching anything sorrowful and despairing when our mood is already down. What we decide to watch at the end of the day can influence our frame of mind. It can also be significant in how we perceive the next day. I have created this list of films to watch based on your current mood to help you deal with what you're feeling in the moment, give you an alleviating distraction, or inspire you.

#1 Mood

Everything's annoying today, and I'm so over it.

"Bad Teacher" 2011

Let Cameron Diaz take care of it. In Bad Teacher, playing Elizabeth Halsey, she embodies most of the feelings you're going through right now. Elizabeth is so over it on many levels. She hates her job, everyone around her frustrates her, and she finds everything irritating and inconvenient. I mean, don't we all sometimes? Often we feel like saying or doing some things that we know very well we cannot do. We can still watch somebody else saying all the things that are on our minds, right? Watching Elizabeth Halsey dealing with her shortcomings and people she wants nothing to do with will be a form of cathartic relief for you. On top of that, you will also laugh and learn how you can use your frustration in your favor.

#2 Mood

Life is beautiful.

"The Intouchables" 2011

The feeling of genuine happiness deserves a film which vibe steps up to our current emotional level. The Intouchables is not a bed of roses story, but it represents a feeling of the ultimate good, which is known as a fundamental desire we have as human beings for perfect truth, goodness, beauty, and love. It not only mirrors what you're feeling now but will also make you appreciate things that we tend to take for granted. This touching true story will warm your heart and make you want to stay in your current state of happiness.

#3 Mood

I need some motivation.

"Desert Flower" 2009

We all need extra motivation sometimes. Especially now when the world can feel more overwhelming than ever. We need stories that inspire us and uplift our spirits. Desert Flower shows us how you can achieve greatness no matter your current life circumstances. You might think to yourself that it is just a movie, but in fact, Desert Flower is about Waris Dirie, the model from Somalia who became a United Nations spokeswoman. The film allows you to dream big, inspires you to be yourself, and gets you right back on the motivation track.

#4 Mood

I don't know what to watch. I'm just bored.

"What Happened to Monday" 2017

Your boredom will instantly disappear once you start watching What Happened to Monday. This dystopian science fiction action film will awaken you, and its suspense will surely draw you in. Noomi Rapace's performance is already attention-catching enough. She plays all seven sisters in the film showing off an admirable range. On top of that, the incredible Glenn Close and Willem Dafoe guarantee an A-level experience. If you're looking for a wow factor for your movie night, this film will not disappoint.

#5 Mood

I am feeling emotional.

"Soul" 2020

This film has moved me to tears. The way it subtly calls attention to one of the most common questions of the overall meaning of life is magnificent. It reminds us that not everything in life has to go as planned and celebrates individuality. If you're feeling emotional, this movie will allow you to let all those feeling out and leave you feeling inspired and grateful. The smooth jazz music playing throughout the film is as soothing as it is heartening.

#6 Mood

Moody day mood.

"Death Becomes Her" 1992

Sometimes we feel moody for no specific reason. Whether it's the weather, us being hungry, or hangry (which is a combination of us being both hungry and angry), it is crucial to choose a movie that will help us feel better by the end of it. Death Becomes Her is a film that will give you some distance in how you perceive yourself and others. It's funny, sometimes over the top, and for some, a tiny bit scary. It lets you experience all the mood swings while emphasizing having pure fun watching it. It's a perfect film for a rainy grey day when your mood changes all the time. Plus, Meryl Streep plays one of the leading roles if you need some extra encouragement.

#7 Mood

Life's unfair.

"No Reservations" 2007

We all experience those days when we feel like many things are unfair. And you know what, many of them are. So what film can we watch when unfairness is the main thing on our minds? I suggest No Reservations. The touching story of Kate and Zoe explores the theme of injustice in life. Something that you might be currently analyzing in your mind. The film highlights the positive experiences and emphasizes all the heartening and comforting aspects of life. It sets the record straight by admitting and showing that life can be very unfair but leaves you hopeful and provides a bigger picture full of love, hope, and vision.

#8 Mood

I want to laugh out loud.

"Bridesmaids" 2011

Bridesmaids is one of the films that you can rewatch for the 10th time and still have a laugh. If you're in the mood for a comedy film full of great performances, outstanding writing, and hilarious scenes, look no further. The film is essentially about friendships, and it is as much about losing it as it is about pulling yourself together. The witty contrasts and exquisitely portrayed relationships are what make the film so successful and funny to watch. The comedy received two Academy Award nominations in 2012 and became a modern-day classic. Laughing out loud is guaranteed with Bridesmaids. So if you feel like letting yourself go and enjoying a funny story, give a go to this feature.

#9 Mood

In a mood to be moved.

"The Perks of Being a Wallflower" 2012

Based on the critically acclaimed novel The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a teary-eyed promise. The characters in the film and their storylines are touching and sincere. The film looks at the emotional aspects of life without being sentimental. The soundtrack of the film is excellent and adds up to its overall success. There is a lot of humor, emotion, and honestly. Everything you need when you feel like being moved by great artistic work. The movie celebrates inclusivity. It shows how people can blossom when others welcomed them for who they are and how painful life can be for people who feel disregarded.

#10 Mood

I feel tense and stressed.

"Blue Jasmine" 2013

If you feel tense and anxious, watching Cate Blanchett as Jasmine in Blue Jasmine will ease your worries. Her character is troubled and in denial of reality. The contrast between her and her sister, Ginger, is very satisfying to watch. They both live completely different lives and struggle to find common ground. Blanchett's performance is hysterical, hilarious, and raw. The gentle music and cinematography will calm your nerves, but the storylines and the dialogues will keep you invested and curious. Watching Jasmine's level of distress might make you realize that whatever you're experiencing at the moment is not as stress-inducing as her struggles in the film.

I hope you'll find your perfect match for the next movie night. Here are some other articles with my movie recommendations:

Have fun and remember, "Good films make your life better."

Marcel Grabowiecki
Marcel Grabowiecki
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