they are just like us

more or less

they are just like us

My opinion here will appear strange to many but hopefully after some thought they might nod their heads, consider and then even accept. The opinion I have and have always held is as follows, celebrities and other famous people are just those that have been lucky and are the same as everyone else. This is a blanket opinion covering music, television, film and sport.

Some may appear wonderful and often godlike, pictures on teenagers walls and inches of coloum inches in the press, so what says I. Apart from a tiny minority they take whatever ability and occasional talent as use it to the best of their ability, often with a team of helpers. So many are who they are despite rather then because of who they are and what they do.

Image over content is the way to make money these days, also the route to fame. Go one line and shout about a product or play a few games and make your living. No ability or talent needed. Indeed the biggest earner on u tube and other outputs is a 7 year old loudly playing with toys he is given to loudly play with. I have no idea if he was successful because he was first, the youngest or just loudest, what I do know is he's the luckiest.

You need a lot of luck, the right look and the right backing to become a success. You can earn millions playing computer games or sleeping with the right celebrity. if you are a body builder who can act then why not join in the American wrestling franchise. Its a good start to a film career as its all planned and scripted to such an extent you cant technically call participants sports men . The body builders practise throwing each other around, get famous and end up in films.

Years ago the actor would sell the film due to their ability to act. Now you go because they can play at wresting and hope they can act. The days of theatre schools, plays before 20mpeople and working your way up is almost gone. The same applies to many music careers, don't slave away learning your trade, playing gigs and learning your way. Go on a talent show or fill social media with your product and let others do the work.

There is a brilliant book called Pop Idol by British writer Ben Elton. Early on its decided to improve his public persona prince Charles will enter, then the producers decide he will also win. The show is manipulated to get the required result. In real life I am sure this will have happened more then once. I know that on some of the British shows rather then just the winner getting a record deal , most of the last 10 contestants will. If they can be moulded and manipulated into a money making success they will thrive, if not they will be discarded.

Yet all the above will end up in magazines, social media and reality tv shows so they can be worshipped. They have mainly done nothing, have achieved nothing and will be forgotten in no time. I am sure I am not the only one who has gone to a concert where the support blew away the main act or seen a brilliant singer playing to 30 people. The same can easily be said about books and their writers, the 50 shades of grey books are terribly written garbage but the writer had an idea that for some reason worked. Terrible books were followed by terrible films that were for some reason a success. Controversy sold them much more then the content.

I have no jealousy for anyone whose lucky enough to be a success. I can think of a handful of people I think deserve to be thought of as better then us mere mortals but not many. Personally I think Tom Cruise has acted well in 2 movies maximum, one being born on the fourth of July. Yet he's a multi millionaire mega star, he is very lucky. One of the biggest and most revered singer/songwriters is Bob Dylan. Songwriter yes, singer no, never, please, stop. There is a degree of talent but this is one who succeeded despite.

You can look at sports stars as having great skill and talent but nearly all start with a little and then have it developed. A coach will see something and improve it to the level that suits for the discipline required.

I think my point is that whatever you choose to watch, listen to or read think how many thousands of alternatives aren't avaidible to you or you haven't considered. I use music genres on music playing apps for my phone rather then look for certain bands. That way I can learn about bands playing the sort of music I like that I may have missed, bands that didn't have the luck.

I will finish with a story about one of the biggest rock bands in history, guns n roses. Reasonable band, good image and ok musicianship. Very decent first album that was better on vinyl then when it came out on cd in later years. The cd unfortunately showing that at times they appeared to be playing different songs. Their first big uk tour was due to be a 40 minute slot supporting all conquering Aerosmith. They would have had an interested crowd, not a large one though as many rock fans inhabit the bar until the main act. Then Aerosmith pull out at the last minute, Guns n roses get promotion and never look back. Third on the bill were Faster pussycat, never a big band but what if they had been made headliners.

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