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The X-Men Are Rocking New Hellfire Gala Looks

With the 2023 Hellfire Gala coming up, it's time to go over the outfits of fan-favorite mutants

By M.N. NegusPublished about a year ago 6 min read

With the (hopeful) conclusion of Marvel's Sins of Sinister, comic book fans can look forward to this year's Hellfire Gala. Much like real-world events like the Oscars or the Met Gala, the Hellfire Gala is a large ballroom gathering hosted by the X-Men. Mutants and heroes alike are invited to Krakoa for one night of drinks, dancing, and other things.

Each year, artists outdo themselves with remarkable art featuring fan-favorite characters. Let's take a dive into the outfits and looks this year that will be featured on variant covers. There are so many amazing looks to talk about, which is why the X-Men will be featured in this article while heroes and non-mutants will be discussed in another article.

The White Queen?! More like Ice Queen!

The White Queen, known to many as Emma Frost, always takes center stage when it comes to fashion. For the past two galas, Emma has dazzled fans with show-stopping looks. After all, she is the gala's host and event coordinator, so she has to look good!

This ensemble comes complete with a formal jumpsuit and matching heels, but what really stands out is her eccentric white coat. It cascades down to the floor with snowflakes and diamond accents adorning the sleeves. Emma looks ready to slay her enemies and the guests with this look!

Synch and Talon Coordinated Matching Outfits

Many readers have kept in touch with the ins and outs of what's currently going on in comics, but for those who haven't, Synch (aka Everett Thomas) and Talon (aka Laura Kinney, who was recently found in The Vault) are one the X-Men's power couples. The two have been inseparable since their reunion, and have dressed accordingly.

Both are adorned in black suits with gold accessories and shoes. Old lady Laura is rocking the white stripe in her hair and a psionic pink mask. Meanwhile, Synch flaunts his mutant abilities with a colorful X across his body. The two are definitely dressed to let the party goers know that they are together.

Bishop Dresses for the Occasion

Bishop is not much for large events, and can sometimes be seen with a stick up his butt. However, he looks comfortable and relaxed in this outfit.

It's a bit plain, but stylish. It doesn't look too dissimilar to the attire he normally wears while keeping up Krakoa's defenses. As the head of the War College, he looks ready for anything.

Firestar is Causing a Firestorm with her Look

Angelica Jones, aka Firestar, was the fan-pick for last year's X-Men roster. While there's no word on whether she'll remain a member, she'll definitely be turning heads at the Hellfire Gala this year.

She recently received a redesign in regards to her costume, which seems to be the inspiration for her look. The black and gold design on her hero suit appears on her outfit in a textured leotard with poofy sleeves. It's reminiscent of the 1920s style of party dresses in terms of the colors and textures, but with a twist: It may have pockets! There's a slit on the right side of the cover where her thumb disappears. Practical and stunning!

Jean Grey Looks Ready for Combat - But With Style

Aside from Emma Frost, Jean Grey may be one of the other characters that keeps arriving to the Hellfire Gala with new amazing looks each year. With what mutants have been going through these past few months, it's no surprise that Jean looks ready for anything, and it may include a fight.

For this year's gala, she assembled a two piece look complete with a sequined top and ombre boots as well as flowing emerald pants. Oddly enough, a glittery helmet adorns her head. It looks similar to Professor X's Cerebro, or a knight's helmet. Either way, her outfit looks amazing.

Professor X Looks X-Cellent (I Guess)

Out of the many mutants that Marvel has come up with, one of my least favorite is Charles Xavier, aka Professor X. A deep dive into his character will explain why. However, despite my personal opinions, he looks regal in this outfit.

Of course, Charles can't be seen without his trusty portable Cerebro, which is (unfittingly) adorned with a silvery halo. His top is an odd hybrid of a cape and a jacket, but it works surprisingly well. This will not stop the Xavier slander, but it'd be foolish to say he doesn't look excellent.

Iceman's Outfit Isn't Made of Ice, but His Car Is!

Last year, Bobby Drake (aka Iceman) arrived at the Gala in an outfit made completely out of ice. While it didn't look awful, it was definitely a bold choice that showcased his Omega-Level powers.

This year, his outfit keeps to the ice theme with a light blue and white colored suit. Red X's can be seen on the cuffs and as a tie of sorts on his shirts. Looking closely, there are also X's on his ears as studded earrings. This year, Bobby flaunts his powers with a car made of ice! Does it run? Now that would be cool!

Kate Pryde Is Rocking the Ruffles!

Kate Pryde, formerly known as Shadowcat, has gone through many phases of redesigns throughout her years as an X-Men. Even now, she's known simply as Kate Pryde or Captain, as she is also in charge of the Marauders.

Her outfit this year sticks to her red and black color scheme, however, she ditched her Iconic jacket for a red blouse with ruffles on the front and those Iconic epaulets. Her black skirt seems to hook together at the front and gather in a Victorian style train in the back. The gold accents on her outfit perfectly accentuate her status as a captain as she looks longingly at a pool of water.

Exodus Looks X-Ceptional

Exodus is one of those characters that looks very cool, but hasn't gotten much development within Marvel Comics. He plays a major role as a member of Krakoa's governing body, The Quiet Council, so naturally, his appearance at the Hellfire Gala is a must.

I don't have much to say in terms of his outfit for the Gala this year. Much like Bishop's outfit, Exodus's attire isn't too different from what he normally wears. It's in his typical color scheme of purple, white, and gold. The collar accents his face like a halo, which looks nice, but doesn't have the same pop as the other outfits.

The Five Head to the Gala in Style

The Five are a group of mutants tasked with carrying out The Resurrection Protocols, which allow mutants to come back from death. Last year, the Five were unable to attend the Hellfire Gala due to some threats made when humanity discovered that mutant resurrection was a thing. This year, they'll attend the party together with their own unique outfits.

Their leader, Hope Summers, looks like a regal nature goddess in this ensemble. Her white dress is gathered in an array of vertical ruffles with a collar that looks similar to the one on Disney Princess, Aurora. The gold accessories, specifically the flowering antlers, give off the right vibes as one of Krakoa's strongest mutants.

The X-Men each look amazing! In the next article, I'll be discussing the outfits of the heroes and non-mutants. What are your thoughts and/or opinions? What is your favorite look? Let me know in the comments, and pick up a copy of the annual Hellfire Gala in July.


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