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The Way Of Fox News

Do You Know There Way

By umer aliPublished about a year ago 3 min read
The Way Of Fox News
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The Way of fox news spreading lies

Another jaw-dropping article by Barry Sookman, on page 16 (of 15) on the Canada Summit last weekend. It is full of such lies that one almost feels like a convict listening to a police radio, surrounded by his fellow "convicts" hanging on every word.

There were three entire pages full of lies by one journalist that make you wonder if she is either mentally deranged or just incredibly skilled at creating "fake news". For example, when an audience member asked her to set the record straight about Minister LeBlanc's false statement that First Nations are full to the brim with money, and that we cannot afford to save the water systems on reserves. Sookman provided her the wrong information in the first place: The Canadians 150th Foundation (which puts on the Canada Day event) is not a federal organization, but rather a private non-profit foundation. This foundation is funded by the private sector and individuals. It received money from the Canadian government ($20 million) and $13.6 million from the federal government in 2018. (It can be confirmed that all the money received is in the form of a donation. The remaining $2.9 million was for activities that were not mentioned in the Canada Summit report and that were not mentioned in the official Canada 2020 press release. I cannot reveal this information for obvious reasons.)

You don't have to be a Canadian to be appalled at the speed at which the Canadian government has been sold out to the United States. For those of us who care about our country's future, these lies and deceit are not just part of the sad political reality, but very alarming. Hopefully this will not only cause Canada 2020 to reconsider the way it deals with the media, but to also rethink the way it deals with Canada.

If there is a shred of justice in the world, Mr. Sookman will have to resign from his job as an author for Canadian media outlets. Not only because he wrote several critical articles for the Ottawa Citizen about the Canadian government, but because he so slanted and manipulated the Canada 2020 coverage, that it now reflects the propaganda and lies coming from the United States. It is no surprise that some of the most respected journalists in Canada have already publicly criticized this level of propaganda in their country.

There are not words strong enough to convey how disappointed we all feel. We are dismayed that our government would sell out our country to this way of governing.

Fox News Nowadays is more trustworthy than Canadian news.

I am dismayed by how poorly Canadian media represents itself.

It's not enough that the U.S. can control what we say in Canada. We can't control what they say in America. We have now gone so far down that road that when a journalist writes, they're being paid to say a lie. How is that good journalism?

That lies have to be "clarified" even more deeply and thoroughly is maddening. A person can't even trust their own newspaper. How are we supposed to trust our own government or our media?

Gordon Young, Toronto

Our newspapers have been swallowed up by their American counterparts, and Canadian readers have been left with the uninspiring voices of cable television and the internet. Unless we feel the need to have some sort of argument to defend our country, our rights, and our policies, we can no longer trust our government or our media. Our media has completely lost its way.

I'm going to suggest, if anyone is willing to listen, that we stop voting and start overthrowing our government and media – that's the only way they'll start listening.

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