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Think Cult Classics, but Female Friendships

by Ariana GonBon about a month ago in pop culture

Are you tired of men telling you to watch “the classics”? Would you rather spite them instead and watch remakes of the classics with realistic female friendships and possible homoerotic undertones?

Once I started buying my own DVDs, it felt like a step into adulthood that I didn’t know was there. My brother makes fun and speaks truth of my collection that is comprised of my choices and my choices only: I love movies with homoerotic undertones. Seeing Oceans 8, Ghostbusters (2016), Incredibles 2, and Captain Marvel on my shelf, I can’t deny my sensibilities.

I’ve written about enjoying queer kids shows that allow me to sit with my inner child, but I also enjoy sitting with my adult self and enjoy the exchange of women with possibly-more-than-friendships. I’ve dated too many white boys who tell me I have to watch this movie, because it’s a classic!, for it to end up being extremely misogynistic and that that's the part that's funny. When all-women remakes of Oceans 11 and Ghostbusters were announced, and men spewed their hatred, I relished in their spite. So, if you don’t “get” cult classics and love women, this list is for you.

Ocean’s 8

Don't like the toxic masculinity that prevents deep friendships between men in Ocean's 11?

I love heist movies. I enjoy Oceans 11 and 13 (we don’t speak of 12), I love all of the moving parts that go from jumbled to a well-oiled machine. Of course they’re not perfect, but it’s about the possibility of miracles and coincidences and taking advantage of human mundanity. Oceans 8 delivers all that and a montage of eight gorgeous women in stunning dresses walking down the MET stairs to Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots Were Made For Walking, the daughter of the original Ocean’s 11. Plus, Debbie (Sandra Bullock) and Lou (Cate Blanchett) have matching cheekbones and flirt with each other, even to the point of saying “is this a proposal?” “Baby I don’t have a diamond yet” and immediately share food off the same plate.

They are able to rope in an originally unwitting actress into their scheme through the power of female friendship. Nothing brings you closer than a con, and I’d be down for a friend group that runs heists together. It’s not in the gaudiness of Vegas, but the decadence of New York.

Ghostbusters (2016)

Like ghosts and creepiness, but not the kind where men prey on women in Ghostbusters (1987)?

Also in New York, but much grittier and less glamorous, is Ghostbusters (2016). This one made a friend of mine realize that she was queer, so thank you to Kate Mckinnon specifically.

These women are weird, and most importantly, smart. Three out of the four are scientists, and the one that isn’t does know about the deep occult history of the land of New York. There’s a whole theory to their friendships, that I mostly subscribe to. This is where my internal debate about romantic versus platonic relationships in the media comes up, and which one is more “valid,” but I think I’m at the point where I’ve seen too many heterosexual pair ups that should have been platonic, so I just want to see too many queer pair ups now. Let women love women and let live.

Unpopular opinion: the original Ghostbusters was not a good movie, and not only because of the creepiness directed towards Sigourney Weaver from two men. I can admit that it can be a fun bad movie. Plus, I’m always a sucker for the original actors showing up in the remake. And flipping the script on the female secretary to the only man I will highlight in this article: Kevin, too dumb to be anything but lovable, a certified Himbo™. The ghosts are still there, the face off is more epic, and once again, made my friend realize she was, indeed, queer.

The Incredibles 2

Don't like the unnecessary rivalry between women in The Incredibles?

To be fair, The Incredibles 2 still has rivalry between two women, but their build-up from friends to enemies is centered on their morals, not around one’s husband. On that note, I cannot be the only one that thought that Helen Parr/Elastigirl should divorce Robert Parr/Mr. Incredible, and then live her life with her intellectual equal in Evelyn Deavor. The first Incredibles was beloved, with mystery and action, but Incredibles 2 takes the cake for me with more insidious mystery, and especially the one (1) glance between Helen and Evelyn, recognizing each others’ talents, and maybe sharing ~affinities~.

Literally the next two seconds are prime.

Captain Marvel

Don't like the only women in the Avengers being reduced to her cleavage?

If you like Iron Man’s cockiness; Captain America’s devotion to doing what’s right, even if it means changing your beliefs; Black Widow’s power; and ‘90s grunge aesthetic - then Carol Danvers can kick your ass and you’ll thank her for it. Apparently, I’m attracted to women who could easily kill me. Regardless, Captain Marvel was extracted from a life where she was helping to raise a child with another woman, and then was able to find herself again because of restarted memories with this woman - her best friend - and a woman mentor. Captain Marvel has the action that is a hallmark of the MCU, with more complicated mystery and values, and the heart and soundtrack of ‘90s female friendships.

Friendships are the classics

The women are the heroes, the villains, the in-between, but always the complex defenders of what they believe in, and looking for others to ride with. I believe in female friendships, and always hope there's at least a little romance. I look forward to adding more movies with homoerotic and homoromantic undertones to my movie collection, and I hope I've helped you with yours.

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Ariana GonBon
Ariana GonBon
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